Taking Control - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan. I dangle my high heels & take notes but you are distracted by my feet.  I mock you for being unable to look away from my red pumps. Look since it's the two of us in the office. Stare at my tootsies. The stiletto drops off. You look at the reinforced toe stockings. I readjust the hem, pull my skirt up & show my nylon ass. You won't admit to loving stockings. The look in your eyes proves your addiction. Dangling the other shoe off my toe, I tease you about the archaic dress code that caters to your whims.Let's order lunch in so you can feast on these pantyhose feet. I know your perversions, I'm using it to my advantage. If you want these sweet stocking soles, you are going to pay more. You wouldn't want anyone to know about your humiliating secret. It won't be all blackmail. It could be your hands grazing down my shapely legs if you make it worth my while. We could work late. You can worship my feet. Take a sniff of these sweaty toes as the fibers rub against your face. I haven't washed these for a week. tThey reek. You inhale like your wife never lets you play with her feet or wears pantyhose. You want to kiss my wiggling toes & suck the sweat out of these hosiery? Get on your knees as I gag you with my feet or people will learn your secret & laugh at your obsession. 

He's Out Of Town - Nyssa Nevers

Featuring Nyssa Nevers! I know you love my silky, shiny pantyhose. I made a home video for you since my husband is out of town. Let's do a striptease out of this satin blouse & expose my huge tits before taking off one high heel. The red ankle strap is unclasped. I dangle it off my toe. Dangling the other one, I wait for it to fall off my foot & drives you nuts. My stocking feet wiggle & point as my hands graze over my legs. My toes splay so you can admire my soles. Don't you love that swishing noise of nylon? The red skirt is stripped. You see everything in these sheer to waist hosiery. Worship my feet. Lick me from head to toe. My husband doesn't appreciate my legs the way you do. He doesn't even know you bought me pantyhose! He could learn some tricks from you because you know how to make me quiver by rubbing the inside of my thighs before darting inside the band & down my legs. My hands caress my ass under the shiny hose the way I want you to rub me. If you buy me another pair, I could layer them & wear only those around the house. You deserve a woman who loves pantyhose just as much as you!

Arielle Lane's Pantyhose Interview

Arielle Lane interviews to be your secretary & crosses her legs while answering questions. She feels warm & remove her blazer. The demure blouse is unbuttoned scandalously low. She rolls up her sleeves & mentions her availability. Noticing that you are fixated on her toes, she slips off a black pump, claiming that it's tight. Her red toenails wiggle beneath her sheer nylons. She strokes her legs & taps the toe that is still in her shoe. Arielle knows what a CEO wants & pulls a dildo from her purse. The large toy represents your cock. She strokes it how you would like it done if she's hired. Her high arches rubs up & down because you want nylon wrapped around your shaft. It feels good rubbing your cock on her stockinged soles. One leg of the pantyhose is carefully shimmied off, so she has one leg & foot bare. The other in stockings & a stiletto. The contrast of black & white is sexy as she points her barefoot & glides it up the stockinged leg. Wrapping the empty leg around the toy, she strokes it longingly & sucks while giving sensual eye contact. Lifting her skirt, she slides the nyloned cock in & out of her pussy. It's only fair that your assistant would have fun too! She's horny & wants to finish you both off. Her bare foot goes on the couch. The high heel stays on the floor. Her legs to widen. Arielle mounts the stockinged cock & plunges it deeper. She cums with excitement. She pulls the stocking out of her wet pussy. It's coated with her cum. If you hire her, this cum could be yours. She sensually tastes it,  crosses her bare leg over the nylon leg. Did she get the job? Arielle knows the answer, but walks out with a wink & the single shoe & hose on one leg.

Pantyhose Surprise - Lucy Purr

Featuring Lucy Purr! Hey baby. I got off of work & left on my pantyhose & black pumps on for you. Don't they show off my curves as we both rub my legs? (POV) I love it when you caress my calves & remove my high heels. Playing with my soles, I lean back & enjoy the foot worship. When you take a break, I rub my pointed toes up & down my legs so you can hear the nylon against nylon sound. I strip my blouse off & let you see the waist band peak out of my pencil skirt. Shimmying the skirt down, the shiny pantyhose glisten on my ass.  I pull up the waist band. A sexy black thong peaks from beneath. You rub your hands over my nylon ass. This was a surprise that I planned this morning. Put your hand down the front of my hose so you can feel the thin denier that I feel all day! I rub my nails over my body & savor the sensation. Leaning back, I put my soles in the air while wiggling my feet & giggle when you lightly tickle them. These long legs are meant to be wrapped around you!

Roommate Pantyhose - Terra Mizu

Featuring Terra Mizu. I got home after a rough day & it feels good to dangle these classic black pumps off my feet. Why are you fixated on my legs? Is the rumor that you like women in sheer pantyhose true? These stilettos always been part of my daily wardrobe, but you seem fixated on my stocking feet as the pumps precariously dangle. Pointing my toes, I ask for favors as the shoes fall off my feet. I lift my legs in the air & splay my toes as you admire my soles. We are roommates.You wouldn't mind if I get out of these work clothes & lounge in my tan pantyhose? We can come up with an arrangement where you enjoy the view & give me money so I can keep my toes pedicured & in great shoes. I borrow your credit card to get things you would like. I show off my nylon ass. You are tempted. My red fingernails graze over the sexy nylon. You are distracted. No strings attached. I tease with my nylon feet. You like these tootsies in your face. It would be worth it to cover all my bills & not just things related to my legs and feet.

Come Home Soon - Whitney Morgan

Featuring Whitney Morgan! Honey, I miss you & made a sexy home video while you travel. I have on black garter & stockings so you can sneak a peek between meetings or at your hotel. You can only edge yourself closer to orgasm. Milk yourself till you tremble with desire & beg to come home to me. Run your hands down my long legs & slip off these stilettos. I dangle them off my toes while I guide you to stroke your shaft. Don't you want to lick them like I do? My stockinged toes are wet. I love teasing you. With one shoe, I dangle the other before dropping it off. Slowly stroke your cock while admiring my wiggling, pointed, spread toes. My hands dart under the nylons. I rub the fabric to make that scratchy sound you love so much. Unhooking the garter belt, I slide them down my curvy thighs & calves but don't strip them off. Are you going to make it through the whole video or are you going to wank off even though I want you to save every drop for my nyloned feet. You have to spray my high arches, toes, soles & every wrinkle. I show you how I will lick every drop of cum off my feet. The best orgasms come with time.  I'm more fun than your hand.

Training The Boss - Nyssa Nevers

Your secretary, Nyssa Nevers, catches you peeking at her dangling stiletto & casually drops if off her foot. She dangles the other one off her stockinged foot & asks if you like seeing her pantyhosed feet. Rubbing her hands up & down her legs she admits that she loves how soft & silky they feel. Teasing, she crosses her shapely legs & asks if the dangling or dropping got your attention. If you are going to stare at her gams she's getting a raise but you can pick out her nylons. It feels drafty on her feet. She tells you to get on your knees to check for any holes. You look good in that submissive position worshipping her legs. You will give in to her demands. Things are going to change in the office. She will be the one in charge while you are the puppet boss. Lifting, then stripping her skirt, she shows her nylon ass & soles. You are wrapped around her little fingers & toes, so get used to doing her job as well as yours. Her satin blouse is unbuttoned. She reveals the french cut pantyhose. Teasing you, she removes the bra, showcasing those sheer black pantyhose that you have dreamed about. 

Left Exposed - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is a real estate agent hoping to sell a house. It's hot but she doesn't want to take off her jacket until you demand it. She turns around at your insistence but balks when you tell her to remove her dress. She knows she's in a dangerous situation & unzips her dress while trying to cover her body with her hands.She's bound to a chair (off screen tying) struggling in her lingerie. She promises not to say anything if you let her go. You ballgag her so she can't talk. Her gag talk is muffled as she tries to reason with you. Drool drips down her chin & body. You mock her with the question of "do you want people to find you like this". She answers no. Lucy's arms are bound overhead while nude with nipple clamps. A spreader bar keeps her legs apart as she writhes against her binds. You grope her sensitive tits. She moans in agony while drooling over her naked body. It was fun playing but you leave her for the next homebuyers to find!

Sleepy Feet - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr wants a romantic evening with her boyfriend & enters her bedroom in a sexy negligee.  She poses till he arrives with the cocktails. She drinks, smiles, & abruptly crosses her eyes, falling asleep. A consistent snore purrs out of her adorable face.Her boyfriend is irked & tries to wake her.  He ragdolls her body, but she is limp & out cold. He plays with her cute feet & she can't stop him! He rubs, kneads, massages, stretches, & crumples her soles. Her soles are forbidden fruit when she covers them up in shoes every day. Lucy awakens. He makes her pass out. He plays with her face & drops it like a bowling ball while she snores & sleeps deeply. This actually turned out to be a better date night than expected. The next day, Lucy talks POV about the date last night. She can't explain what happened, but she had a dream about an awesome foot massage!

Johnson Account - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane wants to talk to you about work but all you can do is stare as she crosses & uncrosses her legs. Her hands caress her thighs & calves down to her black stilettos while she asks if she can share the account.If she gets this favor, you would get something in return. Her skirt hikes up & you realize that she's wearing garter & stockings instead of pantyhose! Her toes dip in & out of her black pumps. She rubs her pointed toes before wiggling them in your face. Her red toenails peek through the nylons & you sniff the dirty stockings. What did this naughty girl do to get her soles dirty?!

Puppy Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is desperate to find her lost dog & wants your help. You give a soda to calm her nerves & she falls to the floor from stress. When she awakens, her face is painted like her lost dog. A sub collar adorns her delicate neck & she obediently begs at your command. Panting & barking, she crawls on all fours eager to please her Master. She's well trained in sitting, rolling over & lying on her back. She tries to sneak something naughty such as eating a plant or licking your foot, but is a good puppy. A flea makes her scratch. She plays and humps your leg. A stuffed toy distracts her, but she won't release it from her strong jaw until you throw it. Arielle digs in the carpet to bury her treasure,& confused why she doesn't make progress. Lying on her back, she waits submissively for her belly rub & writhes at your touch. Her haunches kick in pleasure. She climbs on the couch. That won't do & you grab her collar & pull her down so you can go for a walk with her leash.

Vampire Queen Terra Mizu

It's been awhile since a hunter visited. Come closer & show your silver dagger. Are you going to stab me in the belly or do you have something for my heart? You are stunned by my beauty. I can smell your weakness. It would be  easy to convert you. Stare at my huge tits & admire me while you're mortal. You can't resist a Vampire Queen. I lick my lips &  you follow my vermillion red fingernails across my curvy body. My large breasts are barely contained by this lace corset as I mesmerize you. My fangs appear. I bite. My eyes widen in surprise. I stagger to the floor. How could you stake me in the chest? You plunged it between my tits when you could have been my immortal slave.There's still time for you to pull it out. If you don't, I will die. Don't you want to live for all eternity with me? How could you slay me? Everything is dark as I get weaker. I struggle to release the wood. My body arches trying to find comfort. Moaning, my eyes flutter shut. My mouth opens as I take my last breath. Nothing is left of me as I vaporize into thin air!