Paige Erin Turner

Location: East Coast


Paige Turner: We love working with her, she always brings a smile and talelnt to our sets! She has a very wide range and it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful. Below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'10"

Weight 140 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 28"

Hips 39"

Cup B

Dress 6

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Roommate Reprogrammed Part 2

Things went better than expected when programming your bitchy roommate Paige and you are ready to progress to the next level when she mentions that she is going out. You use the trigger of snapping your fingers and have her try another track on the MP3 which will make her go deeper under your control. Paige readily agrees to put on the earphones for her Master and her body trembles and spasms as she absorbs the information.

The deep sleep causes her eyes to spiral and she starts reciting a mantra for being your obedient slave. She is now fully under your control and it is time to have more fun with your real live doll. Without delay, she follows your commands and acts like a pig, zombie, chicken, and doing sexy stretches that emphasize her ass. You love posing her like a mannequin before dancing seductively.

Paige is now your slave forever and she repeats the mantra to prove it!

Roommate Reprogrammed FULL

Paige is your hot, bitchy roommate who never pays rent or cleans. You have designed an MP3 player that will send signals to the listener that will help her relax, or at least that is what you tell her. It actually turns her into a mind controlled slave.

She agrees to listen and while confused at first, soon becomes sleepy with the first song. The second song begins the reprogramming. When done, she raises her head with a mindless gaze and repeats that she is your brain washed roommate and that she must obey. Some minor testing is in order and she repeats her commands and shows off her ass at your direction.

Once it is clear that she is completely under your control, you have her act like a dog, mooing like a cow and dancing like a ballerina. The trance wears off and she is furious for making her do humiliating acts. Quickly, you put her back under and she falls asleep standing up. Now you grope her ass and make her bend over and touch her toes. For some malicious fun, you bring her out of the trance and keep her frozen in this position. This angers and confuses her which is great, but it is more fun when she is completely under.

Time to strip to her bra and panties while crawling on the floor and repeating mantras! This segues into more monkey and chicken play before she awakens confused. A quick respell and she is told to put her clothes back on. Whenever you snap your fingers she will obey and go back under. Now you wake her up and let her think everything is normal.

Later when Paige mentions she is going out, you use the trigger and try another track on the MP3 which will make her go deeper under your control. The deep sleep causes her eyes to spiral and you have more fun as she acts like a pig, zombie, chicken, and doing sexy poses. Paige is now your slave forever!

Giantess For You

This was a custom about talking about growth as opposed to the actual growth on camera.

Paige surprises you with her new height because she took a serum that made her grow! She goes into verbal detail about how it made her feel a wave of pleasure surge through her body. Her yoga pants started feeling tight as her legs and ass grew thicker and bigger until they tore off. Paige decided to squeeze into the tiny skirt that you love so much. The bra straps got more snug until they snapped off along with the tiny tank top that ripped. As it progressed it felt like an orgasm coursing through her body.

To emphasize her Amazon stature, she added 8 inch heels which have her toes hanging over the edge. Since you love her feet so much, she has you focus on her lower legs. Everything is so big and you will love massaging all of her beautiful flesh!

This growth was so exciting and it has always been her fantasy to tower over you. There is something so hot about you looking up with awe at her large body. She fantasizes about getting even larger next time!

Cranking Stories

Paige has just come in after struggling to get her car to start. You ask how she is doing, but secretly want to hear about her revving stories because the idea of her big feet on the pedal is such a turn on. She knows that you have a thing for toe tapping and drives you wild as she goes nice and firmly against the floor.

She directs you to sit on her lap so you can get a point of view experience down those long legs. Things become very interesting as she has you take off your clothes and grabs your cock (Implied). As she strokes you, Paige gets into more exciting detail about her car woes.

When you rub her pussy (implied), she is soaking wet and this causes you to cum repeatedly all over her sneakers.

Teasing Torture Part 1

Anabelle is a captured spy who has been kept in sexual isolation for weeks. The wardens tease her every night while she earnestly watches them get off in front of her. A St. Andrews cross binds her wrists and a chastity belt guarantees that she cannot get any satisfaction.

Dakota and Paige take turns licking each other's nipples before sliding down to the other's wet pussy. Devilish grins cross their faces, knowing that Anabelle is hungry for their touch. Slick fingers slide inside and this pushes them over the edge toward multiple climaxes. They cum repeatedly and mock their captive knowing that she would do anything for a release.

Teasing Torture Part 2

Anabelle is bound tightly in an interrogation room on an old cot and struggles to get free. Dakota and Paige, the interrogators, enter and tease her with light caresses in all of those sensual little curves that go up to the well worn chastity belt. Light kisses on her neck make her writhe and moan, but her binds insure that she is helpless against their practiced touches.

As the girls give her nipples tongue lashes, she begs for an orgasm which causes them to laugh at her frustration. Anabelle does not know what they mean about a password, but offers them money from her own personal account. This is not what they are after!

A key frees Anabelle from the chastity belt and their fingers graze closer and closer to her clit without touching it. Paige and Dakota are persistent and keep pressing for the password. Their fingernails run over her body and her back arches in pleasure and pain.

When Anabelle says that she will do anything, Dakota pulls off her panties and climbs on Anabelle's face. Her tongue laps up all of the sweet pussy juices and her body writhes with pleasure as she her captor climaxes. With a sadistic giggle, she refuses to let Anabelle cum without the password!

After brutal sexual denial, Anabelle finally gives in and gives the codes. The guards run off to find a laptop but will Anabelle ever get her satisfaction?

Teasing Torture Part 3

Anabelle has betrayed all of her spy training and given up the code in order to get sexual release after being teased and denied for a very long time. The password worked but Dakota and Paige enjoy watching her squirm under their nimble fingers.

These two interrogators ask if she even deserves to cum since they waited so long for her to give the information. Their hands and lips explore her body as they make her squirm in desperation.

Every time Anabelle pleads and cries for a release, they alternate between berating her and giving sympathy. Push...Pull... It feels so good and painful at the same time as the pressure builds up between her legs. Closer and closer...

Time to get her personal bank account information and that may be just the information they need to let her have the orgasm she needs!

Paige's Doll Smothering

Paige has the ability to turn people into life sized toy dolls that still have the ability to hear, feel, see, smell and think. If someone did not know that they used to be a person, one would think they were just a normal doll.

One of her students, Cosima, is her latest victim because Paige is jealous of her perfect life and wants to humiliate her. From now on, Cosima is just a slave for Paige to sit on. Since nobody knows where she is, they will not be able to help her and she will never see her family or friends again.

As Paige describes Cosima's future, it looks rather bleak as it involves putting Paige's round ass on her perfect face. She pulls her pants down to just below her ass cheeks and covers the doll's face so she can't breathe.

This torture is for Paige's enjoyment and she hopes that Cosima suffers under her weight. At times, Paige will fart on her face and there is nothing she can do to stop that!

Demon Tease And Denial

Paige is in her thong leotard and shiny pantyhose and drawing a name from a hat. It will be the person she is fighting that day although she gets a little frightened when she says DEMON on the script. She is so distracted by the news that she does not notice the scary demon creeping up from behind her. As he grabs her and fondles her pussy, she begs for mercy but he coos in her ear. His words are soothing and telling her to listen to her body and she will have fun losing this match.

These suggestions cause Paige to become docile and she easily cums as he rubs her pussy from inside her leotard. She is now completely and submissive mentally and physically to her new Master. Paige is forced down to the couch where she writhes in pleasure as her sensitive clit is rubbed. However, he wants to tease and deny his toy and pulls his hand away as Paige is about to cum.

Do Microchips Dream of Electric Chickens

Paige's best friend, Angel, is a hapless scientist who does bizarre experiments. Angel slyly mentions seeing a zit on Paige's face, but it is merely an excuse to look intently at her forehead. Before Paige realizes what is happening, Angel attaches her neurolinguistic programming chip onto her noggin.

As Angel truthfully explains the apparatus as a mind control chip, Paige is skeptical but agrees to being a guinea pig. She is strong willed and Angel's gizmo looks ridiculous. Immediately she feels a headache, her arms drop limply to her side, and looks blankly ahead. The chip is taking over her brain and Angel is amazed that her device actually worked! She fondles Paige's sock clad feet but she needs to make sure that Paige is not pulling her leg. Angel sticks her moistened finger into Paige's ear and there is no response from the test subject.

Since Paige stands at attention like a zombie soldier, Angel is ready to do some tests. She uses her remote to have Paige lift her arms, jump, and as a joke,flap her arms like a chicken. Now that the preliminary testing has been completed, she grabs a remote control ear piece and places it in Paige's ears. As it makes connections to her brain, Paige's face twitches. Angel starts typing commands on her laptop and Paige has a blank smile as she follows the orders.

Family Trigger

Angel and Paige have spent the day at a neurolinguistic programming show and are disappointed that they wasted their time. They are not aware that they were triggered with certain words during the program and still under the spell. 

As they chat, Paige mentions that Angel is being childish and all hell breaks loose as Angel regresses to a child. She thinks that Paige is her mother and uses a word that transforms her friend into her mother. 

The more they converse, the more trigger words are used and they snap in and out

Employee Testing Part 1

Angel is in desperate need for an assistant, but the new hire has to be open to an unconventional work  environment. She realizes she may have a winner when she dangles her pumps and Paige cannot peel her eyes off her feet. Testing her luck, she runs her high heel up and down Paige's legs, which causes her to gasp. Brazenly, she removes her shoe and slides her stocking clad feet up and down the tall brunette. As Paige moans, Angel uses her wiggling toes to caress the inside of her thighs.

Now for a little test. Angel wants to see how Paige can walk so she can admire those very long legs and how they would strut through the office. Paige is surprised when she is asked to strip out of her clothes, item by item, but it seems like a logical explanation to see if she can follow directions. As she stands in her lingerie she feels a little self conscious but also aroused. Angel admires her form before slowly removing her bra and panties. In an unconventional move, Angel unhooks the front garters so that the stockings start slipping down her legs. She darts her hands between Paige's soft skin and the silky stockings.

More to come in this leg-centric interview!