Overall Lift - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is grumpy about her shortened break at work & determined to take a long time. A forklift grabs the back of her overall shorts. Before she can stop it, she is lifted up & stuck. Yelling in horror she cries for help but nobody hears. She's pissed off & embarrassed to be hanging like a piñata. Her helpless demands turn bitchy & someone wants to humiliate her more by lifting her even higher! Now frantic, all of the wiggling made her desperate to pee. She realizes she's not going anywhere & wets herself. She realizes people are watching her & starts complaining.
Nobody helps her. She swings in her wet pants.

Plumbing Problem - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is desperate to pee but the plumber is fixing the toilet. The pressure is building up & she does the potty dance to hold it in. Her hands plunge into her crotch & her belly extends. The tight jeans cause pressure.
She complains & he gives her a nasty bucket to pee in. She struggles
but finally drops her pants & does a long stream in the bucket. The plumber walks in. She is mortified that he saw her pee. He was joking about going in the bucket!

Office Pee - Monica Jade

Monica Jade’s boss wants her to finish work, but Monica wants to go to the bathroom..  The boss is not thrilled with her performance lately & thinks that she is trying to waste time. He takes away her chair because if she really had to go so badly she would ruin it. Monica squirms in discomfort as she paces in her high heels & puts her hands in the crotch of her shorts. Her belly is extended due to the pressure. A bottle of water is waved in her face & then poured on the ground to antagonize, The boss says that she should take off her clothes & pee on the floor of the office. Monica is mortified but desperate. She meekly takes her shorts & panties off & is so upset that she cannot go because he is watching her. She finds an awkward position of having her legs spread wide open & a little pee dribbles out but she has trouble letting go with an audience. She's able to squirt some & is relieved. (Monica was actually very shy about peeing on camera, so the desperation was brutal for her!)

Monica's Interrogation

Monica is tied with her arms over head and has on only a pair of patterned pantyhose and heels. The interrogator asks her who she is and why she is there, but this damsel is stubborn. Scott starts bringing out the harsh tactics of belly punching and an upper cut to her face. Monica is wide eyed with shock by the rough treatment, but more humiliated when he starts grabbing her tits.

When he realizes that he is not getting anywhere, he brings out the flogger and continues to torture her just for fun.  He leaves her there for the weekend and the poor girl ends up peeing all over herself. The wet hose stick to her body and leave her more uncomfortable. She hangs by her ropes, completely exhausted. Too bad she would not give up the information in the beginning!

Air Stream

Angel really wants to learn how to fly for a play she is acting in and Candle suggests trying the harness. It fits well under her clothes and and Candle lifts her high into the air, making sure that the ends are tied out of reach for Angel.

Candle makes up an excuse to leave and Angel enjoys the process of flying. As time elapses, she begins to wonder where Candle went and panic consumes her. What if she is forgotten and is never let down? The fear causes her bladder to kick in and she struggles to maintain control of her growing desperation. As much as she tries holding it in, Angel is mortified as a stream of pee trickles down her legs.

When Candle finally returns, she makes fun of Angel and leaves her stranded in the air!

Tanning Desperation

Candle has an important bikini modeling job and the photographer wanted her to have a spray tan. It was very expensive and the lady who applied it said that she could not get wet for awhile or sit on anything.

Without thinking, Candle drinks a full glass of water and starts the waiting game till she can wash it off. She quickly realizes she should not have gulped down all of that fluid because now she has to pee.

At first she tries to ignore it, but pretty soon, it becomes apparent that she is in trouble. Her belly distends and the pressure builds up. She is aching to cross her legs or grab her crotch to alleviate the urge, but if she does, she will mess up her tan.

Candle tries to use logic to get through this situation and talk herself out of feeling the desperation. After awhile she gives up the fight and lets long, warm streams of urine flow down her legs. Looks like she will have zebra stripes on her legs. The self tanner is ruined as well as her ego!

Little Mina Pees Her Pants

Little Mina loves pushing her bladder's endurance. For fun, she will see how long she can hold it, and then let it escape out of her onto her full back white panties, onto her yellow yoga pants and down her knee high white socks. She does not know why she enjoys it so much, which does concern her, but she cannot stop!

She drinks water and does the pee dance while trying

Measuring My Pee

I woke up one day determined to know how much I pee in a given day. It seems like there is always that constant pressure against my bladder and I wanted to figure out how much actually was excreted. In this very candid approach, I snuck the 4 cup measuring cup out of the kitchen and started turning on the camera every time I went.  Hoping to beg for forgiveness than permission from the roommate on this one! It was rather amusing because it was a day when I was behind the camera and filming another model, but she took it in great stride when we would stop and the camera would focus on my flow instead of her loveliness.  I crack one liners and am my normal goofy self throughout this. No desperation, just pure scientific inquiry to volume. It is  micturition magic that somebody so petite can pee so much! :)

Office Pee With Paige

Paige has not gotten her work done and her boss is not thrilled. When she gets up to use the bathroom, he says she is not allowed till she gets her job done. Paige begs to go with her cute little Southern accent.

The boss starts antagonizing her and mentions waterfalls. Paige threatens to pee on the floor and her boss gives her a bucket. This is humiliating and she balks.

In retort she says that she has a medical condition and has a small bladder. Her boss snaps back that she will prove that when she pees in the bucket.

Slave Trader Episode 1

Monica has been practicing for an audition and so excited that she got the part. She enjoys a victory dance in her bedroom. Her hands run across her tight body and she gets turned on. Scott has been watching her habits for awhile and uses this opportunity to grab her.

Monica is shocked that there is a man in her room, and

Parking Lot Pee

There has never been a public restroom that Candle has ever found to her standards. They are filthy and she would rather just go home than use one. It is almost a source of stubborn pride for her.

She is driving around and is desperate to pee but nowhere near her house. She squirms in her seat and struggles to get into a position that relieves her growing bulge of a bladder.  After trying to hold it and getting very uncomfortable she decides she is just going to get out of the car and

Stuck Hanging Pee

Have you ever had the compulsion to fly like Peter Pan? Candle does and she cannot get it out of her head. She is giddy as she sneaks into a warehouse and finds an area that will allow her to hang so she can soar and kick her legs in the air like a bird. 

Instead of being a bird, she becomes a bird brain as she accidentally knocks down the ladder with her flailing feet. It takes a minute for her to realize that she has is completely stuck in this position and that she cannot get down.  She yells for help but she knows that is futile because she snuck in late at night to avoid being found by anyone.  That also means that no one will find her till Monday morning so she has a full weekend of struggling in the air till someone can get her down. 

Candle continues to struggle until nature takes its course and she realizes that she has to pee really badly. The pressure of the harness is digging into her bladder and she feels her belly area extending from the pressure. The normal techniques of trying to assuage the bladder are futile because her legs are spread apart and she can barely reach her crotch to hold and put pressure.

After fighting the sensation for as long as she can, she realizes that she will have to be found with a big puddle of piss under her. It sure is uncomfortable waiting around in her wet shorts. This bird better nestle down for a long weekend!