Auction Block 1 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner


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Featuring Arielle Lane, Little Mina, and Paige Turner. 


Scott Torvea and a goon walk in a chained parade of three girls in front of a camera. They are now property to be auctioned online. The top bidders can choose to have the girls shipped to the buyer or watch them be killed online. If someone wants them shipped after death, the buyer is required to pay shipping.


The middle one isn't gagged, but he wraps a noose around her neck. If she opens her mouth, she will be shot. They are ordered to turn around and show their asses while he removes the chains. In fear, they follow his directions to turn around like cattle. 


There is no need for names and they are named 1 (Arielle), 2 (Mina), and 3 (Paige). Number 3 is shown and sold to a bidder who wants her packaged and sent to the Middle East. When 2 hears this, she cries out in distress. Scott immediately wants to dispose of her, but the other baddie wants to get paid before they do anything. Back to business, he pushes 3 to her knees and ballgags her so she can be prepped for shipping. A hood is placed over her head and she's moved to the side.


2 is ready for bidding and grimaces at the various bidders.  Some want to shoot her in the mouth, but she's to be hanged. She cries during the longest moment of her life and is sent off for processing. A hood goes over her head and she waits on her knees.


1 is the final product and she looks dejectedly at the floor as they start the auction.


OTHER KEYWORDS-slut training, sub training, sub/slave training, bondage, damsel in distress, male domination, domination, submissive sluts, dehumanization, peril DID, wraparaound tapegag, ballgag, slave trading, Asian, all natural, chains, chain gang,  Paige Erin Turner, Ariel Lane,


16 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Little Mina Little Mina
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea