This is where you can see all the episodes of our latest abdutctions. 

SuperWoman Origins - Savannah Costello

SuperGirl (Savannah Costello) was launched from her exploding home planet, Kryptonia & landed on Earth in Kansas. She learns about  her powers & what makes her special compared to earthlings. As the last survivor, she has a lot of questions. On her 18th birthday, Claire Kent, realizes she won't have a normal life. Nude & wrapped in a sheet, she jolts awake holding her head in pain. Her eyes glaze over as she acquires the power of seeing through walls. Fire streams out of her eyes. She uses her hands to cover the searing pain. She can't control it. Her dresser is engulfed in flames. She blows ice breath out of her mouth to extinguish it.  She contemplates her differences from the others in her school. Grabbing her large breasts, she realizes she matured faster. A knock on the door breaks her thought. Her dad wishes her a happy birthday through the door. After dressing, she explains her powers to him. He admits they found her in a spaceship in a field. They were barren & adopted her. He reveals a briefcase that makes her hear voices guiding her to fulfill her quest. The exotic costume has an S. There is a strange crystal. She hugs her dad & tells him she has to make a trek to understand this mystery. Packing her backpack with the uniform & boots, she travels to a distant & cold land. Throwing the crystal, it explodes in the distance. The earth shakes before a crystal palace surrounds our heroine. A hologram woman appears. Her birth mother reveals her origins & name, Kayla El. In uniform, Supergirl embraces her superheroine destiny & puts her hands on her hips in the victory pose. Claire starts her first day at the newspaper job. The star reporter, Louis Lane, is rude & doesn't want her to interfere with his big scoop on Air Force One. She later hears that Air Force One was attacked. She runs off to change into her uniform & fly to his rescue. He returns to the office & enamored with the mystery woman who saved him. He must find her even if it means putting himself in danger so she will save him. Claire needs to make a visit to her secret admirer. Dressed as Super Girl, she enters Louis's apartment to warn him not to put himself in peril. She graciously agrees to do an interview & explains her powers. He's impressed but wants a demonstration of bending steel. Flirting, she toys with him before leaving. At the office, a high pitched transmission that only Supergirl can hear is released by the supervillain, Alexis Luther (Emily Torvea). She's threatening the town with destruction if the Do Gooder doesn't come right away. She arrives in warp speed. The villain says the explosive is hidden. SuperGirl will have to use her x ray vision to find it. It's too easy until SuperGirl finds the bomb surrounded by Kryptonite. Alexis wraps the kryptonite around her neck to make her extra weak. The goon, picks her up & places her in the cage. She writhes in agony. Her powers are useless. She can't escape. Using her feminine wiles, she flirts & begs the henchmen to let her out. He hesitates but releases her from her cage & plants a kiss on her. Quickly, she flies away & saves the day. Claire Kent sits at her desk and writes about the exploits of her secret alter ego. If they only knew it was her!

Girls Retreat Part 3

Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms have serviced the goons (off camera) while Brittany Shae receives whippings from Scott Torvea. Arielle Lane stands guard  with her rifle so they don't cause problems. Dakota receives her floggings & trades place with Brittany. He pulls her panties to her knees & handcuffs her to the pole while Lucy Purr looks on helpless & tied. After their beatdowns, the guys  turn their guns on Arielle. She's confused. They explain that they don't need any women & put a pistol in her mouth before forcing her to strip her panties & put them in her mouth. She doesn't fight back & obediently takes the handcuffs before being led to the pole. She cries through her tapegag. He flogs her ass but arches on command. Scott uncuffs her hands so she can remove her dress. The other girls watch in horror as the baddies backstab their own. What will they do to them if they are that coldhearted? Arielle is bound to the pole around her waist, shoulders & ankles as the others cry. After torturing them, the girls need to be disposed because the men would be identified. The girls are taken one at a time & kneel in a row. Lucy & Arielle are released from their bondage & added to the line. Crying through gags, they panic at their fate. Lucy is dragged away, but Arielle is hooded because they liked her for coming up with the plan & don't want to see her brains sprayed every where. Brittany has a gun shoved in her mouth & blood goes everywhere. Kobe & Dakota are shocked, but shot as well, laying on the ground with blood dripping out of their mouths. Lucy & Arielle wait their turns. We hear two shots before fading out.

