Becoming A New Woman - Angel Lee


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Angel Lee enters the empty waiting room of the spa and thinks it's strange location for a massage appointment. There's no cell coverage to confirm her location and she reads a confusing homemade sign listing personality types with female names.

The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed multiple women with the intent of combining their best attributes and creating a completely new woman by liquefying their bodies. Angel's the rebel but she can't fight her way out of this!

As she tries to leave, gas fills the room and she coughs before falling to the floor.  Lifting her heavy body, he drags her to his laboratory by her ankles. Her appendages are strapped down so she can't escape.

Angel awakens confused about her situation. He explains how her molecules are being converted to a liquid state for extraction of her DNA. As the process commences, she's arches and struggles to get free from his nefarious science experiment. Eventually, she goes still and as her body liquefies into a pink fluid, leaving only her clothes on the table.

Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is on his way to creating the perfect woman!

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14 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea