Female Domination

Dominant females 

Vampire Queen Terra Mizu

It's been awhile since a hunter visited. Come closer & show your silver dagger. Are you going to stab me in the belly or do you have something for my heart? You are stunned by my beauty. I can smell your weakness. It would be  easy to convert you. Stare at my huge tits & admire me while you're mortal. You can't resist a Vampire Queen. I lick my lips &  you follow my vermillion red fingernails across my curvy body. My large breasts are barely contained by this lace corset as I mesmerize you. My fangs appear. I bite. My eyes widen in surprise. I stagger to the floor. How could you stake me in the chest? You plunged it between my tits when you could have been my immortal slave.There's still time for you to pull it out. If you don't, I will die. Don't you want to live for all eternity with me? How could you slay me? Everything is dark as I get weaker. I struggle to release the wood. My body arches trying to find comfort. Moaning, my eyes flutter shut. My mouth opens as I take my last breath. Nothing is left of me as I vaporize into thin air!

Boxing Match - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr practice air punches in the gym while bitch talking about their last fights. They challenge each other to a match & are eager to get in the ring with each other while the guys watch!  On fight day they meet in the middle & have a stare down. Lucy listens to Angel's smack talk with  detachment but doesn't expect the jabs & belly punches. Her punches aren't making content & Angel's straight shot to her head makes her tumble to the ground.  Angel stands arrogantly over Lucy playing up her dominance. Counting to 9 Lucy can't get up to defend herself, but is saved by the bell. Crawling to her stool, she can't focus as Angel gloats. Lucy tries to defend her fighting skills & nervously trash talks. Round two commences & Angel quickly brings her down with her first punch. Counting down, she's surprised when Lucy staggers to her feet. The early victor gets sloppy & becomes dazed when Lucy makes contact with Angel's head. Repeated belly punches make Angel cower in the corner.  Lucy's warmed up & ready for to fight. Angel thinks Lucy got lucky. She can't make contact & her spars fly aimlessly in the air as Lucy corners her like a piece of prey. It's a whir of leather gloves as Angel gets crosses, hooks & uppercuts in fast succession. Down she goes as Lucy stands over her & counts. Lucy's annoyed that they ring the bell at 9 & waits to finish her off on the next round. She brags about how she's going to take Angel down with a left hook in the 4th round. These two are evenly matched & they fight to the bitter end. We aren't going to tell you who won but she plants her foot on the fallen opponent & does a victory pose before gliding into a schoolgirl pin with a  double bicep pose!

Smart Giantess - Paige Turner

Paige Turner's a teenage genius that isn't taken seriously because of her age. She created a potion that makes her older & treated with respect. The first dose transforms her into an early 20's woman. She savors her curves. Another gulp & she becomes a sexy, late 20's vixen. The short dress & hormones make her horny & excited, but something feels strange. Her growth potion works on height & aging. The added stature makes her feel powerful. She swigs the vial & savors her stretching & expanding body. The people who looked down on her won't be able to resist the goddess she has become. She's so powerful, she should take over the world. People will tremble in awe at her strength & beauty. If they don't follow her commands, she will crush them!
This experiment exceeded her wildest expectations!

Little Mina Pies Paige Turner

Little Mina is dwarfed by Paige Turner but tied her to a post with rope around her waist & arms behind her back. Mina's plan for humiliating her doesn't bother Paige. They spar insults about height & Mina taunts Paige to escape. Paige can't get free & struggles against her binds while Mina prepares revenge. She returns with a pie tin of whipped cream, Paige is worried but laughs when Mina can't reach her! Mina grabs a chair & plops the pie tin on her face allowing the whipping cream to drip down her face & down her chest. Paige slowly opens her mouth & eyes in shock, but Mina wipes away the mess so she can see Mina laughing at her! Paige quietly fumes at her embarrassing situation.  Mina takes off her dirty socks, shoving them in Paige's mouth. Paige grumbles in gag talk & formulates her counterattack on this pipsqueak. Mina plays with the cream & rubs the pan remnants on Paige's pretty brown hair.Paige's left to struggle in her sticky binds, but Mina returns to crown her with a bucket over her head! 

Sister's Little Revenge - Jasmin Jai

Featuring Jasmin Jai! I'm annoyed that you embarrassed me on a first date & will shrink you as punishment. I should crush you with my foot & be done with you. Mom & Dad won't miss your tiny & useless body. They would thank me!  An insignificant speck like you couldn't fight someone big & powerful like me.Nobody would hear your screams. You're barely visible in my hands & it's easy to crush you in my palms. It's more fun to crush you with my huge, fat ass. It smothers your whole body, making you flat & tiny. You aren't sorry? I'm sitting & bouncing up & down until you disappear. I accidentally lost you, but pick you up for more crushing torment. My long red fingernails poke & prod your helpless body. I love getting revenge. You want to apologize? I'm not sure you learned your lesson, but more ass squashing will make you sorry that you messed with your big sister. I'm  leaving you stranded on this chair until the shrinking wears off!

Wrestling Lesson - Angel Lee

Angel Lee is tired of her lazy boyfriend & his male chauvinist ways & wants to teach him a lesson. She puts him in a sleeper hold by using her hand on his forehead & alternating with a mouth smother. He gives lip & she does an abdominal stretch while rubbing his crotch. He's going to be humiliated while she's in charge. He's put in a figure four leglock while she leans back on her hands & elbows. he struggles. She alternates between putting her hand & foot on his crotch. She's mercilessly teases him about his growing hard on. How can he get turned on when he's getting his ass kicked? Scott keeps asking for sexual release which irritates Angel. She grabs handcuffs & he thinks its for her, but she puts them on his wrists. Angel demands that he slither closer & tries to follow her orders because he thinks he's going to get laid. She demands that he worship her toes & soles because he hates feet! Scott complains that they smell bad and Angel loves taunting him! Patting his crotch, Angel laughs at his blueballs & leaves him to struggle!

