The Chair - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets paces her cell, holding her neck in worry. The guard says she will get the electric chair instead of the gallows. She asks if it hurts. He explains it's the most humane treatment. She walks in leg shackles to the execution room. She's pensive as he removes the cuffs at her wrists & ankles so she can strip her jeans & jewelry. He reads her sentence & asks for her last words. She apologizes for murdering the victim & wants her punishment to be over. She sits in the chair as he binds her limbs & waist. He applies the blindfold, helmet with a built in sponge, & electrodes to her calves. She asks to collect her thoughts & breathes deeply. This modern chair allows her to keep her long hair but the thought of alternating currents coursing through her body is frightening. Getting her nerve, she demands that he do it & get it over with.
The switch is flipped & her body convulses while her teeth clench. Moaning & squealing, she takes the volts in repeated doses. Her feet flex & shake but it takes more than one round. Panting, she pleads for rope so it can be over. The last round did the trick & Jacquelyn is finally dead.

SuperMarket Romance - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu is lifted & carried over Scott Torvea's shoulder & dumped on the sofa. Her head slumps & her designer heels show her highly arched feet. Inspecting her pouty lips, he fantasizes about what that mouth will do for him later. Grabbing her heavy legs, he repositions her to a resting position on the sofa & ragdolls her arms. The stilettos are removed. He sits behind her & dangles her limbs like a puppet. Her shirt is stripped & her bra showcases her huge tits. She stirs, grabbing her aching head. Terra's confused & can't fight as he grabs her hair & chloroforms her. He tells her to take deep breaths. Once still, he strips her skirt & bra, leaving her in reinforced toe pantyhose. He's been watching her for awhile. Terra awakens & tries to fight, but he chokes while chloroforming her. She's knocked out & lies in his lap. He grabs under her huge tits & drags her to the bedroom, where she wakes up in a spread eagle frog tie. Angry & scared, she struggles to get out of the binds but it's futile. She's embarrassed to be stripped down to only her nylons, but calls for help. As he gropes her she's a smart ass because he is unhinged. Scott grabs a hitachi & teases her nipples before diving down to her clit. Terra cries & begs for release. Her screams are distracting. He puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up. The hand gag muffles her cries to sexy whimpers. He removes his hands when she cums, choking her adds to the sensation. Multiple orgasms wear down her mind & body as she shakes & convulses. A chloro rag teases her face & she crosses her eyes, going limp. They can play later. She will learn to love him!

Vampire Queen Terra Mizu

It's been awhile since a hunter visited. Come closer & show your silver dagger. Are you going to stab me in the belly or do you have something for my heart? You are stunned by my beauty. I can smell your weakness. It would be  easy to convert you. Stare at my huge tits & admire me while you're mortal. You can't resist a Vampire Queen. I lick my lips &  you follow my vermillion red fingernails across my curvy body. My large breasts are barely contained by this lace corset as I mesmerize you. My fangs appear. I bite. My eyes widen in surprise. I stagger to the floor. How could you stake me in the chest? You plunged it between my tits when you could have been my immortal slave.There's still time for you to pull it out. If you don't, I will die. Don't you want to live for all eternity with me? How could you slay me? Everything is dark as I get weaker. I struggle to release the wood. My body arches trying to find comfort. Moaning, my eyes flutter shut. My mouth opens as I take my last breath. Nothing is left of me as I vaporize into thin air!

Auction Block 2 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane (1), Little Mina (2), & Paige Turner (3)  were sold by a slave trader. 1 is the only one left for the auction & she follows directions like a piece of cattle. Someone paid to see her choked before being shot. The second goon takes her next to 2 & 3. They huddle on their knees in hoods.
Once sold the girls are on display for the audience. Scott stands them up & yanks their panties down to their thighs. They are required to shimmy them off without using their bound hands. The girls look at the camera with despair & await their fate. The second goon preps the rope & drags number 2 over. Her buyer wants the rope around her neck & in panties. She's forlorn as they noose her neck. They both hold the arms of 1 & have her kneel far from 2 so she doesn't get messy when shot!  1 slumps to the ground in a limp pile as the bullet goes through her. 3 panics seeing her friends taken out & whimpers. Throwing her on the floor face first, they bind her in a hogtie where she will stay until shipped.

Superheroine Captured - Brittany Shae

Super Brittany Shae hears the cries of a damsel in distress in an abandoned warehouse & searches in vain until she finds a recording. She fell into a trap. It's too late to escape. Gas fills the air. She falls limp to the floor. Her body is tied spreadeagle on a table. The silver catsuit shows off her curves. Se slowly awakens confused & egs to be released. Her captor enters & injects training serum into her neck. She goes still. A gas mask replaces her superheroine mask. She stirs lightly as it works its magic. Her trainer unzips her uniform & places an hitachi on her clit. He gropes her perky tits while letting her body absorb the sensations. The more powerful her orgasm, the more the serum controls her. Brittany balks against the vibe to maintain her virtue, but is is worn down. Her moans get louder & she arches in pleasure. He roughly stimulates her nipples by twisting & using the toy, pushing her over the edge. She cums repeatedly. He holds her neck down & she pushes against it to add to her sensation. Her eyes cross & she becomes a submissive slave. Her training is complete. She sits on a dingy mattress. A sign "superheroine" indicates where everyone can have a shot at her. Her eyes are glazed. She rubs a vibrator against her clit. Men take turns cumming on her bukkake style (implied POV). Her body gleams from their cum as she has more orgasms. Super Brittany has fallen from grace in the most humiliating way!

Limp Hair Play - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons leans over & brushes her shiny brown hair. It swings side to side & she runs her fingers through to feel the soft strands. An intruder comes in & squeezes her belly causing her to go limp in his arms. He holds her waist allowing her to fall forward, causing her hair to swish & limp arms to flop. Turning her around, he holds her lower back & she does a backbend in his arms while he sways her from side to side. In an over the shoulder carry, he idly moves her so that her hair hangs down & her spaghetti arms swing into his back. Putting her down, her hair covers her face, but he returns her to an over the shoulder carry but with her back on his shoulders. Her body arches helplessly as he shows off his prize. She's brought to the living room & laid on the sofa. She's confused when waking. Scott returns & karate chops her neck, which makes her fall over the side of the sofa with her hair falling straight down. He runs his hands through her flowing locks. He lifts her up again & throws her over his shoulder only to have her wake up. They struggle but he easily makes her sleep. Placing her helpless body on the floor, she looks so pretty splayed out. 

Left Hanging - Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai calls the Damsel in Distress rescue service to arrive in an hour. Her credit card & address on file.  She's ready for self bondage fun! She strips her shirt & yoga pants, eying the noose rope with excitement. The snug & inescapable handcuffs go on her wrists behind her back. Jasmin holds the phone in her hands in case she needs it &  loops the rope around her neck. The restriction feels good & she savors being helpless. The rescue service calls because her credit card was declined & they can't rescue her. Jasmin argues with the operator but she's helpless. Things get worse when she drops her phone & can't call anyone for help! She struggles to get free. The metal digs into her wrists. The more she tries to escape, the tighter they get! The phone rings & she tries to get it but accidentally tips the chair. Jasmin's feet kick & her eyes shut as she hangs limp in the noose.

Slave Wonder Lucy Purr Part 1

Wonder Lucy Purr awakens wearing a bikini, tiara & one shoe. Using her strength she escapes the cage, pissed that she's been foiled by her nemesis. She teleports before he realizes she's missing. Returning in uniform, she's determined to confront him. She doesn't know that he's taking upskirt & downblouse shots. He comes from behind & chloroforms her. Lucy fights & kicks, escaping his grasp, but groggy. His prey goes limp with her mouth open & legs spread in an unladylike position. He takes more pictures so he can sell her to the Sultan, but sprays her with ether, when she awakens. Once asleep, he strips her down to her bikini, & takes one shoe as his trophy. Lucy awakens irked & teleports away. Scott watches her magical exit & wants to learn how she does it!

Slave Wonder Lucy Purr Part 2

Lucy Purr is determined to take down her nemesis with a magical mask that protects her. Standing in one shoe victory pose, since he stole her other one, she plans his defeat. She doesn't realize he's taking upskirt & downblouse pictures so he can sell her to the Sultan. 
He attacks from behind & chloroforms her. Lucy screams while fighting & kicking to escape. She gets free from his grip but is groggy. He sprays her with ether, then punches, kicks, grabs & chloroforms her. Lucy fights & calls to Hera for protection causing Scott to release her. He kicks, punches & chloros her repeatedly while keeping her wrapped between his legs. She's weak & can't stop him from wrapping her truth lasso around her shoulders. Moaning, she answers his questions about teleporting & how she avoids going helpless with chloro. Her mask protects her from going limp & he promptly demasks her to make her sleep. Lucy does a dramatic eyeroll & lays still in his arms with her mouth open. Scott prepares her for sale to the Sultan, stripping her down to her bikini. This plucky superheroine awakens & tries to put on her mask, but Scott keeps it away. Chloroform slows down her fighting until she's sleeping soundly. He lifts & carries her to her cage,  glad to get payment on this feisty slave!

Becoming A New Woman - Angel Lee

Angel Lee enters a waiting room of the spa & thinks it's strange location for a massage. There's no cell coverage & she reads a confusing sign listing personality types with female names.The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed multiple women with the intent of combining their best attributes & creating a new woman by liquefying their bodies. Angel's the rebel but she can't fight her way out of this! She tries to leave & gas fills the room. She coughs before falling to the floor.  Lifting her heavy body, he drags her to his laboratory by her ankles. Her appendages are strapped down so she can't escape. She awakens confused. Her molecules are being converted to a liquid state for extraction of  DNA. She arches & struggles to get free. She goes still as her body liquefies into a pink fluid, leaving her clothes on the table. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is closer to creating the perfect woman!

Captured Wonder Lucy Purr

Wonder Lucy Purr searches for a thug who sells superheroines to a Sultan as sex slaves. He's takes upskirt & downblouse pictures as she looks for him. He captures her from behind & chloroforms her as she fights. Her legs kick wildly until she loses the battle & falls limp in his arms. He lies her heavy body on the floor to admire her gaping mouth & rolled back eyes.  He takes more pictures while she's helpless. Wonder Lucy reawakens & he makes her go back to sleep with ether spray. This superheroine doesn't deserve an uniform & he strips her down to bra & panties. As a reminder of her humiliation, he takes one of her shoes as a trophy. When Lucy stirs, she's pissed, embarrassed, & teleports away. She has a mask that will protect her from his evil ways.. With only one shoe, she looks for the other. She discovers the baddie & is ready to fight, but he sprays her with ether & kicks her in the belly. Falling to the ground & clutching her abs, she slowly rises as he grabs from behind & chloroforms her. Lucy's legs kick high as she tries to escape. Each time she gets free he beats her until he can grab her again. Sliding down the wall, she's controlled in his arms as he chloros her repeatedly. Lucy's lucid but can't prevent the thug from removing her truth lasso. When he asks how to keep her unconscious, she responds that her mask protects her. He removes the mask & bombards her senses with chloro & ether spray. Lucy's eyes roll & she moans as her body becomes more sleepy. Her eyes flutter. She goes limp. He lies her still body on the floor & calls the sultan for his money. This super heroine awakens & he makes her go back to sleep with chloroform. He lifts & carries her in a cradle carry before putting her in a cage. 

Vampire Queen Jacquelyn Velvets

Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets! I captured the last vampire slayer in my lair. You're the final victim after I destroyed the others. I will end your suffering with a big bite. We can have fun while you're helpless & obey the Vampire Queen. A cross! It burns! Kidding. Do you think a cross bothers me? I'm so powerful it doesn't affect me. I smell your fear & it's intoxicating by giving me more power. It's the last thing you will feel & makes you taste better. Any more tricks before I mesmerize you? Look into my eyes & lose control, becoming my slave. You can't avert your gaze. This has made me hungry & its time for a bite. What did you do?! You thrust a stake in my breast bone? I can't pull it out &  it brings me to my knees as I gasp in agony. The pain is unbearable but you will pay for your actions. I will get revenge. Don't watch as I fall, arching my back while trying to pull it out of my heart before going limp. You slayed the Vampire Queen, making my blue eyes glaze over before I turn to dust.