Throat / Neck

SuperMarket Romance - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu is lifted & carried over Scott Torvea's shoulder & dumped on the sofa. Her head slumps & her designer heels show her highly arched feet. Inspecting her pouty lips, he fantasizes about what that mouth will do for him later. Grabbing her heavy legs, he repositions her to a resting position on the sofa & ragdolls her arms. The stilettos are removed. He sits behind her & dangles her limbs like a puppet. Her shirt is stripped & her bra showcases her huge tits. She stirs, grabbing her aching head. Terra's confused & can't fight as he grabs her hair & chloroforms her. He tells her to take deep breaths. Once still, he strips her skirt & bra, leaving her in reinforced toe pantyhose. He's been watching her for awhile. Terra awakens & tries to fight, but he chokes while chloroforming her. She's knocked out & lies in his lap. He grabs under her huge tits & drags her to the bedroom, where she wakes up in a spread eagle frog tie. Angry & scared, she struggles to get out of the binds but it's futile. She's embarrassed to be stripped down to only her nylons, but calls for help. As he gropes her she's a smart ass because he is unhinged. Scott grabs a hitachi & teases her nipples before diving down to her clit. Terra cries & begs for release. Her screams are distracting. He puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up. The hand gag muffles her cries to sexy whimpers. He removes his hands when she cums, choking her adds to the sensation. Multiple orgasms wear down her mind & body as she shakes & convulses. A chloro rag teases her face & she crosses her eyes, going limp. They can play later. She will learn to love him!

Left Hanging - Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai calls the Damsel in Distress rescue service to arrive in an hour. Her credit card & address on file.  She's ready for self bondage fun! She strips her shirt & yoga pants, eying the noose rope with excitement. The snug & inescapable handcuffs go on her wrists behind her back. Jasmin holds the phone in her hands in case she needs it &  loops the rope around her neck. The restriction feels good & she savors being helpless. The rescue service calls because her credit card was declined & they can't rescue her. Jasmin argues with the operator but she's helpless. Things get worse when she drops her phone & can't call anyone for help! She struggles to get free. The metal digs into her wrists. The more she tries to escape, the tighter they get! The phone rings & she tries to get it but accidentally tips the chair. Jasmin's feet kick & her eyes shut as she hangs limp in the noose.

Neck Play - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is excited as Scott teases her before putting his hands around her neck. Grabbing her hair he strokes her neck. She smiles as he grabs lightly. Her face contorts as he presses against her smooth throat. When he releases, she smiles & shows off the red marks. Going harder, she moans as they edge closer to tapping out. He supports in case she needs to fall in his arms & she completely trusts him. Lifting & carrying her, she begs him to push harder. Her face turns beet red & she taps his arm when it's too much. Playing a game, she puts both hands on his hands, while on her neck. She has to keep them up as long as possible. Her face turns purple. Her fingers fall & he releases his grip. They go more rounds. It's satisfying to see her face contort from swollen & misshapen to normal as she breathes normally.

Long Day Stretch - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr leans back in a chair & stretches her neck away from her chest. Her ribs arch 7 her stomach flattens as she lifts her arms high over her head. The  micro-bikini barely contains her large tits as she stretches her hourglass figure. Pushing her arms away & behind her torso, she readjusts her position while spreading her legs. The tiny thong covers a landing strip of flesh. Long, flowing hair is pushed side to side as she elongates her delicate neck in different directions. Her arms go behind her head & her body's long & lean before going side to side. When you're body's curvy & sexy as Lucy, it feels good to sensually move your muscles!

Throat Play - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr hasn't done choking on camera. Scott pulls her hair & wraps his hands around her neck making her moan. She smiles, giggles, & sighs in amazement at how good it feels! Her head leans back & they try for red marks on her neck  She holds her breath making it more intense.
She's lightheaded & euphoric as she edges closer to the edge. He throws her sweaty body to the couch & shows off her marks. 

Angel Lee's Hair Play

Angel Lee plays with her free flowing blonde hair,  flipping it over & having her delicate neck exposed with her head pointed to the ground. She does this without hands before using her fingers to comb through the shiny strands. Dangling her head, the hair flows before flipping back up again. She puts her hair in a bun &  lets it down. Her hair is her crowning glory & she loves sensuously showing it off!

Ransom Plot - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr chats with her boyfriend in a skimpy bikini. The highly arched heels make her legs longer & arches her back, emphasizing her huge tits & making her helpless when the intruder handcuffs her. In a chair, he binds her elbows with rope, warning that her boyfriend better pay ransom. The long hair is pulled & he caresses her body, moving the bikini top to the side. Her sensitive nipples are pinched & groped. He slaps her face causing her head to fall back. She lays limp with blood dripping down her chin. He sends pictures to her boyfriend who doesn't pay, causing her to beg & cry in frustration. He repositions her & wraps a belt around her neck until she passes out. She awakens with arms overhead, her full weight dangling from her wrists & writhes to get away from him. Her feet struggle to balance in the ankle strap pumps & she dances to avoid the single tail lashes on her back. Arching, her belly sucks in, emphasizing her hourglass figure. She leans forward in her binds with ass extended. Lucy's exhausted but sure that her boyfriend will pay now. Her boyfriend paid him to choke her out with a belt. Gasping for air, she stops moving & doesn't fight. Hanging limp, her body weighs heavily on her delicate wrists in ropes. Scott calls the boyfriend & he pays the money for taking care of his girlfriend.

Throat Play - Monica Jade

Monica Jade candidly plays with her Master & focuses on choking her neck. It's so delicate & lovely as he wraps his hands around her throat & she gags lightly. Her face lights up with euphoria as her eyes roll back. Little whimpers & moans come out as her face swells & she takes deep breaths when released. The warm up is over, she's on the ground so she can relax without fear of falling. It's POV as your arms wrap around her & she places her hands on top of yours. She looks up at you with complete trust that you can do whatever you want to her. 

Random Victim - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync comes home & a man sits in her bedroom with a clear tub full of water. He orders her to strip to her panties & stockings &to remove her heels. Grabbing her hair he forces her to the ground & informs her that it's time to drown. Screaming in terror, she pleas & offers money, asking why she receives this brutal treatment? Calmly, he plunges her into the water & dunks her a few times. Pulling her up to see her sputter & smeared makeup, he admits to watching her for awhile. It's fun to see the pretty little princess get tossed off her throne. Anabelle offers to suck his cock in exchange for her life, he grips her hair & considers. Unzipping his pants, he throat fucks her (simulated) & makes her swallow his load. That was a great blowjob, but he's going to drown her. She screams in fear & confused. More dunks & he finally finishes her off! Anabelle lies in a limp, wet puddle.

Choose Her Fate

Andrea Rosu is bound to a chair and is the entertainment for the live cam. The highest bidder can have any implement but the viewers appreciate the throat squeeze that muffles her crying but choose a bagging, The bag goes over her head & she squirms in terror. She cries & gasps for air. He uses pliers to remove her finger. Removing the bag, he covers her mouth and nose with his hands, choking her. Just as she is about to go out, he brings her back with a slap to the face and some smelling salts. After teasing her and denying her over and over, it is time to say goodnight.
She struggles against his torment before finally succumbing. Her heaving fills the room until her head falls forward and lies limp. 

Throat Play Chanel Yeoung

Chanel looks so cute and innocent and Scott wants to introduce her to some throat play. He wants to see what she can take so that they can incorporate it into the rest of the shoot. 

His meaty hands wrap around her neck and he supports her under her large tits in case she gets whoozy. Her face becomes darker and darker and her mouth gapes open. It looks like she is completely out but a big smile crosses her face and she lets out a contented sigh when released from his grip. 

Over and over they go back and forth and she quickly goes into sub space. She transitions to her knees and looks so peaceful as she trusts her fate in Scott's hands! He sensually rubs her neck and pulls her hair which makes her fall deeper into the happy zone. 

No Exit

Candle awakens in a strange warehouse and is confused how she got there. As she searches for an exit, she is startled by something and faints to the ground. The front of satin gown is dirty and she is displeased about this.

As she wanders more, her skirt flows around her long legs and she looks like a princess in peril. She is spooked multiple times and faints to the ground. This time the back of her nightgown is sullied. Candle becomes more desperate to escape this labyrinth and tries to fit into tight spaces that barely let her through. Scary spiderwebs spook her more and cause a sticky film around her skin and the gown.

Will she ever escape?