Stuck Lesson - Arielle Lane & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai confronts Arielle Lane about borrowing her shirt without asking & they bicker. Arielle refuses to change & Jasmin pushes her in a trashcan. Her long legs flail as she tries to escape & Jasmin taunts. Jasmin takes Arielle's high heels. Her cute bare feet are ticklish, & Jasmin tickles her soles causing Arielle to laugh while struggling. Jasmin leaves Arielle to kick her pretty red toenails & shapely legs in an attempt to get free. Three hours later, Arielle's made no progress & her skirt is visible, but her torso's entrenched. Wiggling her way out, she escapes. Jasmin's angry & shoves her back in the garbage can. Arielle's legs are straight in the air & vulnerable to Jasmin's tickling. Arielle shrieks in agony & humiliation! Jasmin leaves Arielle to suffer her embarrassing plight.

Boxing Lesson - Brittany Shae & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai gets a phone call & agrees to box Brittany Shae who is stretching in her sports bra & bike shorts. Brittany's surprised as Jasmin pushes her against the wall, promising fun. Brittany's in a tiny yellow bikini as Jasmin explains the belly punching with boxing gloves. Brittany sighs & gasps with each impact, but can't defend herself with her hands tied behind her back. She pleads for release, but Jasmin taunts & wants to see her cry. Jasmin lays into Brittany's tender tummy making her fall to the ground. It's a great workout & Jasmin confirms that it's done with the caller.

Mommy Spanking - Lucy Purr

With Lucy Purr! I'm your sexy Mama & you've been a bad boy. You're going to get a very hard spanking with my strong spanking hand. Go over my knees while I smack your bottom with my straight palmed hand. This is your punishment for being a mean brat. How does naughty feel? I rub your backside to rub it in, but you aren't getting mercy from me. You can't pick on others. Why is Mommy enjoying this so much? It's making me moan & get excited. The more turned on I get the faster I spank. We're going to have to do more spanking from now on!

Keep Quiet Spy - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets met you at a safehouse & confirms you weren't followed. When satisfied that you're alone, she runs to the back for papers. She sneaks behind & puts her hand over your mouth (POV). You can't scream & her nails dig into your cheeks, emphasizing her power over you. She works for a rival spy agency & demands your secrets. Dragging you to a chair, she covers your mouth while calling her boss. Getting authorization, she confirms that you are secure & not escaping. Reveal the intel & stop resisting because cameras are watching. Everyone will know what you look like. You aren't safe & there's no escape. You won't talk, & she smothers your face & pinches your nose. She enjoys challenges. You want to give up. Time for Plan B. You will be under her control. It's taking effect, so be a good agent & don't move. As a precaution, she cleave gags you to prevent yelling for help.

Best Friends Forever - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is nerdy & lonely, but a spell will turn her doll into a real girl. Lucy's excited that the magic dust worked but disappointed to see her friend's slutty! A skimpy shirt barely holds in Angel Lee's tits, & her mini skirt is too short. Lucy's brother used her laptop for porn, & tweaked the spell so she would be a stripper. Angel's glad to be free from the doll body & ready to party. She will thank Lucy's brother with sexual favors but first gropes Lucy. Scared & embarrassed, Lucy squirms from Angel's wandering hands. Annoyed & bored, Angel kisses Lucy, inflicting a spell to bring out Lucy's inner bad girl.Falling, Lucy looses her frumpy dress & sultry black, spandex pants & halter top hug her curvy body. Big, wavy hair replaces her ponytails. Dark lipstick emphasizes her beautiful face. She admires herself & swigs Angel's booze before grabbing Angel. Snapping her fingers, their clothes magically come off & evil Lucy climbs on top of Angel. Grinding, she's ready for sex but Angel struggles to escape the rageful Lucy's kisses. Lucy tries to reach between her prey's legs & Angel tries to get away. Lucy's confused that Angel transformed her into a shameless whore & doesn't want to fuck! Pushing Angel against the wall, she has a dildo & wants to break Angel. They struggle to gain control as Angel reaches out to you, Lucy's brother, for help. Lucy wants to show you what real magic can do!

Vampire Queen Jacquelyn Velvets

Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets! I captured the last vampire slayer in my lair. You're the final victim after I destroyed the others. I will end your suffering with a big bite. We can have fun while you're helpless & obey the Vampire Queen. A cross! It burns! Kidding. Do you think a cross bothers me? I'm so powerful it doesn't affect me. I smell your fear & it's intoxicating by giving me more power. It's the last thing you will feel & makes you taste better. Any more tricks before I mesmerize you? Look into my eyes & lose control, becoming my slave. You can't avert your gaze. This has made me hungry & its time for a bite. What did you do?! You thrust a stake in my breast bone? I can't pull it out &  it brings me to my knees as I gasp in agony. The pain is unbearable but you will pay for your actions. I will get revenge. Don't watch as I fall, arching my back while trying to pull it out of my heart before going limp. You slayed the Vampire Queen, making my blue eyes glaze over before I turn to dust.