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Hey little brother, We are alone this weekend! I'm bored but had a great idea while sucking this lollipop. I can shrink you and it won't be like the last time you were stuck in my sock and had to play with my toes. You can't get hurt while shrunken and you secretly like being at my mercy. I know you get aroused by me and I would enjoy having my brother in my mouth!

I will tie you to this lollipop stick and you can be my candy for the weekend! You may as well give in because I'm going to pout and plead till you submit...Awesome, I will use my shrink ray until you are very tiny.

Hover over my cavernous mouth while I tease you before dropping you in. I can feel you wiggling on my tongue as I suck on your itty bitty body. It's fun in there and keeps you safe until I can tie you to my lollipop stick. Once bound, you can't stop me from licking and sucking on you. These selfies are going to go all over the internet... I

t looks like my friends want to go out so I have better things to do now. You know I can't grow you back, but I can keep you safe in my mouth. Candy belongs in my belly and I count down until I swallow you. Yummm.

Oh wow, I can't believe I ate my brother! At least he will come out at some point so I can do it again.

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