Dirty Talk

Everything from talking dirty and JOI jerk off instruction 

Keep Quiet Spy - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets met you at a safehouse & confirms you weren't followed. When satisfied that you're alone, she runs to the back for papers. She sneaks behind & puts her hand over your mouth (POV). You can't scream & her nails dig into your cheeks, emphasizing her power over you. She works for a rival spy agency & demands your secrets. Dragging you to a chair, she covers your mouth while calling her boss. Getting authorization, she confirms that you are secure & not escaping. Reveal the intel & stop resisting because cameras are watching. Everyone will know what you look like. You aren't safe & there's no escape. You won't talk, & she smothers your face & pinches your nose. She enjoys challenges. You want to give up. Time for Plan B. You will be under her control. It's taking effect, so be a good agent & don't move. As a precaution, she cleave gags you to prevent yelling for help.

Panty Tease - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms is desperate to keep her job. It's odd that you ask to see her pantyhose feet, but she agrees. Shyly, she removes her pantyhose. Her face grimaces when you mention the rest of her clothing but strips the blouse & skirt.  She's very shy that she wore old fashioned granny panties & doesn't want you to see them or take them off. She's surprised when you ask her to pose in them! Awkwardly, she shows off her ass & legs in the silky full back panties. She spreads her legs wide showing the gusset & bends over the table. As your dick grows, her wide eyed nervousness changes to eager teasing. Her poses become more brazen & she giggles encouragement. She willingly strips the lingerie down her hips & throws them while you stroke your cock. Her bald pussy is spread & she encourages you to go faster with your hand. Dakota's turned on by watching her boss stroke his cock & she bends over the desk with her ass in the air so you can cum! She promises to clean your jizz off the floor!

Pantyhose Files Job Security - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is about to be fired but has a hold over her boss. She sits on the sofa dangling her pantyhose clad shoes. Her nails graze her legs. The sexy heels come off, & she rubs her feet together, showing  a good view of her soles. Those long legs cross & uncross.
She lifts her dress, showing her sheer to waist pantyhose. A sexy white thong is underneath emphasizes her tight, firm ass & she gropes it. He sits on the couch & Monica places her legs in his lap. He caresses the nylon. Monica straddles him. The boss will not budge. Monica asks if he wants to take the hose off of her & take it home. He is flustered so Monica gives a good leg show & strips them off. 

Best Friend's Mom - Nyssa Nevers

A transformation happened & you are hot, ripped, & should take the shirt off.  It is destroyed from your growth spurt. Let me help you with that. I came so hard just touching your body. Your muscles are strong, and...hi honey, I was just taking care of our son's friend because he is not feeling well. Where were we now that my husband left? We have to be careful, but I could do a striptease. Do you fantasize about me? Orgasms are taking over my body, & it makes me moan loudly. My big tits are make you harder. I have to have it in my mouth (simulated on dildo). I  love that it makes me gag from the length & huge girth. I have to have your dick inside me while looking at your perfect body. Grab my tits & hold on tight. Another mind blowing orgasm makes you a sex god. I have never been fucked like this before! I can't help but fall off your dick and onto the floor as your cum covers my body!

Pantyhose Files Eager Assistant Monica Jade

Monica Jade applies for a job & the boss is not impressed with her qualifications but admires her nylon clad legs. She crosses & uncrosses her legs.  She promises to wear pantyhose or tights & rubs her legs & shows her feet. This is the trigger he needs and he hires her. A woman with a great pair of legs can rule the world!

Dakota Charms Job Interview Take 2

Dakota Charms needs this job but is meek & timid because she is not qualified. She fidgets & the straps of her shirt fall down her shoulders. Embarrassed, she apologizes & crosses & uncrosses her legs. She notices you are more attentive when she dangles her heels or her top slips down. Dakota becomes emboldened & seduces you.Her shoe dangles completely off her foot, she responds coyly. The other shoe is dangled off & she asks if panties are required because she does not like wearing them. Her legs open wide & her sheer pantyhose reveal everything.
The prim & proper hair is released as Dakota strips down to nylons. Her sexy body poses, emphasizing her legs, feet, ass & pussy. She declares that you have 10 seconds to hire her & starts counting down while teasing. When you eagerly give her the job, she is so excited & assures you that she will please you every day!

Secretary In Charge - Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu rubs her calves & dangles her black, shiny pumps. High arches tease & you  worship them. Rubbing her foot on her other calf, her legs sensually cross. You stare at her legs & she realizes your dirty little secret. She pulls out her foot, shows off her soles, & points her toes. She dips them back in her shoes. Human Resources never has to know about this if you promote her. She orders you to your knees & worship her legs. Each lick & sniff is a pay raise.

Leg Raise - Arielle Lane

Get comfortable because I bought a new dress, high heels, & sheer black garter & stockings. These stilettos show off my curves as I pose and cross my legs. These sheer nylons are so luxurious & my hand dips beneath them to caress my thighs. You are hard & I want you to stroke your cock with the silky denier on your shaft. Don't cum your load, & wait while I change into the nude stockings and classic pumps. An ankle bracelet is on my ankle while I dangle my shoes off my toes & crossed legs. I countdown as you stroke harder and harder. 

Pantyhose Files Bad Employee - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is overwhelmed. You want to fire her & she is desperate to keep her job. She crosses her pantyhose clad legs and rubs her hands over the nylon.  Monica pulls her skirt up to show the sexy control top and her cute panties show. She rubs her hands over her body & you to grab a feel. You have absolutely no will power when it comes to this sexy girl and her beautiful gams!

Dakota Charms Job Interview

I'm Dakota Charms & I want to work here but don't have job experience. I did not mean to have my shirt strap fall off. Are you looking at my feet while I dangle my shoes? Did my pump fall off?
Is it required to wear panties?  I sometimes let my legs spread, showing these super sheer, seamless pantyhose. If I pulled off my shirt would that be ok? Is this skirt too short? Maybe I should strip and show you these nylons. I am going to dangle my shoes & do a cum countdown while I tease.  At the end of my teasing, you have to tell me if I get the job...

Andrea Rosu's Pantyhose JOI

I love these silky, sleek pantyhose and my stiletto heels on my curvy legs.
Crossing and uncrossing makes me horny. Caress my calves,  thighs, and my wet pussy against these nylons. Grab your cock and stroke it. I will rub my pussy.
Go faster and use your precum. Control it until I countdown to 0.
I want to see you cum over my pantyhose legs. 

Ride Em Cowgirl

I was just thinking about how you like it when I wear my jeans and lie on the bed with my feet up in the air behind my head. Now take off your pants and think about all of the things you want to do to me. Jerk that cock while you get a good look at my shiny, wrinkled soles.

They are so soft and you could slap your dick on them. You want to cum all over my soles don't you? Just don't get too excited and cum when I tell you. That is what makes it so fun for me.

Now I want to get comfy and take these jeans off while sucking this big dildo. They slip off halfway down my legs, and my feet nudge them off the rest. The tiny little panties are shimmied off and now I am completely nude for you.

The best part about being naked is getting lube all over my round ass. I just love how shiny it makes everything before sliding the cock between my pussy lips and bouncing up and down on it. My cute little feet are on display while my ass arches out just the way you like it.

As I cum I cry I out in pleasure but you can't cum yet!

Get closer, and closer...ok cum for me!