Girls Retreat Part 2

The girls weekend is not going well for Kobe Lee, Dakota Charms, Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr. The entertainment, Arielle Lane & her friends, ended up not being strippers, but  gun toting baddies. The girls are ordered to put their hands on their heads while Scott applies nipple clamps. They scream in agony through their ballgags as their sensitive nipples are groped & pinched. Lucy is bound to a post & watches in horror as her friends are humiliated & helpless to fight back.They are handcuffed while Lucy is released from her binds so Arielle can whip her ass. The flogging makes her squeal but she squeals more when he has her strip her top. Removing her handcuffs, she whimpers while removing her shirt, but the gun  motivates her to follow orders! Down to her bra, Scott reties her around the ankles & waist with her wrists handcuffed behind. Brittany is handcuffed to the pole & whipped. Crying, she's ordered to arch her back & stick out her ass. She's walked back so all of the girls can take turns getting flogged. Scott is irked that Lucy won't watch her friends get beaten & antagonizes her into watching.

Removing the nipple clamps, the girls scream as the sensations rush to their tits. Scott has his men take turns with the girls (not shown) while he flogs Brittany's ass an even brighter shade of red! How are they going to get out of this mess?

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 4

Lucy Purr & Kobe Lee have been broken down into submissive sluts after their plan to take down a sex offender went wrong. He removes their ballgags for a blowjob (POV simulated) while skullfucking them. He regags & gropes their large tits while they cry. Bound doggy style, he fucks them (simulated). They cry at the impaling & drool through their ball gags. He demands they call him Master while receiving his cock. It's time to pimp them out & make some money on these bitches. Collared & leashed, he makes them crawl in on their hands & knees to their new owner. It’s a far cry from their former life as Dommes!

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 3

Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr start sex slave training by bound struggling on a Saint Andrews Cross. Scott Torvea shoves ball gags in their mouths. They moan in agony as he gropes their tits, but his spankings make them squeal in humiliation. Their asses redden. He demands they arch so he can have easier access. He loves watching their eyes flutter shut before letting them fall limp in their binds. The next phase of training will destroy them!

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 2

Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr's plan to take down a sex offender, Scott Torvea, didn't go well. They awaken with their arms over head. He grabs their large tits. It mortifies them to be manhandled in a humiliating manner, but they can't fight!  He strips their boots & clothes so they are exposed & vulnerable. Cutting their panties, he pantygags them. They know better than to spit them out. The punishment could be worse! A clear piece of tape is the reward for following directions. Spinning them, he smacks their ass & squeezes their large breasts. They squeal in embarrassment. He's training them to be sex slaves and will be begging to suck his cock!

Double Crossed Tables Turned - Alora Jaymes & Angel Lee

Alora Jaymes was surprised when Angel Lee & Scott Torvea doublecrossed her. Awakening on a table with her arms bound to her sides & knees in a frog position, she struggles to escape. Rope crosses her tight belly. She threatens Scott as he gropes her. A cleave gag shuts her up, but she  mmmphs & complains as he reinforces her bondage. With great care, he removes her string bikini & squeezes her naturally large tits. Sucking on her nipples makes her howl in humiliation at being treated like a sex toy. Rubbing her breasts & pussy, he brings her to orgasm despite her best intentions.Angel Lee saunters in & sucks Alora's tits while Scott eats her pussy. Squirming, she arches her back as multiple orgasms overtake her body. Holding Alora's legs wide, Angel insures that Alora can't squirm away from Scott's talented tongue. They refuse to stop giving her orgasms as she screams in pleasure & agony!

Double Crossed Captured Angel Lee & Alora Jaymes

Angel Lee arrives for a webcam shoot with Alora Jaymes but the door's locked with a note. A truck drives up & she offers to help him carry things from the trunk. It's a ruse to knock her out with chloroform. Struggling in his arms, she flops down. He lifts her in a cradle carry, dumping her body in the back of the truck & drives off. Still asleep, Angel is bound arms overhead with a spreader bar & cleave gag. He extensively gropes her body over & under the coverup. She awakens. A camera is set up & records her moans & pleas for release as people pay per minute to see her ordeal. Following the viewers orders, his hands dart beneath her bikini bottoms before he lifts her up and turns her around to show her ass. Lifting her again, she's rotated for the audience. Pulling her bikini top off, her nipples poke through the thin cotton. She gasps in pain at the impact. Sucking her tits makes her squirm in disgust, but she's mortified when stripped of her bikini bottoms. Picking her up & rotating her sideways, he smacks her ass, enjoying her wiggle beneath his touch. He fingers her pussy. She struggles to fight it but as the orgasm creeps up, he removes his hands. Edging her closer to climax, he lets her cum. She crumbles in her binds from exertion. Alora saunters in, excited to see her toy. Wearing a mask for the webcam audience, she caresses her prey & loves hearing her cry at her touch. Kissing her nipples & rubbing her clit, she uses a vibrator while her partner holds Angel's arms taut above her. The impact of multiple orgasms makes her fall limp in her cuffs. Alora giggles & admires her helpless victim as her goon takes Angel out the bondage, placing her on the couch. Laying still, he removes her cloth gag. Suddenly Angel's eyes pop open.  She says, "that was fun" as the baddie chloroforms Alora! It was all a set up. Angel is determined to have her revenge on this evil femdom!

Choose Her Fate - The Chair - Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu is the next victim in the Choose Her Fate Series and she struggles while Scott Torvea holds her arms behind her back. He explains the cameras and the viewers who will bid on her fate. They decide what happens to her and it could be anything from shooting, hanging, choking, stabbing ...The possibilities are endless.

She keeps fighting him as he explains the process so he chokes her neck to shut her up. Calming down, she takes off her high heels at his command, but there is no new learning for this bitch. Andrea tries to get free and he smacks her ass for punishment.

Doing an arm hold on her neck, he gives her the chance to strip her shirt. Realizing she’s helpless, she removes her shirt and tries to cover her huge tits with her arms. The viewers pay extra to see her naked faster, and he expedites the removal of her clothes. As his hand grips her neck tightly, she removes the skirt and panties in despair. Turning her around, he shows off her big, round ass.

The bidding ends and Andrea awakens bound to an electric chair. Crying, she begs for release as he explains her fate to the viewers.  There is no escaping and he turns on the switch causing her curvy body to bounce and twitch in response to the voltage. Her hands and feet clench and expand as she tries to will her way out of this predicament.

Scott does multiple rounds to slowly make her suffer but not kill her completely. Dazed, she becomes weaker as her brain and body become fried. The last round is too much and her head flops to the side and body goes limp.

He takes her pulse and prepares a dolly to take her body to the dump.

