Body Busting Part 1 - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets


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Jacquelyn Velvets is greeted with belly punches from Arielle Lane. A quick face punch turns the tables and Arielle's abs are beaten. Weakened and wincing in pain, Jacquelyn twists her hand in Arielle's sore tummy while mocking her opponent. Jabs to the nose make Arielle whoozy and Jacquelyn beats Arielle's flat belly and does hair pulling. Scott Torvea arrives and punches Jacquelyn's belly before cunt busting her. 

Jacquelyn's arms are held behind her in turns as the baddies strike her stomach. She lies on the floor as they stomp and hit her navel until she cries. That taut tummy gets bruised from the impact, but she manages to ballbust Scott. 

Angered, Arielle holds Jacquelyn's arms as Scott uses a baseball bat and is proud of reddening her once perfect belly.

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15:59 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea

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