Torvea Control Collar Part 2 - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu put on a magic collar that controls her moves. She's humping the air as if fucking someone & thankful when it stops. Her hand has a mind of its own & slaps her ass when she tries to remove the collar. She forces both hands to her neck to remove it, but the collar makes her spank her ass till red. To humiliate her more, she twerks her ass & worships her shiny black pumps. Terra sucks the toes of the shoe while a ghost takes her from behind. It appears she's enjoying the process by moaning. She edges toward orgasm while sucking the shoe. When she cums, she removes the collar but can't move her mouth. It's stuck open. Drool drips out of her mouth. She smacks her ass. Grumbling, she wanders off to find a solution!

Handcuff Self Bondage - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu fondles the handcuffs & leg shackles with long red fingernails. The sound of the teeth clicking is pleasurable. She repeatedly clicks it in place & releases it as foreplay. Kicking off her black shiny pumps & stripping to pantyhose, she applies the leg shackles to her ankles. She makes them tight & admires how they complement her reinforced toed stockings. Terra pulls on the chain & points her toes to admire the bite of metal in her flesh. Bending over the couch with her ass in the air, she tests the links to see how far she can move. Handcuffs beckon. She smiles & tightens it around one wrist, intertwining it with her leg shackle chain & locks her other wrist in a cuffed hogtie. Moaning in pleasure, she revels in her helplessness. The metal rubs against the other cuffs & herself. She realizes she forgot the key & struggles to find a way out of this! She cries for help, but she's stuck in this position!

Torvea Control Collar Part 1 - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu is excited that her lacy panties were delivered & tries them on. Stripping her clothes, she admires how she looks & shakes her ass. The box has a collar that she didn't order but she tries it on. She goes on her hands & knees in doggy position & mimics a blowjob. She finds it odd, but brushes it off. In a trance, she worships her stiletto pumps by sniffing & licking them. She  sucks the toes of the high heels. They go in so deep that she gags on them but doesn't stop. When she's aware of what she's doing, Terra's eyes widen & she tries to remove the shoe, but it's stuck in her mouth! Cognizant that the collar has magic powers, she crams her fingers between the leather & her neck but it doesn't budge. In a feat of flexibility, Terra shoves her big toe in the ring hoping to yank it off with leverage. Grabbing some massage oil, she lubes the inside of the collar & rubs it in. It wasn't enough, so she drizzles more oil, but it spills down her curvy body. Without meaning to, her body thrusts back & forth as if fucking. Terra smacks her ass & gropes her huge tits. Her sexy g string was not supposed to bring such a humiliating experience!

Messy Roommate Stuck - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane kicks off her high heels & asks Paige Turner why a dirty trashcan has her pantyhose & stockings. She accidentally falls in & can't escape! Her long legs flail. She cries for help. Paige wanders in laughing at Arielle's predicament. She tries to pull her out by the ankles but Arielle's jammed in there tightly. Paige leverages her weight to release Arielle, but snickers at the embarrassing situation. Arielle yells in anger as Paige's gets a camera. How dare she film this humiliating dilemma as she  kicks her legs? She wouldn't be in this mess if Paige hadn't put her nylons in the garbage can!

Left Hanging - Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai calls the Damsel in Distress rescue service to arrive in an hour. Her credit card & address on file.  She's ready for self bondage fun! She strips her shirt & yoga pants, eying the noose rope with excitement. The snug & inescapable handcuffs go on her wrists behind her back. Jasmin holds the phone in her hands in case she needs it &  loops the rope around her neck. The restriction feels good & she savors being helpless. The rescue service calls because her credit card was declined & they can't rescue her. Jasmin argues with the operator but she's helpless. Things get worse when she drops her phone & can't call anyone for help! She struggles to get free. The metal digs into her wrists. The more she tries to escape, the tighter they get! The phone rings & she tries to get it but accidentally tips the chair. Jasmin's feet kick & her eyes shut as she hangs limp in the noose.

Stuck Lesson - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai confronts Arielle Lane about borrowing her shirt without asking & they bicker. Arielle refuses to change & Jasmin pushes her in a trashcan. Her long legs flail as she tries to escape & Jasmin taunts. Jasmin takes Arielle's high heels. Her cute bare feet are ticklish, & Jasmin tickles her soles causing Arielle to laugh while struggling. Jasmin leaves Arielle to kick her pretty red toenails & shapely legs in an attempt to get free. Three hours later, Arielle's made no progress & her skirt is visible, but her torso's entrenched. Wiggling her way out, she escapes. Jasmin's angry & shoves her back in the garbage can. Arielle's legs are straight in the air & vulnerable to Jasmin's tickling. Arielle shrieks in agony & humiliation! Jasmin leaves Arielle to suffer her embarrassing plight.

Hanging Wedgie - Brittany Shae & Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sneaks up on Brittany Shae & attaches a hook to her overall shorts, dropping her down a story in the barn. Brittany struggles to get free, pleading to be released. She struggles & her shorts ride up causing a wedgie. The rope pressure & tightening shorts make her yelp in discomfort. Brittany's pulled up & down as Arielle taunts her. The button's stuck & Arielle can't move her! Brittany alternates between begging for escape & threatening revenge. Arielle's hungry & leaves Brittany to flail, crying for help alone.

Toe-Tally Bad Cousin - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets sits with bare feet on a table in front of her. Her soles wrinkle & toes wiggle, but the big one has a band-aid. She recounts how her cousin plays barefoot practical jokes. Sneaking in, Jacquelyn takes off her converse sneakers & walks on her tip toes. She's embarrassed that her feet smell, & oblivious to the legos on the floor. Her soles step on the sharp toy. she puts her hand over her mouth to prevent yelling out. Hopping from one leg to the other, she steps on more legos & lands on the bed with her feet in the air. Rolling on her belly, her feet kick as she screams in her hand. Moaning in pain, she grabs & blows cool air on her hurt feet. Jacquelyn's asleep on her back with her feet under the covers. Awakening,  her feet peek out & her big toes are trapped in toe cuffs. Wiggling her toes, she's stuck & can't escape! Every time she moves in the toe bondage, she screams in pain.Hobbling, she steps on something sharp, but is delighted to find the keys to the cuffs. Awkwardly, she removes the toe-cuffs to massages & kiss her swollen toes.Removing the bandaid, she tests her toes to see if they are better. She awakens & wiggles her toes before getting out of bed. Her feet land next to a loaded mousetrap as her toes stretch  close to it. In the kitchen she stretches & her feet miss a second mousetrap. Sitting, her toes dance around another mousetrap until it snaps shut on her tootsie. Jacquelyn screams & jumps in horror as she tries to release her foot only to land the other foot in the second trap. Both toes are stuck & she hops foot to foot. She hobbles back to her bedroom & all that is heard is the snapping sound of last trap & a final scream!

Stuck Friends - Arielle Lane & Brittany Shae

Brittany Shae is engrossed in her book & walks when reading. She falls in a garbage can & can't get out! Her denim daisy dukes show off her curvy ass as she kicks & attempts escape. Arielle Lane notices her flailing legs &  overwhelmed by seeing her stuck in a trashcan. Brittany loses sandal as Arielle tries to free her. Brittany understands Arielle isn't strong enough pull her out, & waits for her boyfriend.  Arielle offers to get in the stinky garbage can until stronger help arrives. They commiserate over the embarrassing situation & play footsie when their legs cross in the air. Arielle keeps her wedges, but Brittany remains in one flip flop. They laugh & try pilates & yoga in the garbage cans. Their legs stretch & flex in a bicycling motion. It's a long night of exercise because her boyfriend works late. A nap is the best way to pass the time!

Jacquelyn Velvets Bad Date Part 1

Jacquelyn Velvets is on a first date & Scott Torvea asks to do some light bondage. She allows him to tie her hands behind her back & legs. The ropes are tight but she toughs it out. While rigging her legs, he gets a phone call & takes it in the other room. Curious, Jacquelyn hops to the door & hears him brag about how pretty she is & wants to keep her forever. Scared, she wiggles free from the ankle ties & escapes. Her arms are tied & she wanders through a desolate forest only to become stuck in the ground. After struggling without her hands, she releases her foot from the boot & hobbles away in one shoe. Alternating between walking on her sock clad toe & hopping on one boot, she gingerly avoids the prickly forest floor. Scott finds her trail & runs in to throw her over his shoulder, carrying her away. His toys aren't allowed to leave!

Breaking In - Brittany Shae & Jasmin Jai

Brittany Shae & Jasmin Jai are accomplished thieves with a hot tip for a haunted house & the ghost doesn't like intruders.
Jasmin's foot becomes stuck in rubber cement & she can't get free. She doesn't want to leave her new sneakers & struggles to escape. Brittany reasons she can buy new ones after they sell the jewels & Jasmin leaves one shoe behind.
Brittany bends over & her jeans rip up her ass. Her cheeks hang out & she's embarrassed to be exposed. Jasmin sits & an electrified tennis racket zaps her butt.
Jumping up, Jasmin's shocked to see her pants by her ankles. She can't pull them up or down, & Brittany tries to yank them off. Something is not right in this house, but they are greedy for the loot!
Jasmin reaches under the bed, but it pulls her under & she is stuck, left in only bra & panties.
Brittany sits down & a pile of tacks pokes her ass, making her squeal in agony. Jasmin makes fun of her but they are frantic about finishing this job.
The ghost lights a candle under Brittany's ass & they are confused at smelling bacon. Jumping up and down, she realizes that her ass is on fire & runs to the bathroom. The cold water feels good, but the spirit cranks the water to hot & Brittany burns her butt.
Jasmin wanders to the living room & her foot steps in a mousetrap causing her to fall back. The electric racket zaps her ass again. Brittany runs in to help & both girls have lost all of their clothes.
The ghost acknowledges that they are on a hidden camera & broadcast on the internet. They try to cover their nude bodies. The cops are on the way for their punishment.

Overall Lift - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is grumpy about her shortened break at work & determined to take a long time. A forklift grabs the back of her overall shorts. Before she can stop it, she is lifted up & stuck. Yelling in horror she cries for help but nobody hears. She's pissed off & embarrassed to be hanging like a piñata. Her helpless demands turn bitchy & someone wants to humiliate her more by lifting her even higher! Now frantic, all of the wiggling made her desperate to pee. She realizes she's not going anywhere & wets herself. She realizes people are watching her & starts complaining.
Nobody helps her. She swings in her wet pants.