Savannah Costello

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Savannah Costello: We have worked with Savannah many times over the years and she never disapoints! She will make your custom video come to life!! Here is some information on her. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 110 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 4

Shoe 8.0

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Blue

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Savannah Costello's Hair

Savannah Costello combs her fingers through her shiny, blonde hair. It is so sensual to glide against her hands & flips her head over so that she can get that rush to her head. Her sensual neck is on display her crowning glory.  She flips up and puts her hair in a bun as close to her forehead & bops her head to feel it bouncing.
Sitting, she repeats the process with her legs wide & get her neck perpendicular to the ground.

Butt No, Savannah Costello

Savannah  she sees her tiny nemesis who is always trying to foil her plans. He is down at her feet and looking for his sidekick. She stomps & taunts with her huge feet on his frail body.  She smushes him between her large tits. The butt crush will get rid of him and she reunites him with his lost friend. They are under her ass because she is not leaving!

Wonder Savannah

Wonder Boob escapes from the Sultan by using her tiara to teleport away. A few days later she uses it to communicate with the Gods. She does not realize that the Sultan is hiding and hearing her conversation while taking upskirt and downblouse shots. Since he knows her weaknesses, they switch her vulnerability from her belly to her hair. All superheroines have to have some sort of foible and this seems reasonable.

As Wonder Boob prepares to leave she decides to leave the lasso at home because the Sultan always uses its truth telling properties against her. All of a sudden she hears the Sultan's voice, but does not see him. As she looks for him he takes upskirt and downblouse shots of her while she is unaware. When she finally catches him, she is angry and ready to take him to jail.

The Sultan punches and kicks her belly, but Wonder Boob only laughs at his attempts. Realizing that something is amiss, he brings out his magic spray which makes her very dizzy. He takes her mask off, which protects her and grabs her hair. Now all of her strength is gone and she is weakened.

He pulls out the lasso from one of the other superheroines and wraps it around her shoulders which forces her to tell the truth. She must reveal all of her weaknesses to him and he will have complete control over her. He wants to know how she teleports and taunts her until while he gets the answer.

Once he has the information, he makes her go limp and leaves her body on the floor.

Birth Of Supergirl

Claire Kent is lying in her bed on her 18th birthday and her simple world is about to change as a family secret is revealed. A humming noise awakens her and she finds a box with a crystal inside. She knew she was different because she was always stronger than the other girls and even had larger breasts.

Later, she writes a letter to her parents and mentions that their gift was activated and by the time they wake up, she will have gone North. She stuffs the crystal into some cloth into her bag and leaves.

As she wanders, Claire stops and throws the crystal. A flash of light and then we see her morphed in the Sanctuary. This new experience leaves her wide eyed and awestruck especially when she hears a female voice say “Kaya-el. I am your mother. You are the last survivor of Kampton.” She proceeds to learn her of her origin story and how she is to use her special powers that make her so different from the other girls.

12 years later, we see Claire standing in her uniform and ready to take on the role of Super Girl after a long training period. 

Savannah's Mouth

I am Savannah Costello and I am going to give you a mouth tour! I use them to spread my lips as far down my chin as I can go and as far up to my nose as possible. My jaw can open really wide and you can see way back to my uvula. Take a good look at these pearly whites because they are very straight and my pretty pink gums cover just the right amount of teeth. Not too much and not too little, just the way you like it. Do you prefer when I point my tongue or have it flat? I like doing both especially when it wiggles around my mouth. You can hear the faint sound of my saliva clicking in the background. I will leave you with my cute smile because that is how I want you to remember me!

Savannah's Breast Expansion

Savannah wants to get bigger breasts in order to please her boyfriend because he is looking at other girls with larger boobs. The plastic surgeon says that there is a new procedure that allows her to inflate them larger if she does not think they are the right size. Poor Savannah is hesitant but desperate to keep her man.

The doctor places a tube in her mouth and the solution is filtered into her chest. She wakes up to a larger chest.  She loves them and she runs off to show her boyfriend

Transforming Savannah

Savannah has had enough of the cool kids always taunting her and she decides to use her brains for revenge. She creates a serum that will turn her into a beautiful girl and solve world hunger on Tuesdays! While she is getting mocked by two football player buffoons, she ingests it in a huff and is not sure if the potion will even work.

All of a sudden she feels