Vore Study - Angel Lee

Angel Lee stays at a bed & breakfast. The owner's strange & demands a room inspection. Since it's cheap & she's curious about his behavior, Angel allows him to yank her off the bed by her feet, & undo her hoodie to feel her tits. Pulling down her jeans, he gropes her legs in a robotic manner as he makes verbal notes of how her body feels. The white cotton panties are humped. He mentions that her clothes will be accounted for before he removes & sniffs her sneakers. The jeans are shimmied off. He strips her down to her bra & panties so he can inspect her clothes.
He informs that she won't be dressing herself. The Master will be in charge of her clothes. She's allowed to put her clothes on slowly. He wedgies her panties to let her know who is in charge. He demands that she stay out of the closet, which piques her curiosity. Opening the door, she doesn't see anything. As she turns around a monster's hands grabs her shoulders & devours her before she can struggle. Belching out her clothes, it takes a few more seconds for the sneakers to be burped out. The hotel owner returns & sees her clothes on the ground & irked that he has to rescue her. He brings her limp body in an over the carry shoulder to her bed so he can redress her in lingerie, pantyhose, shiny blouse & skirt. If she's going to be food, she should look professional. Once dressed, he throws her limp body on the bed & laces a different pair of sneakers. He tries to rouse her by groping her tits, but a wedgie jolts her awake. To keep her safe, he ties her ankles & wrists. She doesn't fight because she's curious about what ate her. Compliant, she agrees to be bound & cleave gagged until lights out. Note - there is very little Vore/Eating in this clip per the customer's request! It's the buildup to the event & the aftermath.

Jacquelyn Velvets Bad Date FULL Version

Jacquelyn Velvets is on a first date. Scott Torvea asks if she wants to do some light bondage.  She agrees & allows him to tie her hands behind her back. Seeing more rope she asks what else he's going to tie. He mentions her legs. She queries what happens next. He laughs that's it as he loves seeing a curvy woman bound! The ropes are tight but she's a trooper & toughs it out. While rigging her legs, Scott gets a phone call & asks if he can take it in the other room. Curious, Jacquelyn hops to the door & hears him brag about how pretty she is. It gets weird when he mentions that he wants to keep her forever. Scared, she wiggles free from the ankle ties & escapes. Her arms are tied. She wanders through a desolate forest & becomes stuck in the ground. Struggling without the use of her hands, she  releases her foot from the boot & hobbles in one shoe. Walking on her sock clad toe & hopping on one boot, she avoids the prickly forest floor. Scott finds her trail & throws her over his shoulder, carrying her away. His toys aren't allowed to leave. He leaves the remaining one on. Her socked foot fights as hard as her boot clad one, but he ties them tightly. She pleads & struggles for release but he leaves her alone to get tired. Struggling to the floor, she can't reach her ankles even as she arches her back. Her sock clad foot points & flexes trying to find leverage, but she's stuck. He hogties her because she's a fighter! Her movements are limited. Exhausted, she tries to escape even though it is futile. This isn't how her date was supposed to end!

Government Crackdown FULL version - Constance Cakp

A corrupt government has imprisoned political opponents. Constance Cakp was captured during the raids. They stripped her to bra & panties & left her in a cell. A soldier bursts in & rips the covers from her bed, dragging her out. She resists & tries to crawl away, but he kicks her belly causing her to writhe on the floor. He handcuffs her wrists & ankles before ballgagging her& taking her to the torture room. Bound to a chair, he removes her gag & interrogates her for information. She denies any knowledge as he slaps her. The games are over. he cuts off her bra & panties & gropes her sensitive tits. Pulling out a riding crop, he strikes her tits & thighs. she begs for mercy as the intensity increases. Constance holds out. he pinches her nipples & prepares a more strenuous & helpless bondage position. She's exposed with her ass in the air & hands bound to her ankles. He smacks her ass. She refuses to talk. A riding crop on her ass, feet & pussy makes her cry, but she won't submit. The soldier has proof of her involvement. She admits she was at the rallies but didn't know anyone. The soldier is determined to get names & connects electrodes to her pussy. Constance screams the names of her friends & family as he raises the voltage. The soldier asks the guard to turn off the security camera so he can have some fun with her. She won't be taken out like the others, but will be sold as a sex slave after he trains her. The training begins immediately. She's vibed before he face fucks a dildo in her jennings gagged mouth. Her other hole needs attention. He fucks her with the dildo. This preps her for a lifetime of fucking men. He beats her feet for lying.