Andrea Rosu

Location: West Coast / Traveling

Andrea Rosu: This is one diverse actress. She can go for humor to horror in a heartbeat! ! Here is some information on her. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 122 lbs

Bust 36"

Waist 26"

Hips 36"

Cup D

Dress 4

Shoe 8.0

Hair Color Red

Eye Color Blue

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Vore Couple 2nd Breakfast - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea

Scott Torvea asks Emily Torvea if she's hungry even though they just ate. She can't believe that he's already ravenous & annoyed that he keeps pushing it. Emily agrees to get takeout. He starts prepping for his meal. Emily brings in Andrea Rosu under the guise of dog sitting. Scott salivates as he peeks over the couch. Andrea thinks she hears the puppy, but it's only Scott trying to sniff her hair & flesh. Her thick thighs, big ass & curvy body will taste so good going down his throat & into his gurgling stomach. When she tries to meet her new charges behind the couch, she shrieks in terror as Scott slowly crunches & chews on her legs. Her legs kick as she screams but Scott loves play with feisty food & slowly drags her into his salivating mouth. Andrea's hands claw into the carpet as she tries to get leverage against his gnawing teeth. When she's swallowed whole, Scott takes a moment to digest Andrea. Belching out her shoes, Scott is satisfied with the meal. Emily wants to resume her show, but is pleased that Andrea wore the same size high heels. She gets something out of his appetite!

Naked Writhing Lust 1 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu is bound spread eagle & nude except in high stilettos. She arches & struggles in her binds. Luna Lain  offers to release her if she promises to be her lover. When Andrea declines, Luna whips her into submission. The flogger beats her back, Andrea moans & arches to get away. Luna flogs her huge tits & hits her tender pussy. Luna asks if she will be her girlfriend & Andrea declines again. Luna whips more,  determined to make her a girlfriend & not just a BDSM pet. 

Naked Writhing Lust 2 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Luna Lain asks Andrea Rosu if she's ready to be her lover or wishes to be punished like a sub. Andrea doesn't want to be a girlfriend & Luna puts a black ballgag between Andrea's ruby red lips.
The whip cracks against Andrea's tender skin & her moans are muffled to mmmphs. Her back arches & the heaving tits thrust out with each impact. Drool drips out of Andrea's mouth & Luna punishes her by flogging her large breasts. Luna gives another chance to be her girlfriend, but the denial prompts her to remove the gag & tie a vibrator to Andrea's pussy. Andrea cries & upset when Luna leaves her alone to experience the powerful vibe on her clit. She struggles to avoid the throbbing between her legs, but it overpowers her.

Naked Writhing Lust 3 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu stands bound with a buzzing hitachi magic wand between her legs, moaning as it brings her to orgasm repeatedly. Her Domme, Luna Lain kisses her red lips, groping her tits. Andrea arches her back & struggles with each orgasm. She's been in ropes for a long time & drifts into subspace. Andrea's untied & Luna releases her from her bondage. They kiss & fondle each other's sexy body trying to explore every curve. When their mouths touch their nipples, they arch & gasp in excitement. Luna got the girlfriend she wanted!

Writhing Lust 1 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is in her skimpy gold uniform that her Domme, Penny Barber has left. The bondage digs into her wrists & she struggles to maintain her balance in high heels. Penny saunters in asking Andrea to be her lover. Andrea denies her & Penny flogs her until she agrees. Straight girls are not fun & watching her writhe in agony will suffice. Andrea's back arches with each hit, poking her large breasts even further. Moaning against each whip, Andrea remains firm, even when Penny switches to whipping her sensitive tits. She grabs them while they sting & savors watching her sub cower.

Writhing Lust 2 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Penny Barber is determined to make Andrea Rosu her lover instead of just her submissive. Andrea's pleas for mercy are ignored & Penny shoves a ball gag in her ruby red lips. Cinching tight, it muffles Andrea's cries. The mmmphs are a turn on as she gropes Andrea's huge tits. Drool eases out of her mouth, but Penny would prefer that saliva on her clit. Grabbing her whip, Penny continues to flog Andrea, making her stumble in her ropes & heels. Insuring that her back & large breasts get special attention from the cat-o- nines, the lashes cause Andrea's tits to fall out of her skimpy bikini. Time for pleasure as Penny ties the hitachi magic wand to her clit. Leaving her sub alone  the vibe taunts Andrea's clit as she moans & writhes against the pulsing toy. Will she submit to being Penny's girlfriend?

Writhing Lust 3 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is glad Penny Barber returns because she removes the ballgag from her mouth. The vibrator buzzes against her pussy & she fights the climax. It overtakes her body causing her to shudder & writhe in her ropes. Her back arches & her head flings back in multiple orgasms as she shrieks in pleasure. Andrea is not sure if she can take more, but her Domme insists & flogs her huge tits. Using the head of the whip, she pushes the vibrator deeper against Andrea's clit. Those large breasts bounce in excitement much to Penny's delight. Penny explains the naughty things they will do once Andrea submits to being her girlfriend. All of the best carpet munchers started off as conservative heterosexuals until she trained them. It will be easy to break Andrea, & she shoves the vibrator harder against her clit before whipping her back. On her command, Andrea cums hard & sighs at being such a submissive slut. 

Writhing Lust 4 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is bound & ballgagged for her Domme Penny Barber. She hasn't submitted to being her girlfriend despite the attempts of her Mistress. Ungagging her, Penny asks if she is ready to be a lesbian. Her sweet kisses & the hitachi breaks her down & Andrea submits to her demands. They passionately kiss & Penny pinches Andrea's sensitive nipples. Andrea is exhausted but pleased to be untied. With her freed hands, she turns off the vibrator & stretches her legs. The stiletto heels were hard to stand on & she falls toward Penny who is leaning on the wall. Penny takes charge & gropes Andrea's curvy body. Using her knee, Penny grinds on Andrea's tender pussy, bringing her to another orgasm. Spent, Andrea does not regret her decision to be Penny's girlfriend!

The Fixer - Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu stole money from her employer & wants to disappear. She hired Scott to help her but her previous boss employed him first. She sees him putting plastic on the sofa & he asks if she brought money. He has her verify the paperwork & has her strip out of her clothes for her theoretical escape. She strips down to her heels & pantyhose. Scott shoots her in the chest.
Stunned & staring at the hole in body, Scott shoots her in the head but the gun jams. he clears it & shoots her between the eyes. The blood splatters against the wall & she staggers to the couch. Her body slides off the sofa like a ragdoll & ends up on the floor with her mouth agape & a blank stare. Scott wraps the body in plastic for disposal & pushes her plastic wrapped body on a cart toward the dumpster.

Writhing Lust - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is bound  arms & legs spread, fighting her binds. Struggling is exhausting & she  is stuck in this position. Penny Barber could release her, but wants Andrea as a lover. Andrea denies her & Penny whips her
Andrea moans & dances to avoids the flogs. Penny forces Andrea to lick her gag & shoves it in her mouth. The drool drips down her chest, embarrassing Andrea. Penny  caresses her sexy body & they French kiss with the red lipstick smearing on their face. The binds are removed & they head to the bed for more kissing. Andrea's hands roam Penny's body & they grind on each other,  Both climax & embrace.

Secretary In Charge - Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu rubs her calves & dangles her black, shiny pumps. High arches tease & you  worship them. Rubbing her foot on her other calf, her legs sensually cross. You stare at her legs & she realizes your dirty little secret. She pulls out her foot, shows off her soles, & points her toes. She dips them back in her shoes. Human Resources never has to know about this if you promote her. She orders you to your knees & worship her legs. Each lick & sniff is a pay raise.

Choose Her Fate

Andrea Rosu is bound to a chair and is the entertainment for the live cam. The highest bidder can have any implement but the viewers appreciate the throat squeeze that muffles her crying but choose a bagging, The bag goes over her head & she squirms in terror. She cries & gasps for air. He uses pliers to remove her finger. Removing the bag, he covers her mouth and nose with his hands, choking her. Just as she is about to go out, he brings her back with a slap to the face and some smelling salts. After teasing her and denying her over and over, it is time to say goodnight.
She struggles against his torment before finally succumbing. Her heaving fills the room until her head falls forward and lies limp.