Forced Orgasm

Torvea Control Collar Part 2 - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu put on a magic collar that controls her moves. She's humping the air as if fucking someone & thankful when it stops. Her hand has a mind of its own & slaps her ass when she tries to remove the collar. She forces both hands to her neck to remove it, but the collar makes her spank her ass till red. To humiliate her more, she twerks her ass & worships her shiny black pumps. Terra sucks the toes of the shoe while a ghost takes her from behind. It appears she's enjoying the process by moaning. She edges toward orgasm while sucking the shoe. When she cums, she removes the collar but can't move her mouth. It's stuck open. Drool drips out of her mouth. She smacks her ass. Grumbling, she wanders off to find a solution!

SuperMarket Romance - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu is lifted & carried over Scott Torvea's shoulder & dumped on the sofa. Her head slumps & her designer heels show her highly arched feet. Inspecting her pouty lips, he fantasizes about what that mouth will do for him later. Grabbing her heavy legs, he repositions her to a resting position on the sofa & ragdolls her arms. The stilettos are removed. He sits behind her & dangles her limbs like a puppet. Her shirt is stripped & her bra showcases her huge tits. She stirs, grabbing her aching head. Terra's confused & can't fight as he grabs her hair & chloroforms her. He tells her to take deep breaths. Once still, he strips her skirt & bra, leaving her in reinforced toe pantyhose. He's been watching her for awhile. Terra awakens & tries to fight, but he chokes while chloroforming her. She's knocked out & lies in his lap. He grabs under her huge tits & drags her to the bedroom, where she wakes up in a spread eagle frog tie. Angry & scared, she struggles to get out of the binds but it's futile. She's embarrassed to be stripped down to only her nylons, but calls for help. As he gropes her she's a smart ass because he is unhinged. Scott grabs a hitachi & teases her nipples before diving down to her clit. Terra cries & begs for release. Her screams are distracting. He puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up. The hand gag muffles her cries to sexy whimpers. He removes his hands when she cums, choking her adds to the sensation. Multiple orgasms wear down her mind & body as she shakes & convulses. A chloro rag teases her face & she crosses her eyes, going limp. They can play later. She will learn to love him!

Superheroine Captured - Brittany Shae

Super Brittany Shae hears the cries of a damsel in distress in an abandoned warehouse & searches in vain until she finds a recording. She fell into a trap. It's too late to escape. Gas fills the air. She falls limp to the floor. Her body is tied spreadeagle on a table. The silver catsuit shows off her curves. Se slowly awakens confused & egs to be released. Her captor enters & injects training serum into her neck. She goes still. A gas mask replaces her superheroine mask. She stirs lightly as it works its magic. Her trainer unzips her uniform & places an hitachi on her clit. He gropes her perky tits while letting her body absorb the sensations. The more powerful her orgasm, the more the serum controls her. Brittany balks against the vibe to maintain her virtue, but is is worn down. Her moans get louder & she arches in pleasure. He roughly stimulates her nipples by twisting & using the toy, pushing her over the edge. She cums repeatedly. He holds her neck down & she pushes against it to add to her sensation. Her eyes cross & she becomes a submissive slave. Her training is complete. She sits on a dingy mattress. A sign "superheroine" indicates where everyone can have a shot at her. Her eyes are glazed. She rubs a vibrator against her clit. Men take turns cumming on her bukkake style (implied POV). Her body gleams from their cum as she has more orgasms. Super Brittany has fallen from grace in the most humiliating way!

Naked Writhing Lust 2 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Luna Lain asks Andrea Rosu if she's ready to be her lover or wishes to be punished like a sub. Andrea doesn't want to be a girlfriend & Luna puts a black ballgag between Andrea's ruby red lips.
The whip cracks against Andrea's tender skin & her moans are muffled to mmmphs. Her back arches & the heaving tits thrust out with each impact. Drool drips out of Andrea's mouth & Luna punishes her by flogging her large breasts. Luna gives another chance to be her girlfriend, but the denial prompts her to remove the gag & tie a vibrator to Andrea's pussy. Andrea cries & upset when Luna leaves her alone to experience the powerful vibe on her clit. She struggles to avoid the throbbing between her legs, but it overpowers her.

Naked Writhing Lust 3 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu stands bound with a buzzing hitachi magic wand between her legs, moaning as it brings her to orgasm repeatedly. Her Domme, Luna Lain kisses her red lips, groping her tits. Andrea arches her back & struggles with each orgasm. She's been in ropes for a long time & drifts into subspace. Andrea's untied & Luna releases her from her bondage. They kiss & fondle each other's sexy body trying to explore every curve. When their mouths touch their nipples, they arch & gasp in excitement. Luna got the girlfriend she wanted!

Writhing Lust 2 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Penny Barber is determined to make Andrea Rosu her lover instead of just her submissive. Andrea's pleas for mercy are ignored & Penny shoves a ball gag in her ruby red lips. Cinching tight, it muffles Andrea's cries. The mmmphs are a turn on as she gropes Andrea's huge tits. Drool eases out of her mouth, but Penny would prefer that saliva on her clit. Grabbing her whip, Penny continues to flog Andrea, making her stumble in her ropes & heels. Insuring that her back & large breasts get special attention from the cat-o- nines, the lashes cause Andrea's tits to fall out of her skimpy bikini. Time for pleasure as Penny ties the hitachi magic wand to her clit. Leaving her sub alone  the vibe taunts Andrea's clit as she moans & writhes against the pulsing toy. Will she submit to being Penny's girlfriend?

Writhing Lust 3 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is glad Penny Barber returns because she removes the ballgag from her mouth. The vibrator buzzes against her pussy & she fights the climax. It overtakes her body causing her to shudder & writhe in her ropes. Her back arches & her head flings back in multiple orgasms as she shrieks in pleasure. Andrea is not sure if she can take more, but her Domme insists & flogs her huge tits. Using the head of the whip, she pushes the vibrator deeper against Andrea's clit. Those large breasts bounce in excitement much to Penny's delight. Penny explains the naughty things they will do once Andrea submits to being her girlfriend. All of the best carpet munchers started off as conservative heterosexuals until she trained them. It will be easy to break Andrea, & she shoves the vibrator harder against her clit before whipping her back. On her command, Andrea cums hard & sighs at being such a submissive slut. 

Writhing Lust 4 - Andrea Rosu & Penny Barber

Andrea Rosu is bound & ballgagged for her Domme Penny Barber. She hasn't submitted to being her girlfriend despite the attempts of her Mistress. Ungagging her, Penny asks if she is ready to be a lesbian. Her sweet kisses & the hitachi breaks her down & Andrea submits to her demands. They passionately kiss & Penny pinches Andrea's sensitive nipples. Andrea is exhausted but pleased to be untied. With her freed hands, she turns off the vibrator & stretches her legs. The stiletto heels were hard to stand on & she falls toward Penny who is leaning on the wall. Penny takes charge & gropes Andrea's curvy body. Using her knee, Penny grinds on Andrea's tender pussy, bringing her to another orgasm. Spent, Andrea does not regret her decision to be Penny's girlfriend!

Writhing Lust 2 - Arielle Lane & Anabelle Pync

Arielle Lane is bound, arms spread, & Domme Anabelle Pync tied a hitachi to her leg. It hits her clit, & she moans & drools around her red ball gag. As the sexual tension builds, she arches her back, fighting it.
Anabelle removes her ballgag to hear her cries as she climaxes in a shuddering orgasm. The ropes tighten around her wrists as she writhes in pleasure & discomfort.
Arielle is ready to submit to her Domme's sexual needs & kisses her passionately. The ropes are removed & they strip each other out of their clothes. Kissing & caressing, they grind pussy to pussy savoring each other's body!

Nephew's Revenge : Loose Ends 2 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Anabelle Pync has been trying to wake Arielle Lane out of frozen state & stimulating her heart rate & increase breathing will be the only way, which means giving her an orgasm.Trying to be respectful & scientific, she rubs Arielle's tits over her shirt. It is a surprise that she is braless, & her hands dart down to her clit through her jeans. Anabelle breathes heavy & is turned on by groping the frozen Arielle. Feeling guilty about enjoying it, she closes Arielle's eyes, & grinds her own crotch on her helpless subject.
Closer to cumming, Anabelle unbuttons her own blouse, & pulls her pants down so she can rub herself over her panties. Her hands dive underneath &  slapping her pussy hard as she cums. Feeling guilty, she redresses &  tries a vibrator on Arielle. She struggles to pull down Arielle's pants & unbuttons her shirt, pleased to see perky tits. Rubbing the vibrator over her panties. Arielle stirs with orgasm. Anabelle admits guilt about her own secret orgasm. Arielle kept all of her senses while frozen, but promises not to tell anyone. Now to find Hanzel and get some revenge!

Nephew's Revenge Part 1

Hanzel was sent to prison for controversial research. His nephew resurrected his uncle's research & wants revenge on the two detectives & district attorney who jailed him. Paige Turner & Kobe Lee discuss a case when they receive a text about the theft of Adrosterone (female arousal) & Focalin (focus) from the pharmaceutical company. They recall these were used in the research of Hazel. They contact Arielle Lane, the attorney who is suspicious of the nephew & gives the address with the promise of bringing a warrant. Kobe & Paige sneak into his house before she can get there & find him working in his bedroom. He commends them for linking to him quickly, but taunts them with falling into his trap  by his hacking of the department's IT system. The girls are confident that they can stop his nefarious activities and Arielle walks in with the proper paperwork. He releases the foca-rouse. Nothing happens & they look at him with derision & cockiness as they mock him. He waits a few seconds & they are tingly in their crotches & can't focus on anything but carnal pleasures. They try to fight it, but fondle & caress. Their urges are strong & they finger & grind themselves. All three are intensely horny & crave orgasms. They fall limp on the bed.

Addie Juniper's Tease And Denial

Addie Juniper is wrestling in her thong leotard and tights. She smack talks and is aroused  Scott stops.




They embark on light pushing and shoving. He grabs her wrists and fondles her pussy. Her bitchiness is replaced with docile submissiveness to Scott. He can physically and mentally do anything to her. 




Releasing his hands, he spins behind her and rubs her clit over and under the leotard. Unable to resist, she cums easily. Forced to the couch, she writhes in pleasure as she is rubbed to the edge and then denied. Every time she is about to cum, Scott asserts his dominance and frustrates her. When she is finally allowed to cum, he brings her to climax repeatedly. 


Breaking out the ribbed glove, he gives her final orgasm the extra touch that leaves her spent and twitching. Placing his talented finger between her legs, he counts, 1,2,3 and leaves her to lie there cooing in pleasure.




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