Handcuff Self Bondage - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu fondles the handcuffs & leg shackles with long red fingernails. The sound of the teeth clicking is pleasurable. She repeatedly clicks it in place & releases it as foreplay. Kicking off her black shiny pumps & stripping to pantyhose, she applies the leg shackles to her ankles. She makes them tight & admires how they complement her reinforced toed stockings. Terra pulls on the chain & points her toes to admire the bite of metal in her flesh. Bending over the couch with her ass in the air, she tests the links to see how far she can move. Handcuffs beckon. She smiles & tightens it around one wrist, intertwining it with her leg shackle chain & locks her other wrist in a cuffed hogtie. Moaning in pleasure, she revels in her helplessness. The metal rubs against the other cuffs & herself. She realizes she forgot the key & struggles to find a way out of this! She cries for help, but she's stuck in this position!

Two Girl Twister - Jacquelyn Velvets & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai & Jacquelyn Velvets decide to play twister & forgot how challenging it is. It's sexy as they bend over in their tiny booty shorts with their curvy asses in the air. The large t-shirts allow upblouse & downblouse shots of their bras & cleavage. The tops slide down & their bras are exposed as their limbs intertwine. Grunting from the exertion, they maintain balance until Jasmin falls down! Both are hot & sweaty from the stretches & ready for the next round of yoga positions!

Transitional Search - Angel Lee

This custom is of Angel Lee walking to the camera as if the camera goes through her. She's an investigator looking for files & wanders through a warehouse. Her high heels click on the concrete floor. There are lots of closeups of her huge tits. She bends over giving lots of downblouse shots. 
She's confused when she finds a pair of thigh high boots & wanders more. The camera does closeups of her groin (dressed). She bends over the desk in provocative poses & finds the paperwork!

Boxing Match - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr practice air punches in the gym while bitch talking about their last fights. They challenge each other to a match & are eager to get in the ring with each other while the guys watch!  On fight day they meet in the middle & have a stare down. Lucy listens to Angel's smack talk with  detachment but doesn't expect the jabs & belly punches. Her punches aren't making content & Angel's straight shot to her head makes her tumble to the ground.  Angel stands arrogantly over Lucy playing up her dominance. Counting to 9 Lucy can't get up to defend herself, but is saved by the bell. Crawling to her stool, she can't focus as Angel gloats. Lucy tries to defend her fighting skills & nervously trash talks. Round two commences & Angel quickly brings her down with her first punch. Counting down, she's surprised when Lucy staggers to her feet. The early victor gets sloppy & becomes dazed when Lucy makes contact with Angel's head. Repeated belly punches make Angel cower in the corner.  Lucy's warmed up & ready for to fight. Angel thinks Lucy got lucky. She can't make contact & her spars fly aimlessly in the air as Lucy corners her like a piece of prey. It's a whir of leather gloves as Angel gets crosses, hooks & uppercuts in fast succession. Down she goes as Lucy stands over her & counts. Lucy's annoyed that they ring the bell at 9 & waits to finish her off on the next round. She brags about how she's going to take Angel down with a left hook in the 4th round. These two are evenly matched & they fight to the bitter end. We aren't going to tell you who won but she plants her foot on the fallen opponent & does a victory pose before gliding into a schoolgirl pin with a  double bicep pose!

Crying Gallows Part 1 - Jasmin Jai

This custom focuses on the legal trial & has a lot of dialogue focusing on the minutiae before a prisoner is hanged. Michelle Thomas (Played by Jasmin Jai) waits with her lawyer during the trial of her case for killing her husband. The jury's verdict is read, followed by the sentence. When asked if she understands that this is the last appeal process, she nods solemnly. She's charged with first degree murder. Rule 8983 of the penal code overturns her life sentence. She will die by the gallows. Jasmin hangs her head in shame, holding back tears. When he's done reading her sentence, she's taken to her cell. The prison doctor arrives with a guard &e xplains the details of her hanging. Jasmin listens quietly, relegated to her fate. The guard unties her wrists. She strips her inmate uniform & lingerie. The physician has her face the wall before stepping on the scale for her weight & height. The guard holds her hands over head while she's measured under her tits, waist, hips, neck & shoulders. Her neck & ears are checked for weapons. She waits submissively with her arms behind her back. He slaps her legs to get her to spread them as he checks muscle tone. Testing the rope around her neck, he makes a hemp rope noose that measures 18 inches. His final words are for God to have mercy on her soul & to beg for forgiveness. Jasmin's left to worry about her lack of future. 

Crying Gallows Part 2 - Jasmin Jai

Michelle Tomas (Played by Jasmin Jai) is led to the gallows with the noose hanging from the ceiling. She strips her prison uniform & stands morosely. The executioner adjusts the rope & ties her hands behind her back. Jasmin panics & cries as he rigs. She submissively puts her feet together at his command & he binds them tightly. He reviews her sentencing which involves hanging by the neck until dead.  It's time for her last words. She apologizes to her husband's family, admitting that she deserves this punishment. Hopefully this is a lesson & prevents others from this fate. The governor calls with his approval & mandates her body should be on display for three days as a deterrent.The executioner places a hood over her neck & wraps the noose around her delicate throat. He tightens it & the left is rest to the imagination.There's no actual hanging in this clip due to the customer's request.

Who Wore It Best Part 1 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr have a wet t shirt contest. They step in the pool with their skin tight jeans & splash water on each other's snug belly baring t-shirts. Their nipples poke through & they compare who has the more transparent shirt while grabbing each other's tits. They pour more water on each other & their blue shirts cling to their curves.They step out & compare their soaking denim by spanking each other on the ass. Stripping out of their wet tops, they switch to see who looks better in each shirt. They need to get more wet & play in the water to get saturated. Time for a new shirt & they peel off the wet ones and replace with dry pink ones! It's challenging to put on dry clothes over wet skin but they love the feeling.

Neck Play - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is excited as Scott teases her before putting his hands around her neck. Grabbing her hair he strokes her neck. She smiles as he grabs lightly. Her face contorts as he presses against her smooth throat. When he releases, she smiles & shows off the red marks. Going harder, she moans as they edge closer to tapping out. He supports in case she needs to fall in his arms & she completely trusts him. Lifting & carrying her, she begs him to push harder. Her face turns beet red & she taps his arm when it's too much. Playing a game, she puts both hands on his hands, while on her neck. She has to keep them up as long as possible. Her face turns purple. Her fingers fall & he releases his grip. They go more rounds. It's satisfying to see her face contort from swollen & misshapen to normal as she breathes normally.

I Dream Of Lucy Purr

You have an antique vase & rub off the grime. A genie (Lucy Purr) stands in front of you. She oozes sensuality & greets you as Master. You get 3 wishes for your desires. You test her & ask for a bigger dick. Magically, your pants bulge. For the 2nd wish, you want her to look like the chick in the porno you watched. Her genie costume is replaced with a skimpy white top & blue panties. The veil vanishes, revealing her pretty face, & the ponytail is replaced with voluptuous curls. Lucy admires her body in the skimpy outfit, & feels sensations that the pornstar felt while filming. She's horny & eager to please. How about that third wish? When you ask for a non-stop fuckfest, she's startled & tries to fight it. The wish is done & the worried look turns into a smile as she straddles & slides down your cock cowgirl style (implied POV). You grab her hair & huge tits as she rides your member. You cum quickly but magically recharged for more action. You don't realize the implications of sex all night! As the orgasms continue, you cramp, chafe & beg for a break, but Lucy doesn't slow down. Pleas for water are ignored despite her sweaty body. You can't keep up and slump over. Looking over her former Master, the wishes reset & she climbs off looking like she did when she came out of the vase. Looking sad, she laments how this always seems to happen before returning to her home.

Office Transitions - Lucy Purr

This custom is about Lucy Purr walking into the camera, & edited so it looks like she goes through. Lucy's at work & walks through the office while jotting notes. The camera morphs through her at her chest & pussy. The purple dress flashes by as her large tits & crotch bombards the screen. Her round ass sashays away as her high heels pace the room. The more she walks, the more she thinks about what to write!

Boxing Lesson - Brittany Shae & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai gets a phone call & agrees to box Brittany Shae who is stretching in her sports bra & bike shorts. Brittany's surprised as Jasmin pushes her against the wall, promising fun. Brittany's in a tiny yellow bikini as Jasmin explains the belly punching with boxing gloves. Brittany sighs & gasps with each impact, but can't defend herself with her hands tied behind her back. She pleads for release, but Jasmin taunts & wants to see her cry. Jasmin lays into Brittany's tender tummy making her fall to the ground. It's a great workout & Jasmin confirms that it's done with the caller.

Long Day Stretch - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr leans back in a chair & stretches her neck away from her chest. Her ribs arch 7 her stomach flattens as she lifts her arms high over her head. The  micro-bikini barely contains her large tits as she stretches her hourglass figure. Pushing her arms away & behind her torso, she readjusts her position while spreading her legs. The tiny thong covers a landing strip of flesh. Long, flowing hair is pushed side to side as she elongates her delicate neck in different directions. Her arms go behind her head & her body's long & lean before going side to side. When you're body's curvy & sexy as Lucy, it feels good to sensually move your muscles!