Breast Expansion

I want Bigger Boobs

Monica is coming to the plastic surgeon because she wants to have a boob job. All of the other strippers in the stripclub make more money because they have larger breasts. 

The doctor puts a mask on her and the special procedure begins that allows her to suck the silicone through a hose while he manipulates them into shape (off camera).  Monica is calm during the procedure. When she sees her new body, she asks for a bigger chest because they are not large enough. 

She goes back on the table, but an industrial sized tube is used which will allow her to suck in more of the silicone than before. This time she gets a little more nervous because the process takes longer and she feels the skin on her chest stretching and expanding. Monica is definitely not happy because these look like a freak show and as the doctor to make them better.

Yet again Monica goes under the tube so that it will now suck out the silicone. Her big brown eyes widen with concern as the procedure takes longer than the last time. When she is off the table, she can barely see over her larger and more ridiculous mounds of flesh. Her arms will barely go around them and there is a concern that these huge tits will pop! Monica is not going to let this doctor touch her anymore and runs off to figure out how to live a life with the circus tits.

Defective Model

Candle is a vain and successful glamour model with new, cheap implants that give her a very nice and natural look. As she gets ready for a shoot, she rubs cream on her tender breasts and is excited to show them off so that everyone can be jealous of her awesome body.

She grabs a top to go with her tan pantyhose and sky high heels, but halts as she feels an intense pain and tightness in one of her tits. Candle squeezes and tries to figure out what is going wrong, but is amazed as she feels it inflating before her eyes. It gets tighter and more painful and she is absolutely distraught that she is now a freak with a giant boob.

Biggest Diva Cheerleader

Cheerleader tryouts are today and Anabelle needs leg up over the competition. She thinks if she can enhance her breasts, she will easily beat out her opponents. Without reading the label, she swallows some pills she bought online. It would have been important if she read that the side effects include increased libido and reduced cognitive ability.

At first, she feels tingly, then hot. She gets a little worried and heads to the bathroom to splash her face with water. When she comes back, her tits have blown up and stretch her shirt. It is hard for her to walk, but she is excited and admires her new figure. Every time her hands caress her breasts, she gets an amazing, electric feeling through her whole body. It turns her on and thus makes her hornier with each stroke.

Since a little pill made such a difference to her figure, she decides that a bit more would secure her position as head cheerleader. Recklessly, she downs more pills and almost immediately starts shuddering from an orgasm.

Fast forward to the tryouts and her tits are obscenely large. They are beach ball boobs stretching out the new shirt she had to buy on her way. She

Anabelle Pync's Breast Enlargement

Anabelle wants a breast enlargement but she is a bit nervous about it. She wants to do it because her boyfriend looks at other girls with larger tits. The doctor plugs her up to the tube that allows for adjustable implants. The more she sucks the bigger they get. She is so excited when she sees them.

A couple of days later she comes back and asks for them to be bigger because her boyfriend wanted them larger. She seems a little hesitant but really wants to make him happy. When she awakens she is shocked by how enormous they are. She feels like they are going to pop and the pressure is so intense. There are no clothes that will fit these freak show tits. They are so heavy they

Kym's Billion Dollar Boobies
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Kym cleans for a very wealthy man who pays her a ludicrously high wage for job but insists on certain attire for the money. Namely, very high heels, tan stockings, and tight dresses. Kymberly hates wearing this outfit and finds that her feet hurt and she wobbles in the ridiculous shoes but the money is just too good to turn down.

After a long day, a note is added to her pay. It tells her that he wants some changes and getting breast implants of his own design is part of it. Kym is not thrilled with this plan, but cannot turn down the money.

Time passes, and Kym returns in

Savannah's Breast Expansion

Savannah wants to get bigger breasts in order to please her boyfriend because he is looking at other girls with larger boobs. The plastic surgeon says that there is a new procedure that allows her to inflate them larger if she does not think they are the right size. Poor Savannah is hesitant but desperate to keep her man.

The doctor places a tube in her mouth and the solution is filtered into her chest. She wakes up to a larger chest.  She loves them and she runs off to show her boyfriend

Bigger Breasts Please

After a successful and natural looking breast implant surgery, Candle is back at her doctor's. She wanted a boob job that was ridiculously fake and looks like they are about to pop. The doctor agrees to alter his work and places a respiratory mask on her face. This helps with the absorption of silicone.

Candle is ecstatic with the new tits but the doctor says that there is room for more. She reluctantly agrees but becomes more and more stressed as the breasts get bigger and bigger. It seems like they are at their limit and any more would make them pop.

She becomes so panicked

Expanding Boobs

Kymberly has had a breast implant surgery that is a little bigger than she expected and she goes to see her doctor. Unfortunately he is not in, but his assistant, Candle is. For some reason, nobody told Kym that massaging the breasts will make them bigger, and Candle has a kink for making breasts get so big that they explode!

Boobs for Boyfriend

I see how you love large fake breasts and I am going to get a boob job for you honey. See how big they are? They show off my petite little frame and I love changing my body into the way that you like it. In fact I want to go larger because it will make you get more turned on.

This second breast implant is better than the first and I can see that you are aroused even more.

Bust Bust

Candle is not getting the work that she feels she deserves, so she confronts her agent and tells him how she is feeling. He lets her know that she needs a make over after all she does dress kind of frumpy. She agrees and will get the make over.

She comes back later and has done the make over. She looks a lot better, sexier but that is not enough. Her manager wants her to get a boob job. She tells him know right off the bat. That is going too far! Then he tells her that there is a possible job that she could get from it. She agrees to get them larger.

Visit Gone Bust

Candle Boxxx got this new kind of breast implants. They are expandable, but she feels they are too big. So she went to the doctors office to get them to reduce them. After all if you can make her boobs larger why can’t you make them smaller? She explains what she wants to the doctor. And he has her lay on the table and hooks the tube up through her mouth and the pumping begins...

Instead of making them smaller the doctor makes them even bigger!! She tells him that she wanted them smaller not bigger!! Reverse the process he demands. So back under she goes...

Busty Stripper

Candle works at the Pink Cougar a local strip club. Her boss called her in the office because he feels she needs a new boob job. He wants her bigger. She is happy with her current boobs but doesn't want to loose her job so she agrees....