Captured Wonder Lucy Purr


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Wonder Lucy Purr searches for a thug who sells superheroines to a Sultan as his sex slaves. She doesn't realize he's takes upskirt and downblouse pictures as she looks for him. He captures her from behind and she fights. Her legs kick wildly until she loses the battle and falls limp in his arms.
He lies her heavy body on the floor to admire her gaping mouth and rolled back eyes.  Using the opportunity, he takes more pictures while she's helpless. Wonder Lucy reawakens and he makes her go back to sleep with an ether spray.

This superheroine doesn't deserve an uniform and he strips her down to bra and panties. As a reminder of her humiliation, he takes one of her shoes as a trophy. When Lucy stirs, she's pissed, embarrassed, and teleports away.

Later, she appears with a mask that will protect her from his evil ways but she doesn't know that he's taking pictures. With only one shoe, she looks for the other.

When she discovers the baddie, she's ready to fight, but he sprays her with ether and kicks her in the belly. Falling to the ground and clutching her abs, she slowly rises as he grabs from behind and chloroforms her. Lucy's legs kick high as she tries to escape. Each time she gets free he beats her until he can grab her again.

Sliding down the wall, she's controlled in his arms as he chloros her repeatedly. Lucy's lucid but can't prevent the thug from removing her truth lasso. When he asks how to keep her unconscious, she responds that her mask protects her. He removes the mask and bombards her senses with chloro and ether spray. Lucy's eyes roll and she moans as her body becomes more sleepy.

Her eyes flutter and she goes limp. He lies her still body on the floor and calls the sultan for his money. This plucky super heroine awakens and he makes sure she goes back to sleep with another dose of chloroform. He lifts and carries her in a cradle carry before putting her in a cage.

OTHER KEYWORDS- superheroine, limp, damsel in distress, sleeping fetish, one shoe, upskirt, downblouse, cosplay, costumes, DID, humiliation, embarrassment, Scott Torvea, Asian, big tits, brunette, brunettes


26 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea