Kobe Lee

Location: East Coast


Kobe Lee: Kobe is a real pro and it doesn't hurt that she is stunning as well. 

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 122 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 27"

Hips 34"

Cup B

Dress 4

Shoe 5.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Life Lesson - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee cleans the floor while squatting &  glad to hear the guard arrive. It's time to give her speech to the Board of Appeals. Despite being handcuffed & shackled, she smiles. 
Her monologue explains how she has a 40 year sentence after driving drunk & running over people. When she became an inmate she lost her career, boyfriend & family. The guilty plea caused her to declare bankruptcy & she only owns the orange jumpsuit, blue polo shirt & jeans the state gave her. She's strip searched before receiving them. After mugshots she became prisoner 124557. She goes on the chain gang & is tethered to other prisoners as they march & labor. This is her mandated job until she's 65. People honk & shout insults, but humiliation is necessary for a prisoner. She's guilty & no longer an individual, but a criminal who belongs to the Department of Corrections. She's locked in an 8 x 10 cell. There's no choice when she can shower, eat, or go to the bathroom. She's a number in the system.The guard returns & uncuffs her hands so he can recuff behind her back. He leads her to her tiny cell so she can ruminate over her dirty deeds.

Nephew's Revenge Part 1

Hanzel was sent to prison for controversial research. His nephew resurrected his uncle's research & wants revenge on the two detectives & district attorney who jailed him. Paige Turner & Kobe Lee discuss a case when they receive a text about the theft of Adrosterone (female arousal) & Focalin (focus) from the pharmaceutical company. They recall these were used in the research of Hazel. They contact Arielle Lane, the attorney who is suspicious of the nephew & gives the address with the promise of bringing a warrant. Kobe & Paige sneak into his house before she can get there & find him working in his bedroom. He commends them for linking to him quickly, but taunts them with falling into his trap  by his hacking of the department's IT system. The girls are confident that they can stop his nefarious activities and Arielle walks in with the proper paperwork. He releases the foca-rouse. Nothing happens & they look at him with derision & cockiness as they mock him. He waits a few seconds & they are tingly in their crotches & can't focus on anything but carnal pleasures. They try to fight it, but fondle & caress. Their urges are strong & they finger & grind themselves. All three are intensely horny & crave orgasms. They fall limp on the bed.

Nephew's Revenge Part 2

The evil scientist awakens Kobe Lee, Paige Turner, & Arielle Lane with medicine, but they are groggy. They are embarrassed but determined for revenge but he has them sleep at his command. He leaves the address of his laboratory knowing they will fall into his trap again. They awaken & still shy about their forced lesbian encounter, but make a vaccine against his concoctions before heading to his lair. When they arrive, they are puzzled to see their names on pedestals. He uses magic darts to infect Paige with paralysis serum. She is frozen in place. The other girls beg for him to turn her back, only to be transformed into statues. They are placed on pedestals & poses them in goofy, sexy & humiliating positions. 

Kobe Lee & Angel Lee in Sock Escape

Kobe Lee & Angel Lee find a warehouse after their car broke & wander inside. They split up  but regret the decision because it is creepy. A hand grabs their ankles & they struggle to get away. A sneaker is removed & they escape by hobbling away in one shoe. Their socks  become dirty in this horror house.They find their lost shoe and put it on. The wandering hand grasps their ankles & pull it off. Angel & Kobe reunite & crawl through an obstacle, but the menace finds their feet and grabs ahold.

Hosed And Horny Part 2

Kobe Lee makes Desiree Lopez moan as she uses stockinged foot & rubs her silky soles over Desiree Lopez's sensitive pussy. Desiree arches in the layers of hose. Kobe's satin gloves fondles Desiree's pussy & teases her nipples with licks & kisses. Pantyhose rub between the pantyhose sluts legs. The submissive slut wants orgasms but Kobe tease and denies.

Hosed And Horny Part 3

Desiree Lopez is bound and Kobe Lee teases her with stockinged feet that cross and dangle.
Desiree grinds her pussy on nylons wedged pantyhose. Kobe teases & points her toes, in her mouth giving her a footjob. She sucks it like a cock with the other foot between her thighs.
Kobe uses her silk gloves to rub Desiree's pussy. Their legs mesh together and Kobe licks her nipples. Her thighs rub Desiree's clit. 

Hosed And Horny Part 4

Kobe Lee orders Desiree Lopez to grind on the stocking that is shoved in her pantyhose while bound. This pantyhose slut loves the silky smooth nylon and moans as Kobe puts her stockinged foot on her. The tiny feet rub her pussy while Desiree humps the floor. Desiree is desperate to cum. Kobe rubs her clit & tits with her satin gloves, teasing and denying.

Giantess Footgasms

Kobe is sitting down to a nice meal of little people when she feels one of them at her feet. Surprised she realizes that it is her neighbor and surprised when he mentions that he likes her feet. This is the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard and is ready to chow down on him until he starts massaging her feet.

Before she realizes what is happening, an earthquake happens in her panties and it causes her to grow bigger. Since Kobe has never had an orgasm like this, she asks him to give her another one and promises not to devour him. To sweeten the deal, she even offers to be his girlfriend.

As he rubs her delectable feet, she grows again and is happy that she can eat a whole skyscraper. This size is nice, but she wants to have another climax so that she can wolf down a whole city in one bite. While it is wonderful to be so large, she desires another rumbling between her legs so that she can consume whole states.

It is so wonderful to be so large and experience such amazing pleasure from her feet!

Nylon Session Part 4

Angel is in heaven as her Domme, Kobe Lee, starts kissing and fondling her sensitive nipples. Her hands wander down to Angel's pussy, and she rubs her clit through the nylons. She slaps her ass and reaches around from behind to caress her pussy. 

The silky gloves are just the tactile sensation that Angel needs, and her body writhes in pleasure as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Her moans are muffled by the red ballgag, but it is apparent that she enjoys the nylon handjob from Kobe.

Kobe grabs a spare pair of pantyhose and rubs them over Angel's body before pulling them between her pussy lips and grinding them against her clit. This is the stimulation that Angel craves and she convulses into orgasm. Since she was so desperate for release, Kobe forgives her pantyhose slut for not asking permission to cum. 

Nylon Session Part 5

Angel's first nylon session has been amazing, and Kobe wants to finish with a grand finale by shoving an extra pair of nylons inside Angel's pantyhose. Kobe's hand dips inside the band and rubs Angel's clit while fondling her sensitive nipples. 

The ballgag emphasizes Angel's moans and how helpless she is to Kobe's domination. As much as Angel wants to cum, Kobe is only going to allow her to climax when she commands it.

Pushing Angel to the floor, Kobe rubs her foot on Angel's clit and demands that Angel grind on the stockings that are shoved in her own pantyhose. Using all of the naughty words that drive Angel wild, Kobe taunts her closer and closer to orgasm. 

At Kobe's command, Angel finally gets the release that she has been waiting for. She lies on the floor, humbled to have all of her pantyhose fantasies fulfilled. Kobe removes the binds on Angel's wrists and takes out the ballgag. Angel hugs her Domme in thanks and realizes that a whole new nylon world has opened up to her.

Nylon Session Part 3

Kobe Lee enjoys teasing her eager sub, Angel Lee, because everything feels so good. Angel moans and writhes in pleasure as Kobe rubs her stockinged toes on Angel's pantyhose clad pussy. As much as Angel wants to rub and worship Kobe's feet, there is nothing she can do with her arms bound behind her back. Her moans of pleasure are muffled by a red ballgag, and she savors feeling so helpless and captivated by her nylon fantasies.

Angel is not allowed to cum until given permission, but Kobe can tell she is close by her wet pantyhose pussy. Teasing her, she brings her closer to the brink, but makes sure to edge her so she can't release too quickly. When she deems it appropriate, Angel grunts during her climax and Kobe is pleased by her performance.

Dirty Interview

Kobe is dressed to the nines for her job interview. Her shiny blouse, pencil skirt, and nylons make her look very professional, but the position requires someone who can be a bit unlady like at times. It is mandatory for the boss and his clients to have sex with her at times and the interviewer wants to make sure she understands what she is getting into.

This is perfect for Kobe and she dives into a description of how she dropped off paperwork at a client's office and ended up in a blow bang with the client and his two friends. She loved having all of the attention and all of that cum all over her!

While describing the event, Kobe strips out of her clothes and down to her pantyhose because she is so turned on by the retelling of her conquests!