Bucket Revenge


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Candle Boxxx wakes up with a bucket on her head and trashbag on her body. She stumbles around trying to get the bucket off her head. While doing that she manages to get her foot stuck in a box! Angel Lee comes home to find her flopping around and after some teasing and laughing. She decides to help her get the bucket un stuck.

Finally they get the bucket off of Candle's head and Angel asks what happened. Well it turns out that Angel left a bunch of stuff laying around and when Candle came home she tripped and fell and that is how she got her head stuck in a bucket! Frustrated Candle looks around and askes "Where are my clothes?" Angel tells her that they were just laying around so she threw them in the wash. Candle then demands Angel give her clothes to her. Angel refuses and tells her she will just have to wait. Well Candle is not going to do that, she grabs Angel and starts taking her clothes off. Angel tries to fight back but Candle is too strong for her. 

Once Candle has Angel's clothes on her, she pays her back for laughing at her. She puts her in the bag that she had on. And to shut Angle up, Candle grabs some dirty socks that were on the floor and shoves them in Angel's mouth. Then to make sure the dirty smelly socks don't go anywhere Candle puts pantyhose over Angel's head!

And if that wasn't enough, she shoves the bucket on her head!!! 


  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Candle Boxxx Candle Boxxx