Booking Paige Turner Part 2


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Paige Erin Turner is given her orange uniform and strips her court clothes after the guard removes the handcuffs and shackles. This has been a huge fall from grace as the CEO of a company to a prisoner of the state. He watches as she strips her blouse and becomes a number in the system. The high heels that had been replaced with keds sneakers are further demoted to cheap, plastic orange flip flops.

The guard allows her to wear her reinforced toe knee highs with her sandals, but shackles her ankles over the orange uniform. The handcuffs are reattached with the waist chain so her hands are in front.

It will be another long walk in shackles and she trudges through the government hallways as the guard escorts her. He receives a phone call indicating that Paige is a high security risk prisoner. He knows there’s an error, but she acquiesces because she doesn’t want him to get in trouble.

Paige is placed in isolation and wears a special spit mask made of stockings. With her face smushed in a nylon encasement, she walks with less pride in her step as they slowly chip away her dignity. Her steps become smaller as the shackles weigh down her body and spirit.

When they make it to her cell, she starts flirting with the guard and shows off her stockinged feet and nylon encased head. He promises to help her case, but has to leave. Paige sits stoically in her new cell and processes her new life.

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