Captured Traitor FULL version - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr is an internet blogger that posted anti-government messages and is arrested for treason. She's given the option of joining the propaganda wing or being punished for the information. As a purist, she chose the torture and is cuffed with her hands behind her back and bound to a chair with her stockinged legs wide open. The sounds of a woman's beatdown from another room is unnerving, but she doesn't let it show.

Sweat pours down her body as she struggles against her binds. A leather collar around her neck restricts movement and the ballgag prevents her screams. The black blindfold prevents her from seeing her secret environment, not that anyone would believe her story.

The cold government agent enters and removes her gag and blindfold. She's given the choice to give the information, but her refusal incites him to pinch her nipples. Lucy grimaces as he applies more pressure. If she doesn't submit, she will receive more punishment and be trained to be a sex slave.

Electrode pads are placed on her feet and alligator clips are connected to electrical wire on her nipples. She yelps at the low voltage shock but refuses to speak. Breathing heavily, she cries as the shocks continue with increasing intensity.

Writhing and bucking, she breaks and starts confessing the passwords, but it takes too long. He loves seeing her suffer and delivers more shocks just for fun.

Lucy pants as he grabs a taser for some pussy shocks. Her feet and tits get high voltage which cause her to beg for mercy.

All of this could have been avoided if she just gave up the information in the beginning. Lucy isn't so tough now that she's no longer hiding behind her computer screen. He regags her and leaves her to scream.

Lucy has been broken down by the government for committing treason and starts training as a sex slave to pay for her crimes. She's bound on a kneeling bench and struggles to escape. A ring gag muffles her cries and encourages drool to drip down her pretty face. The trainer fucks her face with a dildo causing her to cough and gag. A proper slut needs to be able to deep throat a cock and he whips her ass as a punishment.

Still stubborn, she grunts with each lash but cries out as they become more intense. He flogs her ass, back and feet before unzipping his pants. A closeup on Lucy's face showcases her terror as she shakes her head and moans in distress. She pleads for release, but there is no escape.

After her initial training, she awakens in a coffin cage. Crawling obediently on her knees, she goes to the St. Andrews cross. He cuffs and ballgags her before groping her huge tits. Exhausted and beaten down, she doesn't resist as he announces that she will be an excellent slave. Her training is complete and he auctions her off to online bidders. This one sells quickly as she looks so sexy in her nylons and collar

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28:58 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea