Android Breath Play - Anabelle Pync


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Anabelle Pync awakens on a couch and tries to leave while an android stares at her silently. A female voice says she needs to follow instructions and the first task is a sensual dance. Confused, but determined to escape, she starts dancing and stripping seductively. She coyly asks to leave and teases the robot.

The disembodied voice tells her to take the dildo, but when she does the android chokes her throat. Her eyes flutter and she slaps him until he releases her. Panicked, she runs to leave but is commanded to ride the dildo. Rubbing her clit and bouncing her large tits, she cums while riding the shaft and hands it back to him under orders. Kneeling, she offers it to him, but he grabs her neck and drags her to her feet.

Suddenly, she's taking his synthetic cock doggy style. Moaning, she orgasms as her big breasts sway. A sudden release and she's ordered to take the sex toy again. 

Jumping away before he can strangle her, she begrudgingly follows orders to give the cock a titjob. When commanded to give the dildo to him, she waits for the punishment and takes it before getting fucked (simulated) as he holds her off the ground.

When released from his grip, she grabs her clothes, but the door's still locked. Changing her attitude, she smiles as the robot grabs her throat.

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15:23 minutes
  • Anabelle Pync Anabelle Pync
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea