Bitchy Roommate - Constance Cakp


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Constance Cakp bitches at Scott Torvea for walking in front of her tv show. The nagging annoys him because he could be working on his experiments.

He bets that if his project works, she has to leave him alone. Pointing the remote at her, he asks if she feels anything which she denies. Even though she doesn't want to stand up or put her hands to the side, she involuntarily does it. Trying to explain it away, she says she wanted to do it.

Needing more proof, he has her turn around and bend over. Constance claims she is exercising and isn't following orders. Things get naughty as he commands her to get nude and do jumping jacks while he films her for blackmail purposes.

As she strips her shirt off, she tries to play it off as being hot. Her sneakers are removed at his order, but she thinks it's reasonable for her pretend exercises. Constance covers her tits and pussy as he has her strip out of her bra and panties.

It finally dawns on her that this contraption may be working! He has her bend over and he smacks her ass while she's helpless. Standing her up again, he tweaks her nipples but is annoyed when he makes her rub her own tits and pussy.

A button makes her masturbate faster and she moans in frustration at a burgeoning orgasm. Constance can't admit she was close to cumming and Scott takes it as a challenge. Edging her to orgasm, he teases her but doesn't let her cum.

He has more work to do on the memory wipe button. Constance could end up as a vegetable or normal and forgetting this interlude. Pressing the button, Scott suggests that Constance will be excited to masturbate in front of him, stop nagging and do all chores from now on. With a vapid stare, she agrees. Pushing the button, she awakens friendly and supportive of his venture!

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