Arielle Lane

Location: East Coast


Arielle Lane: A beautiful young model that really brings your dreams to life. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 34"

Cup B

Dress 2

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Hazel

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Arielle Lane's Pantyhose Interview

Arielle Lane interviews to be your secretary & crosses her legs while answering questions. She feels warm & remove her blazer. The demure blouse is unbuttoned scandalously low. She rolls up her sleeves & mentions her availability. Noticing that you are fixated on her toes, she slips off a black pump, claiming that it's tight. Her red toenails wiggle beneath her sheer nylons. She strokes her legs & taps the toe that is still in her shoe. Arielle knows what a CEO wants & pulls a dildo from her purse. The large toy represents your cock. She strokes it how you would like it done if she's hired. Her high arches rubs up & down because you want nylon wrapped around your shaft. It feels good rubbing your cock on her stockinged soles. One leg of the pantyhose is carefully shimmied off, so she has one leg & foot bare. The other in stockings & a stiletto. The contrast of black & white is sexy as she points her barefoot & glides it up the stockinged leg. Wrapping the empty leg around the toy, she strokes it longingly & sucks while giving sensual eye contact. Lifting her skirt, she slides the nyloned cock in & out of her pussy. It's only fair that your assistant would have fun too! She's horny & wants to finish you both off. Her bare foot goes on the couch. The high heel stays on the floor. Her legs to widen. Arielle mounts the stockinged cock & plunges it deeper. She cums with excitement. She pulls the stocking out of her wet pussy. It's coated with her cum. If you hire her, this cum could be yours. She sensually tastes it,  crosses her bare leg over the nylon leg. Did she get the job? Arielle knows the answer, but walks out with a wink & the single shoe & hose on one leg.

Johnson Account - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane wants to talk to you about work but all you can do is stare as she crosses & uncrosses her legs. Her hands caress her thighs & calves down to her black stilettos while she asks if she can share the account.If she gets this favor, you would get something in return. Her skirt hikes up & you realize that she's wearing garter & stockings instead of pantyhose! Her toes dip in & out of her black pumps. She rubs her pointed toes before wiggling them in your face. Her red toenails peek through the nylons & you sniff the dirty stockings. What did this naughty girl do to get her soles dirty?!

Puppy Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is desperate to find her lost dog & wants your help. You give a soda to calm her nerves & she falls to the floor from stress. When she awakens, her face is painted like her lost dog. A sub collar adorns her delicate neck & she obediently begs at your command. Panting & barking, she crawls on all fours eager to please her Master. She's well trained in sitting, rolling over & lying on her back. She tries to sneak something naughty such as eating a plant or licking your foot, but is a good puppy. A flea makes her scratch. She plays and humps your leg. A stuffed toy distracts her, but she won't release it from her strong jaw until you throw it. Arielle digs in the carpet to bury her treasure,& confused why she doesn't make progress. Lying on her back, she waits submissively for her belly rub & writhes at your touch. Her haunches kick in pleasure. She climbs on the couch. That won't do & you grab her collar & pull her down so you can go for a walk with her leash.

Auction Block 1 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Featuring Arielle Lane, Little Mina, and Paige Turner. Scott Torvea & a goon walk chained girls in front of a camera. They are property to be auctioned online. Top bidders can have the girls shipped to the buyer or watch them killed online. If they want them shipped after death, the buyer is required to pay shipping. The middle one isn't gagged, but he wraps a noose around her neck. If she opens her mouth, she will be shot. They're ordered to turn around & show their asses while he removes the chains. In fear, they follow his directions to turn around like cattle. There's no need for names & they are named 1 (Arielle), 2 (Mina), & 3 (Paige). Number 3 is shown & sold to a bidder who wants her packaged & sent to the Middle East. When 2 hears this, she cries in distress. Scott immediately wants to dispose of her, but the other baddie wants to get paid before they do anything. He pushes 3 to her knees & ballgags her so she can be prepped for shipping. A hood is placed over her head & she's moved to the side. 2 is ready for bidding & grimaces at the various bidders.  Some want to shoot her in the mouth, but she's to be hanged. She cries & is sent off for processing. A hood goes over her head & she waits on her knees. 1 is the final product &  she looks dejectedly at the floor as they start the auction.

Auction Block 2 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane (1), Little Mina (2), & Paige Turner (3)  were sold by a slave trader. 1 is the only one left for the auction & she follows directions like a piece of cattle. Someone paid to see her choked before being shot. The second goon takes her next to 2 & 3. They huddle on their knees in hoods.
Once sold the girls are on display for the audience. Scott stands them up & yanks their panties down to their thighs. They are required to shimmy them off without using their bound hands. The girls look at the camera with despair & await their fate. The second goon preps the rope & drags number 2 over. Her buyer wants the rope around her neck & in panties. She's forlorn as they noose her neck. They both hold the arms of 1 & have her kneel far from 2 so she doesn't get messy when shot!  1 slumps to the ground in a limp pile as the bullet goes through her. 3 panics seeing her friends taken out & whimpers. Throwing her on the floor face first, they bind her in a hogtie where she will stay until shipped.

Messy Roommate Stuck - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane kicks off her high heels & asks Paige Turner why a dirty trashcan has her pantyhose & stockings. She accidentally falls in & can't escape! Her long legs flail. She cries for help. Paige wanders in laughing at Arielle's predicament. She tries to pull her out by the ankles but Arielle's jammed in there tightly. Paige leverages her weight to release Arielle, but snickers at the embarrassing situation. Arielle yells in anger as Paige's gets a camera. How dare she film this humiliating dilemma as she  kicks her legs? She wouldn't be in this mess if Paige hadn't put her nylons in the garbage can!

Neck Play - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is excited as Scott teases her before putting his hands around her neck. Grabbing her hair he strokes her neck. She smiles as he grabs lightly. Her face contorts as he presses against her smooth throat. When he releases, she smiles & shows off the red marks. Going harder, she moans as they edge closer to tapping out. He supports in case she needs to fall in his arms & she completely trusts him. Lifting & carrying her, she begs him to push harder. Her face turns beet red & she taps his arm when it's too much. Playing a game, she puts both hands on his hands, while on her neck. She has to keep them up as long as possible. Her face turns purple. Her fingers fall & he releases his grip. They go more rounds. It's satisfying to see her face contort from swollen & misshapen to normal as she breathes normally.

Stuck Lesson - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai confronts Arielle Lane about borrowing her shirt without asking & they bicker. Arielle refuses to change & Jasmin pushes her in a trashcan. Her long legs flail as she tries to escape & Jasmin taunts. Jasmin takes Arielle's high heels. Her cute bare feet are ticklish, & Jasmin tickles her soles causing Arielle to laugh while struggling. Jasmin leaves Arielle to kick her pretty red toenails & shapely legs in an attempt to get free. Three hours later, Arielle's made no progress & her skirt is visible, but her torso's entrenched. Wiggling her way out, she escapes. Jasmin's angry & shoves her back in the garbage can. Arielle's legs are straight in the air & vulnerable to Jasmin's tickling. Arielle shrieks in agony & humiliation! Jasmin leaves Arielle to suffer her embarrassing plight.

Becoming A New Woman - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane enters the spa for a massage appointment. Something's strange & a sign with personality types & girls names confirms suspicions. The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed women in order to combine their best attributes & create a new woman by liquifying their bodies. Arielle's the smart one but she can't escape! She tries to leave but he freezes her body. The phone drops from her hands & she becomes still like a statue. Lifting her stiff body, he carries her to his laboratory & lays her out on a work table. Arielle awakens confused that her head can move & talk, but the rest of her body is  paralyzed. As she thaws, he cuffs her body. A bottle is the future home for her body. In desperation, she offers to help his mission if he doesn't melt her. The pleas are rebuked & he puts the tube in her body to absorb  liquid. Moaning & writhing, she begs to stop. She's drained. Her body lies still until all that's left is her clothing. The bottle fills with her DNA & stored with the others. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is on his way to creating the perfect woman!

Hanging Wedgie - Brittany Shae & Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sneaks up on Brittany Shae & attaches a hook to her overall shorts, dropping her down a story in the barn. Brittany struggles to get free, pleading to be released. She struggles & her shorts ride up causing a wedgie. The rope pressure & tightening shorts make her yelp in discomfort. Brittany's pulled up & down as Arielle taunts her. The button's stuck & Arielle can't move her! Brittany alternates between begging for escape & threatening revenge. Arielle's hungry & leaves Brittany to flail, crying for help alone.

Stuck Friends - Arielle Lane & Brittany Shae

Brittany Shae is engrossed in her book & walks when reading. She falls in a garbage can & can't get out! Her denim daisy dukes show off her curvy ass as she kicks & attempts escape. Arielle Lane notices her flailing legs &  overwhelmed by seeing her stuck in a trashcan. Brittany loses sandal as Arielle tries to free her. Brittany understands Arielle isn't strong enough pull her out, & waits for her boyfriend.  Arielle offers to get in the stinky garbage can until stronger help arrives. They commiserate over the embarrassing situation & play footsie when their legs cross in the air. Arielle keeps her wedges, but Brittany remains in one flip flop. They laugh & try pilates & yoga in the garbage cans. Their legs stretch & flex in a bicycling motion. It's a long night of exercise because her boyfriend works late. A nap is the best way to pass the time!

Booking Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane loves handcuffs & committed crimes to get arrested.  The police arrive with a warrant. She's excited & asks for the handcuffs & shackles to be extra tight because she wants them to dig into her flesh. She writhes in ecstasy. She's cuffed while sitting at the station & wiggles in her chair to enjoy the restricted movement & feel of cold metal on her skin. The cop starts booking & takes mugshots in the standard poses & she faces the wall for the strip search. She removes her sneakers, socks, denim shorts, t-shirt & lingerie. Shaking her hair, he probes her ears, mouth, & armpits. She's instructed to lift each breast & he inspects her pubic hair for contraband. She's ordered to place her hands behind her head, squat & cough three times. She turns around, faces the wall, bends over & spreads her cheeks, & coughs three times. Sitting on the couch, her hands & feet are reviewed. The red toenails are going to be out of place in prison. All jewelry is given to the cop & she's asked if she has any tattoos. It's jail policy not to give inmates a jumpsuit for 24 hours, so Arielle will have to sit nude in the holding cell. She faces the wall & the handcuffs are placed on her wrists. She asks for them to be tighter. Shackles are placed on her legs & she's sent to the holding cell to revel in the metal biting into her sensitive skin.