Bagging The Boss


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Annabelle is glad to be home from her stressful job by kicking off her shoes and letting her hair down. A masked intruder comes from behind and chokeholds her till unconscious. She awakens bound with her feet propped on a table. There are photography lights  and a camera on a tripod is pointing at her and the intruder starts asking if she knows Mike. She remembers him as the employee she fired a month ago for sexually harassing female employees about their feet.

The baddie has been paid to suffocate Anabelle with a plastic bag on film while Mike has a live feed. This high powered executive is crushed and pleas to do anything in order to get out of this situation. There is nothing she can do to prevent the thin, clear plastic bag from being pulled over her head.

He suffocates her while groping her breasts, and pulls off the bag to tease his prey. Just as she catches her breath, he puts it on nice and tightly. Her face crams against the unforgiving plastic and her features contort as she cries and inhales the remnants of air in the small bag. As she takes her last breath, her body twitches and her heavy head slumps. Anabelle will not  be giving any pink slips anymore!


This video is 14 minutes, and there is an additional 10 minutes of footage from a second camera at the end. 


14 minutes (10 min extras)
  • Anabelle Pync Anabelle Pync
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea