Tickle Slave Auction - Constance Cakp

Constance Cakp is a slave who is brought to a secret society auction. Members place bids to purchase her for tickle torture sessions. Wearing tan thigh highs, a neck collar, ankle & wrist cuffs, she tries to escape. A man wearing a hood opens the door. She pleads for mercy while trying to remain in the cage. He ignores her whimpering pleas & fastens a leash to her neck collar. Cuffing her wrists behind her back, he leads her away. In the auction chamber, her arms are cuffed above her head. Oil is rubbed on her tits, belly & ass. He announces the next slave is ready for auction. As a demonstration of her sensitive skin, he dances his fingers in her armpits, thighs, and feet. The tickling makes her laugh despite her best intentions. The more she twists to get away, the higher the bids. She's sold to the highest bidder & finds herself stretched on a bed with her arms bound to the sides. Her helpless feet are cuffed together & suspended by rope. Squirming to escape, her nylon feet wiggle. Her stocking feet are tickled with fingers & a hair brush as she laughs uncontrollably. To prevent her movement, he wraps his arms around her ankles & alternates with light & deep tickles. Moving up her thighs, her body convulses as she screams in laughter. The short interludes in between leave her panting & nervous about what he will do next. Pulling up the stocking toe, he rips them off her toes to tickle & lickle her bare feet. His time is up. He leaves her to struggle until the attendant can help clean her up for the next buyer.

Tickle Security Authority - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is on her way to a flight, but stopped by TSA (Tickle Security Authority). The guard recognizes her. She confirms she's a fetish model & flattered he recognizes her. He checks the computer. She needs enhanced screening for an expired id. Lucy's perplexed but acquiesces. She stretches her arms for a patdown & withdraws when he tries to tickle her sides. He insists on this position & tickles her armpits which causes her to squirm. She's directed to remove her shoes. He grabs an ankle so he can firmly tickle her foot. Lucy wiggles to get free, but she's not escaping this tickle inspection! Both feet are tickled. He acknowledges the computer was right & she was overdue for a tickling. She's going to be detained for tickling in order to renew her fetish license! In a cat & mouse game, Lucy tries to evade the guard, but he scoops her over his shoulder & carries her kicking legs away. In the screening room. Lucy is stripped to her pantyhose & hogtied. The guard says a quick, proper tickling will allow him to update her profile. He gives attention to her tan pantyhose feet, thighs, & sides. He gives a few spanks because a fetish model should never let her id lapse!

Electrifying Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is sullen as she's led to the electric chair. The guard binds her wrists & removes her socks & sneakers. She protests as the leather cuffs strap her to the chair. Wiggling her feet, she tests the binds to see if she could escape. Electrodes are placed on her feet & she whimpers at her fate. The currents course through her body on a low dose. Her body shakes & twitches as she pleads for the punishment to end. She begs for him to stop putting on the intense pads on her toes as well as the sponge & helmet on her head. Her foot is submerged in the bucket of water. Her leg is refastened to the chair. As the electricity pumps through her body, her face becomes vacant & she tries to grab onto the chair for leverage. Slumping, her body is lifeless as one more criminal is taken out of the general population.

Johnson Account - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane wants to talk to you about work but all you can do is stare as she crosses & uncrosses her legs. Her hands caress her thighs & calves down to her black stilettos while she asks if she can share the account.If she gets this favor, you would get something in return. Her skirt hikes up & you realize that she's wearing garter & stockings instead of pantyhose! Her toes dip in & out of her black pumps. She rubs her pointed toes before wiggling them in your face. Her red toenails peek through the nylons & you sniff the dirty stockings. What did this naughty girl do to get her soles dirty?!

Too Late Tickle Part 2 - Monica Jade

Scott Torvea let Monica Jade fall asleep so he can tie her in ropes with her arms overhead. Monica is frustrated by this because she can't escape! He lifts up her sexy lace nightie & dances his fingers across her sexy belly. Her pleas & offers for whatever he wants aren't answered. She's in this for the long haul! He alternates between light tickles to get the nerve endings stimulated. When she cannot take any more he digs his fingers into her skin & lets her howl with laughter. Her arms & legs strain against the ropes. There's no escaping. Her armpits, ribs, belly, legs, & feet are exposed. Scott takes complete advantage of his prey. Monica wanted heavy breathing from sex but got it from tickling!

Two Girl Twister - Jacquelyn Velvets & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai and Jacquelyn Velvets decide to play twister and forgot how challenging it could be! It's so sexy as they bend over in their tiny booty shorts with their curvy asses in the air. The large t-shirts allow upblouse and downblouse shots of their bras and cleavage. Eventually the tops slide down and their bras are exposed as their limbs intertwine. Grunting from the exertion, they try to maintain their balance until Jasmin falls down!  Both are hot and sweaty from the stretches, but now they are ready for the next round. This time they are warmed up and ready for serious yoga positions!

Dakota Charms Condemned

Dakota Charms is condemned to lethal injection for the capital offense of murder. Afraid & barefoot, she enters the chamber in an orange jumpsuit. She tries to control her emotions in front of the executioner. He strips her uniform & trades the sexy thong for a diaper. Her limbs are cuffed to the gurney. Her dirty feet wiggle in anticipation. Whimpering at her plight, he takes pity on her & cleans her filthy soles. She cries as he places electrodes on her chest & reads her death Warrant. When asked for last words, she apologizes for her crimes. He waits for the signal & covers her body with a white sheet. Her head, feet & hands are exposed. Turning on the heart monitor, we see her nervous soles twitch in anticipation. The IV bag is inserted in her leg & the solution drips into her system. He mutters, "May God have mercy on your soul" as she sniffles in fear. The first injection shocks her system & she' s still before tremors overtake her body. Dakota becomes warm as it courses through her veins & requests the sheet be removed. Her hands & feet twitch as the poison goes through her bloodstream. He removes the cover to see her exposed body & injects the second round as she convulses frantically on the table. Gagging, it sounds like she's in orgasmic pain! The final round of drugs controls her heart. Her feet alternate between cycles of wrinkled & relaxed until her mouth foams & she lies still. The guard covers her body, leaving her soles visible. Caressing them one more time, he leaves her for the disposal team.

Armpit Weakness - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr struggles while Scott Torvea holds her by the armpit & kisses her neck. She's weakened by his tight grip & can't fight him as  he ragdolls her arms. He fingers her belly button & swings her arms limply while she moans in humiliation. Grabbing her neck, he throws her to the wall and & her stomach while holding under her arms. She tries to escape. He taunts & creepily sniffs her shoulders. Spinning her, he allows her hair to flop before taking her to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed, he smells & pokes her tummy as she struggles beneath him. His finger probes her navel & she whimpers as he throws her back to a standing position & flops her body. Pushing her against the wall by her throat, he finger fucks her belly button. She can't stop him & falls limp on the floor. He caresses her helpless body. 

My Necklace - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is on the phone & doesn't answer Scott Torvea when he asks if she's wearing the necklace he gave her. She's annoyed by his clinginess. He pokes her chest in anger, searching for his gift beneath the satin blouse. He grabs her arms & shoves her against a wall while she struggles against his groping. He unbuttons her shirt & realizes that she's not wearing it. His hand pokes her suprasternal notch. She gags from the pressure. Her eyes cross & her chest turns red as she tries to catch her breath. Choking her neck, Dakota tries swallowing to ease the pain. The whites of her eyes widen. She slides down the wall, slumping in a limp pile. Her eyes are half open with a glazed look. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth. Scott has control of his prize & kisses her neck while stroking her reddened throat. He rebuttons her silky blouse & leaves.

Dakota Charms Belly Ache

Dakota Charms sleeps in a sexy halter top & spandex shorts. Awakening & sighing in discomfort, her hands rub her tummy. Arching to find a position that makes her feel better. Both hands clasp her belly. She lowers her shorts & rolls in frustration. Her nails stretch her belly button apart. She groans in agony. Poking & prodding reddens her skin. Her screams alternate with heavy breathing. She digs her hands in deeper to make a valley in her belly. Sitting & standing, she stretches & yanks her navel trying to get closer to the source of grief. Her hands are enveloped by the sexy flesh & creates a cave in her stomach. Time to see a doctor!

Handcuff Self Bondage - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu fondles the handcuffs & leg shackles with long red fingernails. The sound of the teeth clicking is pleasurable. She repeatedly clicks it in place & releases it as foreplay. Kicking off her black shiny pumps & stripping to pantyhose, she applies the leg shackles to her ankles. She makes them tight & admires how they complement her reinforced toed stockings. Terra pulls on the chain & points her toes to admire the bite of metal in her flesh. Bending over the couch with her ass in the air, she tests the links to see how far she can move. Handcuffs beckon. She smiles & tightens it around one wrist, intertwining it with her leg shackle chain & locks her other wrist in a cuffed hogtie. Moaning in pleasure, she revels in her helplessness. The metal rubs against the other cuffs & herself. She realizes she forgot the key & struggles to find a way out of this! She cries for help, but she's stuck in this position!

Transitional Search - Angel Lee

This custom is of Angel Lee walking to the camera as if the camera goes through her. She's an investigator looking for files & wanders through a warehouse. Her high heels click on the concrete floor. There are lots of closeups of her huge tits. She bends over giving lots of downblouse shots. 
She's confused when she finds a pair of thigh high boots & wanders more. The camera does closeups of her groin (dressed). She bends over the desk in provocative poses & finds the paperwork!