Armpit Weakness - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr struggles against Scott Torvea as he holds her by the armpits and kisses her neck. She's weakened by his tight grip and can't fight him as he props her on his lap and ragdolls her arms.

He fingers her belly button and continues swinging her arms limply while she moans in humiliation. Grabbing her neck, he throws her against the wall and pokes her stomach while holding under her arms.

When she tries to escape, he taunts her and creepily sniffs her shoulders. Spinning her to face him, he allows her hair to flop before taking her to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed, he smells and pokes her tummy as she struggles beneath him.

His finger probes her navel and she whimpers as he throws her back to a standing position and flops her body around. Pushing her against the wall by her throat, he finger fucks her belly button and she can't stop him.

The pressure is too much for her and she falls limp on the floor. He caresses her helpless body and plans more fun with her.

OTHER KEYWORDS-armpits, damsel in distress, male domination, domination, belly fetish, abs, belly button fetish, throat fetish, neck fetish, barefoot, barefeet, DID, Asian, Latina, brunettes, brunette


14:51 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea