Paige Erin Turner

Location: East Coast


Paige Turner: We love working with her, she always brings a smile and talelnt to our sets! She has a very wide range and it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful. Below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'10"

Weight 140 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 28"

Hips 39"

Cup B

Dress 6

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Trail of Tear (Full)

A plane crashes and 4 women are stranded in a desolate forest. There is a business woman (Paige), two flight attendants (Angel and Candle), and a schoolgirl (Mina). They are very prim and proper and even though they are uncomfortable and hot, they would never dream of unbuttoning a button on their blouse. They know they are going to be saved, it is just a matter of waiting. 

As they forage through the woods looking for abandoned supplies, one of the air hostesses skirt rips on a branch and tears all the way to her white panties. She tries to fix it, but there is nothing she can do.

Paige finds a suitcase and they are hopeful that it will contain clothes they can change into. Alas, it is only filled with panties. Fortunately for them, there is a suitcase with more clothes. This is right before Paige rips her skirt as well.

They all decide to grab new clothes in the morning, and go to sleep. Carefully, they hang their jackets so they will not get dirty, and try to get comfortable in this new environment.

The stranded women wake up refreshed and ready to find help despite

Clothes Ripping Apocalypse Episode 3 FULL

This is the complete episode 3 of The Clothing Apocalypse Series.

An alien race uses a high pitched sound to pacify the humans into mindless drones who are fixated on destroying all clothes except for white underwear and having orgies. The initial attack occurred 2 weeks ago, and a new government has been put in place which bans all clothing. Strangely, there are some people who have not been affected by the sound, and they hide in their houses hoarding their wardrobe and scratching their heads as to what has happened to society.

Angel and her daughter Mina sit on the couch bemoaning the fact that nothing is the way it used to be. The patriarch has left for wild sex in the streets, and they struggle to keep enough clothes in their closets and food in the cupboards. There is no way they are going out of the house with the new rules in place. 

As they watch the news, which is now perverted by alien influence, they are shocked by all of the tawdriness that is going on in public. Even the once respectable newscaster is rubbing her body on  television and ripping clothes. Angel turns off the tv in disgust.

They don't realize it, but they

Apartment Wrestling Rematch

Paige has challenged Scott to a rematch after “losing” their first encounter. Once again she is attired in her high cut purple leotard and shiny dark pantyhose. She teases that she has learned a couple of moves since her last fight and it won't be such an easy conquest. Scott says he has a secret weapon and pulls out a black glove, however she can get the first move if he can start off by fondling and spanking her like the previous encounter. Cooing in her sweet Southern accent, she graciously agrees and they start with the groping. 

Suddenly she grabs him in a headlock and they laugh at her aggressiveness. Paige teases about being in control but that changes once Scott starts rubbing her pussy through the outside and inside of her leotard.

Ripped Workout

Mina and Paige are stretching at the gym. They don't know each other but flirt heavily. Each girl is secretly intrigued by the other girl's workout clothing. The shirts and shorts are old and slightly stretched out. Little peeks down blouse and up the shorts give glimpses of full back white panties. They cannot help but get horny by seeing things they are not supposed to see.

Mina is more forward and helps Paige with her workout by accidentally touching her boob, ass and pussy. Paige realizes it is not an accident and starts kissing her passionately. The shirts are pulled and stretched before they start slowly ripping them. The ripping is slow and sensual as they tease each other with the process. Now that the tops are out of the way, they can caress and lick each others breasts.

Paige's Growth Play

Paige has a small bottle that she drinks in front of you. She is so excited to grow larger as she knows that you like it so much. She rubs her arms and legs as they get that tingly sensation that happens when you get taller and breaks through her clothing. Her head hits the ceiling as she gets bigger and you stay so small. 

Now it is time to play! She gently banters while walking around looking for you. And kneels down to grab you. Don't worry! You are completely safe with her and she kisses and licks you to prove it.

Belly Punching Maid

Paige is on the phone while Monica, the maid, is cleaning. It is the typical vapid conversation about shopping and Paige takes the time to make sexy poses and admire her form. She hurls insults toward Monica while watching her clean. 

After she is done, Monica informs Paige that she is leaving for the day. Paige is not satisfied with her performance and points out where she needs to rescrub. Monica responds that Paige's husband allows her to leave at this time for her workout. Since Paige is the woman of the house, she will not tolerate this insolence and grabs Monica's arm so she can yell at her more.

Monica has had enough and asks why Paige is so threatened by her? Perhaps it is her tight, firm body? Perhaps her husband has noticed and this causes Paige to slap Monica. Of course he does not want a bony little bitch. He likes a woman with curves. Time to fire this little girl once and for all! It adds fuel to the fire when Monica slaps Paige as she is itching for an excuse to beat this little woman's ass.

Paige throws a punch, but Monica is too sprightly and easily ducks out of the way. She punches her boss right in her soft belly. It becomes clear to Paige that she underestimated her hired help and she coughs and wheezes as she tries to catch her breath.

Cross Spanking

Paige summons her sissy slave and is not pleased with her insolent behavior. Tina was caught stroking her penis without permission. It is time for an appropriate punishment.

An inspection of this Sissy proves that she has the mandated attire of panties, garter and stockings. Paige caresses the panties and asks if the naughty gurl likes wearing such pretty, feminine attire. Tina admits that she does, but that she is humiliated to be dressed like this all day. This is the perfect response for the stern Mistress.

Time for the punishment! Tina goes over Paige's knees.

Apartment Wrestling Orgasms

Paige has been challenged to an apartment wrestling match against Scott. She has never done anything like this before and is curious to see what it is about. A high cut purple leotard and shiny pantyhose should be comfortable for the mixed fight. It is apparent that she is a little nervous, but Scott says there is nothing to worry about. He also butters her up by saying that she looks awesome in her outfit. This is just what she needs to hear and thanks him in her sweet Southern accent.

Before they start, Scott asks

My Wife's a Robot

Paige and her husband have gone to see the doctor about why they are not able to conceive a child.

Candle, the doctor, starts Paige's physical by checking her heart rate with a stethoscope. For some reason, she cannot find it and has her take off her shirt so that she can get closer.

During the breast exam, it feels like they are plastic even though they are not implants.

When Paige is weighed, she is heavier than a woman of her height should be. 

The doctor has her lie down and checks her blood pressure. Strangely there is no pulse to be found. The reflexes are very odd and do not respond in a typical fashion. When Candle checks her adrenal glands, Paige gets a blank stare and is very still, almost as if she was turned off. This concerns the doctor and she does a series of neurological tests.

Paige answers the questions in a very robotic method and when asked

Office Pee With Paige

Paige has not gotten her work done and her boss is not thrilled. When she gets up to use the bathroom, he says she is not allowed till she gets her job done. Paige begs to go with her cute little Southern accent.

The boss starts antagonizing her and mentions waterfalls. Paige threatens to pee on the floor and her boss gives her a bucket. This is humiliating and she balks.

In retort she says that she has a medical condition and has a small bladder. Her boss snaps back that she will prove that when she pees in the bucket.

Paige Shrinks Employees

Paige is in her office and looking for the employees that she shrunk. She finds the one who had HR complaints for sexual complaints. Since he had an obsession for asses, Paige, places him on the sofa and puts her beautiful butt all over him. When he cannot breathe, she laughs at his predicament!

Another one is hiding under the couch and Paige gets on her hands and knees to find him. This one was her worst hiring mistake and was worthless as an employee. Since he was always taking his shoes off and putting his smelly feet on the desk, Paige puts him in her shoes where he can inhale her smelly feet. He gets smushed between her toes so that he cannot get away.

Preshoot Play Paige

Paige has arrived for a shoot and Scott says they are going to do a warm up before the shoot starts. This is shot in an candid way just to get everyone acclimated to each other. He puts his hands around her neck and Paige responds favorably. Paige strips out of her shirt and bra. Hair pulling is added and she instantly gets goosebumps. She shimmies out of her skirt and gets some ass slapping. Good to get the blood flowing! Her panties are taken off and she is thrown on the bed.

Paige coos in her sweet Southern accent as Scott holds her throat