Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 3

With Emily Torvea! Time for balloon popping. I blow them large. It's scary. Holding one in my lap, I tie the neck & put beneath my bare feet.  I cross the balls of my feet & push down but it's stubborn. Smiling, I'm determined to destroy it & love seeing my toes curl while pushing pressure on the rubber foe. Struggling, it explodes under my footsies. I inflate a balloon but it pops in my face. The last balloon bursts easily. I'm out of balloons. For now!

Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 2

Featuring Emily Torvea! I just blew & popped balloons. The anticipation of popping made me want to do more! My lips wrap around the neck. I overinflate the balloons. Using my black fingernails, I struggle to tie to top & stuck in the neck. The sound of the rubber is awesome. I love hearing it beneath my feet. Arching my footsies, I cross & press down on the balloon. The neck of the balloon extends & contracts. I smile when it pops. The next one is shocking when it explodes in my face mid-blow. A red balloon is stubborn. I press so hard that my feet go a third of the way through the balloon until it pops. Looking at you with doe eyes, I blow to pop in my face! Time for more balloons!

Emily Torvea Blows & Pops Balloons Part 1

This is my first balloon popping custom. I'm excited to blow them up big & overinflated so they will pop easier. I explodes in my face. I laugh in shock because I have never done blow to pop. It's a challenge to tie with my long nails, but will try not to pop before I put them under my bare feet. Arching my footsies, I dig in & feel the balloon combust beneath me. Cautiously, I grind on the balloon & watch the neck grow & contract as I writhe. I hope it doesn't hurt but laugh as my ass crashes to the floor. I destroy it. With flat soles, I feel the tense balloon. I arch my feet.  iI explodes. The next balloon makes me gasp for breath.I'm determined to make it suffer as I cross my feet to pop it. My legs are more wobbly. I want the next one to be bigger so it's easier to pop. It has a small hole in it. I try to pop quickly before moving to the next balloon. I love seeing my calves flex as I dig into the guts of the balloon. The anticipation makes me nervous. Who knew a balloon was stronger than my long legs?

BTS Balloon Cocoon

Scott has been trying to get Candle into a giant balloon for a custom and the last balloon popped so they decided to video the process to figure out how to make it work and see what they did wrong.


With humor and levity they slowly inch into the balloon, but as soon as it is released around her feet, the air instantly deflates. The rubber causes pressure on the skin and is tighter than any bondage.


They are able pull it up to her waist and they add air off camera (due to the noise). When it has inflated around her legs, she squirms and wiggle until it cocoons her neck. She can barely walk or do much of anything!


Stuck In A Balloon Cocoon

It is a beautiful day and Candle is not paying attention as she jogs in a new area. The big scary sign that says “WARNING. COCOON LANDMINE TESTING AREA. KEEP OUT”, does not even register as she runs right past it.

As she heads behind a tree, we hear a loud pop and then YIP as we see her roll to the other side encased from the neck down in a tight rubbery cocoon. She proceeds to struggle against the rubber encasement but is unable to make any traction.

Perhaps she will pay attention to her surroundings in the future!

Balloon Popping Therapy

Ela is a little scared of balloons popping but thinks immersion therapy will help her get over her fear. She stretches the balloons but is not sure if that helps. Her tongue darts for a taste because that has always been a part of her avoidance.

Those pretty cheeks puff out like a chipmunk as she wraps her lips around the head and blows. She talks candidly about blowing balloons. It is a little challenging to tie it, but she is determined. One down and on to a bright yellow victim. Unfortunately it has a hole so she says good riddance and grabs another one.

It goes a bit better with the rest of them and she manages to blow them really large. Her fingers squeak on the rubber and she arranges them in order of size. She winces with nervousness as her hands and nails squeeze and dig into its flesh. When that does not work, she uses her high heel. This works perfectly and she shrieks in terror as it pops into little pieces. She sits on one and again is surprised.

If only she can get through popping one without screaming!

Defective Model

Candle is a vain and successful glamour model with new, cheap implants that give her a very nice and natural look. As she gets ready for a shoot, she rubs cream on her tender breasts and is excited to show them off so that everyone can be jealous of her awesome body.

She grabs a top to go with her tan pantyhose and sky high heels, but halts as she feels an intense pain and tightness in one of her tits. Candle squeezes and tries to figure out what is going wrong, but is amazed as she feels it inflating before her eyes. It gets tighter and more painful and she is absolutely distraught that she is now a freak with a giant boob.

Biggest Diva Cheerleader

Cheerleader tryouts are today and Anabelle needs leg up over the competition. She thinks if she can enhance her breasts, she will easily beat out her opponents. Without reading the label, she swallows some pills she bought online. It would have been important if she read that the side effects include increased libido and reduced cognitive ability.

At first, she feels tingly, then hot. She gets a little worried and heads to the bathroom to splash her face with water. When she comes back, her tits have blown up and stretch her shirt. It is hard for her to walk, but she is excited and admires her new figure. Every time her hands caress her breasts, she gets an amazing, electric feeling through her whole body. It turns her on and thus makes her hornier with each stroke.

Since a little pill made such a difference to her figure, she decides that a bit more would secure her position as head cheerleader. Recklessly, she downs more pills and almost immediately starts shuddering from an orgasm.

Fast forward to the tryouts and her tits are obscenely large. They are beach ball boobs stretching out the new shirt she had to buy on her way. She

Inflatable Pool Toys

It has been a long summer of babysitting annoying brats and Candle is burned out by their obnoxious behavior. She has the rare day off and notices that the inflatables for the pool are still blown up. It would be such a guilty pleasure to bounce on these beach balls, whales and gecko.  It would be even more fun to know that they would be so upset if they were to be popped.

Candle shimmies out of her leggings, shirt and bra, and starts caressing

Inflatable Ride

It is such a lovely day for a romp on the inflatable whale. Candle rubs him all over to feel his texture against her skin and rides him to get herself warmed up. When she is ready for her release, she puts her hands on her clit and teases herself to orgasm. After awhile, she wants more intense orgasms and grabs a vibrator. Her body convulses from the intensity and she quirts as she cums over and over.

Scaredy Pop

Candle is scared of balloons popping. Everyone knows this so today she decides to face her fears and blow them up and pop them. She blows up green balloons, blue balloons and red balloons. She blows them up on camera then pops them all! 

Balloon Popping Kym

You were supposed to clean up all the popped balloons from last time, but instead you just blew up more for Kymberly Jane. When she comes back she can't be mad at you because she has all these new balloons to pop!

She bounces on them and sits on them and finds all kinds of ways to pop all these balloons. She even takes her bra off and pops them with her boobs!