Big Game Part 1 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr


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A big game is coming up and two friends are excited but complain that their girlfriends won't let them watch it. Those bitches are cheating on them and they come up with the idea of killing the other's girlfriend if their team loses. Scott's brother's ex-wife, Kobe Lee, hates both of them and she will take care of it so they don't have to lift a finger.


On the day of the big game, Lucy Purr and Brittany Shae are ushered in as Kobe points a rifle at them and explains the bet. Each girl will sit on their knees with their hands on their heads. For every point, the non-scoring team will stand, take off an item of clothing and be whipped by Kobe before returning to her crouching position. 


Lucy and Brittany balk but there is nothing they can do as they are ballgagged and marched around the room. As the game progresses, they take their turns stripping their clothes and being whipped. 


OTHER KEYWORDS-forced stripping, games, challenges, whipping, BDSM, lesbian domination, male domination, domination, humiliation, corporal punishment, ballgagged women, damsel in distress, embarrassed nude female, embarrassed naked female, DID, ENF, Brittany Shay, all natural, Asian, Brunettes, Scott Torvea


15 minutes
  • Brittany Shae Brittany Shae
  • Kobe Lee Kobe Lee
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea