Agent Purr


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Agent Purr dangles by her wrists with her arms overhead in just her bikini. Her plan to go undercover as a beach bunny did not work, and Scott easily figured it out. Back in his lair, he slugs her belly to wake her up. As she gathers her breath, he fondles her ass and tits, before kneeing her in the crotch. He pulls her hair and asks who hired her to take him out. Lucy spits at his face and refuses to talk.

A quick slap to the face causes her to spin around hanging by her wrists in multiple directions, but she still refuses to give up any information. Brutal belly punching does not break her and he grabs his trusty baton. Maintaining her flippant behavior, he slams her belly, ribs and crotch with the baton and her back arches and she throws back her head in pain.

The fondling is a respite from the torture, but it only gets worse as he brings out the jumper cables. The threat of electricity does not make her talk and she only quivers with each zap. Her sexy body hangs in agony and she writhes and moans as he whips her tits and abs. 

When given the last chance, Lucy remains defiant and Scott wraps the whip around her neck, choking her out until she hangs unconscious. Scott punches her stomach and face before walking off. Nobody messes with him!



17 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea