This is where you can see all the episodes of our latest abdutctions. 

Android Breath Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync awakens on a couch and tries to leave. An android stares at her. A female voice says she needs to follow instructions. The first task is a sensual dance. Confused, but determined to escape, she's dancing and stripping seductively. She coyly asks to leave and teases the robot. The disembodied voice tells her to take the dildo. The android chokes her throat. Her eyes flutter. She slaps him. He releases her. Panicked, she runs to leave but is commanded to ride the dildo. Rubbing her clit and bouncing her large tits, she cums while riding the shaft and hands it back to him under orders. Kneeling, she offers it to him. He grabs her neck and drags her to her feet. She's taking his synthetic cock doggy style. Moaning, she orgasms as her big breasts sway. She's ordered to take the sex toy again. Jumping away before he can strangle her, she begrudgingly follows orders to give the cock a titjob. When commanded to give the dildo to him, she waits for the punishment before getting fucked (simulated). He holds her off the ground. When released, she grabs her clothes, but the door's still locked. Changing her attitude, she smiles as the robot grabs her throat.

Autumn Borrelli's Lovely Belly

Autumn Borrelli is bound with arms overhead in lingerie and confused. He caresses and pokes her belly button. The belly piercing is pulled to spread her navel. Stomach scratches leave red marks. He kisses them. He won't answer questions and fondles her flat tummy. He squishes her belly to make rolls. She rolls her eyes in disgust at more belly kissing.


Casting Call Hanging - Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane and Angel Lee go to a casting call that requires handcuffs and topless nudity. They smile and modeling their booty shorts and crop tops. Handcuffs go on their wrists. They remove the metal restraints, go topless, and put them back on. Angel balks at the request to go nude and sits on the couch with cuffs on. Arielle and Anabelle's cuffs are removed, they strip naked, pose in their handcuffs then sit with Angel. The roleplaying involves guns and acting in fear until they learn they aren't fake! They watch the goons hang nooses over a slab of wood. Angel struggles as he yanks her neck and demands she strip her shorts. The rope goes around her neck. They drag Anabelle in tears. Arielle follows until all are bound around throats. At his command, they rotate and show off their bodies with the cuffs still on their wrists. In vignettes, they're choked with ropes while sitting on their knees. The goons hold knives to their throats as they squeal in terror. Facing the wall, they cry as guns are pointed at them. On their knees, they have barrels of the guns shoved in their mouths. Back in the nooses, they stand on stools and turned in different directions like cattle. On his count, the stools are kicked and the girls have a panicked look!

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 4

Anabelle Pync puts on a short plaid skirt and scrunches her white knee socks. A pile of rope tempts her. She binds her ankles. Uncoiling the rope, she thinks of the fun she's going to have with her boyfriend. The intruder returns to find her knees bound together and a crotch rope. He's not happy that she escaped his ropes, but can't argue when she offers her wrists for tying. Smiling, she likes it when he cinches her into a hogtie. She asks for a gag and a pic. He shoves a knotted cleave gag in her mouth and leaves her to struggle. Writhing, the crotchrope rubs her pussy and moans in pleasure.

Interrogating Autumn Borrelli

Autumn Borrelli is bound with arms overhead. Scott interrogates why she was snooping in his lair. He puts his hand over her mouth. She shouldn't lie. She tries convincing him that she was trying to avoid the rain. He grabs her neck. Not believing, he punches his belly (regular speed and slow motion). She's shocked and silent as he takes her breath away. Gasping, she will admit anything if she's released. Left alone, this undercover spy mutters about calling headquarters!

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 3

Anabelle Pync gets ready to sleep and puts on a t-shirt and panties. While adjusting her over the knee socks, Scott Torvea surprises her from behind.Her wrists are bound to her ankles with legs spread wide. She rubs her pussy over her pink panties and moans in her knotted cleave gag. Lifting her shirt, she pinches her nipples and strokes her clit that is pulled out of her thong. Cooing, she escapes from her ties and runs away.

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 2

Anabelle Pync moans through a mouthpacking cleave gag and whimpers as Scott Torvea gropes her large tits through her Hooters Girl uniform. She's bound in a frog tie. He blindfolds and leaves. A crotch rope rubs her clit as she struggles to escape. It feels good. She cums hard. She removes her blindfold and removes mouth packing. Wiggling in ropes, she escapes her binds. Relieved, she strips and leaves a pile of clothes on the floor. Wrapping a towel around her, she's surprised when he returns and binds her wrists and ankles with dirty socks. Worn panties are shoved in her mouth and cleavegagged with the belt from her robe. He tells her to stay, but she escapes his makeshift bondage and runs off.

Little Mina's Bondage Socks

Little Mina kicks off her unlaced keds sneakers, wiggles her sock feet and drinks some water. Her eyes flutter. She's limp on the sofa. Asleep on the couch, topless with arms overhead and ankles bound. Awakening, she's confused and struggles to escape her binds. Her feet shake back and forth as she writhes in the tight bondage. She's shocked when you enter and wants to appease. Grabbing her arms, you pull her to another room and her wiggling socks are the last we see of her!

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Night Part 1

Anabelle Pync relaxes after her job at Hooters and kicks off her sneakers. She massages her socked feet. An intruder barges in and ties her wrists. He handgags her mouth. Yanking her arms behind her neck and ankles to the chair makes her cry. He shoves a pair of dirty socks in her mouth and cleavegags it shut. Her cries are muffled. She struggles and arches her back and can't escape. He unties her and drags her to another room by her neck. Pushing her to a crawling position, he secures her ankles and arms in a sitting hog tie. Scared, she weeps. He unbinds her.

What She Deserves - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage humiliates Scott Torvea for poor office performance. He chokes her throat in anger. Her body drops to the floor. The whites of her eyes show as she struggles to remain conscious. She slumps over limp. He awakens from fantasy. Sinn humiliates him. He goes to dream world and uses a gun to shoot her brains. The blood splatter against the wall is satisfying. She pulls him from his reverie with bitching. In reality, he grabs her neck after she fires him. She awakens nude in his basement attached to an electric chair and struggles. Scott taunts. She pleas for release. A live camera records her trauma. An audience watches her death in real time. Jolts course through her veins, causing her eyes to roll, hands spasm, bare feet flex and body jerks. Crying between currents, she apologizes for being a cunt. Slumped in her binds, her tongue hangs out. She can't bother him anymore.

Poachers Gain Part 2 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is groped by her captor Scott Torvea. He wants his fun. Lifting her from the chair with her arms bound behind her, he gropes her breasts and rubs her pussy as he pushes her against the wall. He fucks her from behind while grabbing her large tits (simusex). His cock is too big. She cums as he bounces her up and down the shaft. He uses her body like a doll and alternates positions with her leg up on the wall and on the chair. He teases his cock with a lapdance where she faces him, but turns her around for cowgirl style fucking. She cries, he taunts and fingers her until cumming despite her best intentions. She rides him harder as he pussy slaps her to orgasm. When done with her, he leaves her in shame. 

Poachers Gain Part 1 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is bound with wrists behind her back as her captor, Scott Torvea, gropes her tits. Whimpering in a cleave gag, she's stoic. He removes her blindfold but squirms as he rubs her pussy over and under shorts. Her large tits are revealed. She's embarrassed when he pulls out a camera. She's embarrassed when her body betrays her in orgasm from fingering. A hitachi vibrator terrifies her because she can't deny the orgasms or that she secretly wants it.