Clothes Destruction

Meeting The Neighbor - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets comes home after work & waves to her neighbor. He sneaks to her backyard to watch her strip to her black lace bra & panties. She admires herself in the mirror. He imagines what she would look like tied on the bed. Her hogtie allows her to writhe but is inescapable. The silk scarf cleave gag muffles her moans but shows off her beautiful eyes widened in fear. She arches and pulls on the ropes. it emphasizes how helpless she is in fantasy. He sneaks back to watch her take a shower. His mind wanders. Jacquelyn is bound with her wrists in front, ankles bound & cleavegagged. She whimpers as the binds get wet & wiggles in the wet cage. The neighbor enters & sneaks behind Jacquelyn. Putting his hand over her mouth he quiets her while putting weight on her. The handgag works until he removes it. She screams in terror. She's on the bed with her wrists & ankles tied. Her cleave gag allows for moaning.  Struggling on the bed, she becomes still as he cuts off her dress. His hands grope her large tits. She cries at her fate. He hears police sirens & promises they will be together forever. He escapes without releasing her.

It's So Hot Part 1 - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai are happy they can dress in layers for winter, but Angel's feet are hot.  Angel tears her sneakers off & Jasmin makes fun of her smelly feet. Angel's offended & pushes Jasmin's face to her socks, making her sniff & lick her dirty feet. The soiled socks leave Angel overheated & she rips them off her foot shoving them in Jasmin's face. Jasmin is disgusted, but realizes they aren't bad. Angel rips off the other sock & shoves them in Jasmin's mouth. Jasmin's hesitant but enjoys it as Angel rubs her pussy over her jeans & rubs herself as well. The excitement causes Angel to rip her grey sweater, revealing a tight blue polo shirt. She's still hot & tears the shirt, revealing a white bra. This too is destroyed until she's only in jeans. Jasmin continues to rub herself & suck on Angel's feet. The denim is sweltering. Angel rips them down her legs leaving her only in a pair of panties.

It's So Hot Part 2 - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Angel Lee rips off her panties after complaining about the heat. Jasmin Jai tears off her shoes. The socks are sweltering. She pokes her fingernails & shreds the thin fabric. Angel encourages Jasmin to rip her two shirts. Moaning in ecstasy, she destroys the red bra & reveals her large tits. 
Jasmin pulls at the jeans, but they are stubborn until she pulls the back. With excitement, she destroys the leg. They hang loosely on her. When she tears them off, she's left in a pair of lacy panties that are ripped. When Jasmin's completely nude, Angel grabs her foot & sucks on her toes and licks the soles. They rub themselves while enjoying the foot worship & surrounded by a pile of torn clothes!

Paige Turner's Belly Torture

Paige Erin Turner awakens with her arms bound over head. She's confused & scared when her captor comes in & cuts her shirt under her tits. He pokes & prods her belly button causing her to cry in fear. Alternating between implements & fingers, he loves how her curvy tummy feels.
He dives in to kiss & uses his tongue to probe deep in her navel. His hands stretch her skin. Her tight jeans are pulled down, revealing her black thong. This baddie slaps the love handles around her stomach commenting on her extra weight. Paige's pissed that he's been watching her. She squirms to get away from his caresses, but that stimulates him more. Her shirt is destroyed until the shards hang off her shoulders, revealing her black bra. Paige hangs her weight against the ropes arching her back, causing her belly to become taut. She's stripped to just bra & panties which showcase her sexy belly & allows easy access for groping. After his fun, he leaves her which leaves her even more anxious!

Detective Gadget - Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai got a new spy watch but no manual. Poking & prodding the attachments, she's surprised when it flings parts. Leaning down to pick a part up, she's shocked when her pants rip, revealing her lacy black panties. She tries to make it work, but it flings out of her hands as if magnetically. Her shirt buttons pop off & fling toward the magnetic pull. The conservative skirt is yanked to her ankles & she tries to cover her body while figuring out why this place is conspiring against her. She falls to the ground & scurries off. Determined to figure out the watch, she fiddles but it explodes in her face. As her eyes cross, she's dazed & doesn't realize her clothes are barely hanging on by a thread. The impact causes her to lie down & take a nap!

Torn Pantyhose Dakota

Dakota struggles to find her black pantyhose and finally finds them stuffed in the sofa. In her rush to get to work, she gets a run. Her flesh peeks through on both legs and she is so frustrated to have runs. How could this happen?

In anger she rips her hose at the knees, making the hole bigger while having a dramatic discourse about ripping nylons. As the holes get bigger, Dakota kind of likes the look and is charmed by her toes peeking out. Working her way up, she goes toward the crotch and loves seeing her bright red panties peeking out.

Maybe they will let her go to work like this?

Bondage Delivery

This is Part 2 of Halloween Tales

Jacquelyn's car broke down and she walked to find help. Scott answers and looks over this lovely woman in a sexy jeans and tank top that shows off plenty of cleavage. Of course he will help her since her phone has no reception. Just as she is about to make her call, he hand gags her and she awakens tied in a chair with her hands behind her back.

This is a special treat because he is a cannibal and he is going to devour her. Not wanting to be someone's dinner, Jacquelyn screams and he cleave gags her to silence her. His meal smells delicious and her struggles and moans make her even more appetizing. The shirt is torn like packaging off a juicy burger and he admires her while she writhes in despair.

Coed Ripping

Luna is a college coed that has a huge crush on you, her professor. As she walks into your office, she complains about how hot it is and asks if she can modify her clothes to make them cooler. A long leg is propped on a chair, and while arching her foot, she rips the legs into a pair of shorts. She knows this is turning you on and proudly shows off her gams.

When she notices your large erection, she teases you by tearing her shirt. Oops! It was torn just a little too much and shows her ripe underboob. She leans in toward you and writes her number on the term paper before squeezing her tits. Seductively, she invites you to call her so you can rip off what is left of the outfit and to suck and fuck. There will not be any cum left in your dick!

With a smile she walks out of the room.

Sorority Girl Rip Part 1

Candle is running through a forest trying to escape a scary man but he grabs her jacket and it rips as she struggles to get free. She is not getting out of this and he makes her go to sleep and he easily throws her over the shoulder like a piece of meat.

Back in his lair, he puts her limp body down in order to grab some supplies for his playtime. Candle slowly wakes up and recognizes her chance to get free. She starts running away but becomes so lost in the bizarre labyrinth that he catches up and grabs her. The boot clad legs flail as she squirms, but he has his prey now.

When they arrive at the torture chamber, Candle is startled to see her friend Amy's ripped jacket on the wall. She begs to be let go and offers him whatever he wants. Scott sniffs her hair and jacket and then starts ripping. He knows this kind of stuck up bitch who loves her clothes and he wants to take her down a notch.

She cries as he manhandles her prized possession from the varsity cheerleading squad. When the nylon jacket is ripped piece by piece on her shivering body, he caresses the fleece coat and grabs her ass. 

Even though she is following directions, he wants to have her tied. He need not worry because she is so scared that she is frozen in place as he rigs her with her feet spread and arms tied away from her arms.

Her pleas for help fall on deaf ears and he throws her torn jacket at her feet so she can see the remains.

Time to destroy the fleece!

Sorority Girl Rip Part 2

It has been a frightening night and Candle is trying to make sense of what happened while Scott destroys her favorite fleece coat. Her arms are tied to the side and she cannot fight him even if she wanted to. Inch by inch he cuts into her favorite jacket and each tear brings her down another notch.

In a desperate plea, she tries to talk about her life so that she can make herself more human to him, but he has no feelings toward any living creature. This is all about his entertainment of humiliating this diva and she quietly cries when she realizes that she is in the clutches of a mad man.

Layer by layer he tears her down. The expensive, trendy boots are slashed, while the t-shirt and yoga pants are torn off her body. It seems a shame to leave the cute little bra and panty set, so he destroys them as well.

Now that she stands there nude and scared, he grabs a shred of her jacket and takes it to masturbate in (Implied offscreen).

Time to get rid of this one and get the next one.

Celebrity Rip

Candle Boxxx is a celebrity waiting for an appointment. When Andrea and Luna see her, they become ecstatic and lavish praise and adoration. They ask for autographs and selfies while shoving cameras and paper in her face. With all of the hoopla, Candle is a little overwhelmed and tries to leave.

The women start asking who made her suit and what kind of material it is made of. They fondle her clothing and start pulling on it. Candle pleads for them to let her go, but hysteria gets the best of them and they laugh as they tear her suit off. They ignore her yelling to stop and when they get down to her blouse, they pause as she realizes that she has minimal clothing left. This does not stop them from ripping it off of her.

As Candle stands humbly trying to cover her body, the rabid fans pick up the shorn clothing and leave the room with their trophies in hand. This embarrassed woman calls her agent to bring her clothes...again.


Bitch Gets Her Due Part 3

Anabelle has been repositioned into the doggie position with her arms prostrated in front of her and tied down. She awakens to this horror even though she wishes it was a dream. Scott does a full body exploration starting with her tits and and down to her vulnerable pussy. His fingers dive in and out of her causing humiliation as well as arousal despite her best intentions. She cringes as his tongue darts expertly at her clit and he ups the ante by adding a vibrator.

Searing orgasms course through her body and she passes out when it becomes apparent that this is just the warm up Scott to have his way later. Anabelle passes out from the stress of her imminent fate!