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Paige Turner's Belly Probe Part 2

Paige Erin Turner is in the clutches of a belly enthusiast & tied to a table. Her ribcage arches as she tries to avoid his caresses. His hands poke & wiggle her navel. She cries in fear. She gasps as he rakes his nails across her tender skin & furrows her brow as he pushes her flesh together.
She begs for him to stop licking her tummy & breathes deeply in frustration. He stretches her belly button so that it becomes completely flat & blends in with her abdomen. A cold car key makes her squirm as it presses against her flesh. Using the tip, he teases her abs before circling her navel. He strokes, pokes & tickles her tummy with the instrument before switching to a pen. She squeals as he slaps her stomach & hates the magnifying glass being grazed against her. Paige feels violated as it fucks her belly. It gets worse as a clothes pin pinches & pulls on her tummy. The bristles of a brush tease her skin before the handle plunges into her navel. It's the warm up she needs before he makes her innie an outie belly button. He leaves her to struggle.

Paige Turner's Belly Probe Part 1

Paige Erin Turner is bound with her arms overhead in bra & panties. Scott Torvea asks if she likes her new outfit & probes her belly button with his fingers. He spreads the flesh as far as possible & makes her navel stretch. The top & bottom rims are pulled so he can see as far inside her tummy.  She begs for release & struggles against his touch. His gropes wiggle & jiggle her belly as she squirms. Her pale skin reddens as he pokes her belly button. He licks her delicious navel which disgusts Paige. Belly slaps make her abs bounce on impact. An assortment of items including a car key, pen, clothespin & magnifying glass poke & caresses her belly button. Paige moans & cries at the violation of her stomach. The hairbrush is almost relaxing as it massages her midsection with the bristles & handle but is unbearable when used to beat her midsection. After this torment, her belly is so tender. He has no mercy for her plight.

Armpit Weakness - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr struggles while Scott Torvea holds her by the armpit & kisses her neck. She's weakened by his tight grip & can't fight him as  he ragdolls her arms. He fingers her belly button & swings her arms limply while she moans in humiliation. Grabbing her neck, he throws her to the wall and & her stomach while holding under her arms. She tries to escape. He taunts & creepily sniffs her shoulders. Spinning her, he allows her hair to flop before taking her to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed, he smells & pokes her tummy as she struggles beneath him. His finger probes her navel & she whimpers as he throws her back to a standing position & flops her body. Pushing her against the wall by her throat, he finger fucks her belly button. She can't stop him & falls limp on the floor. He caresses her helpless body. 

Dakota Charms Belly Ache

Dakota Charms sleeps in a sexy halter top & spandex shorts. Awakening & sighing in discomfort, her hands rub her tummy. Arching to find a position that makes her feel better. Both hands clasp her belly. She lowers her shorts & rolls in frustration. Her nails stretch her belly button apart. She groans in agony. Poking & prodding reddens her skin. Her screams alternate with heavy breathing. She digs her hands in deeper to make a valley in her belly. Sitting & standing, she stretches & yanks her navel trying to get closer to the source of grief. Her hands are enveloped by the sexy flesh & creates a cave in her stomach. Time to see a doctor!

Paige Turner's Belly Torture

Paige Erin Turner awakens with her arms bound over head. She's confused & scared when her captor comes in & cuts her shirt under her tits. He pokes & prods her belly button causing her to cry in fear. Alternating between implements & fingers, he loves how her curvy tummy feels.
He dives in to kiss & uses his tongue to probe deep in her navel. His hands stretch her skin. Her tight jeans are pulled down, revealing her black thong. This baddie slaps the love handles around her stomach commenting on her extra weight. Paige's pissed that he's been watching her. She squirms to get away from his caresses, but that stimulates him more. Her shirt is destroyed until the shards hang off her shoulders, revealing her black bra. Paige hangs her weight against the ropes arching her back, causing her belly to become taut. She's stripped to just bra & panties which showcase her sexy belly & allows easy access for groping. After his fun, he leaves her which leaves her even more anxious!

Boxing Lesson - Brittany Shae & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai gets a phone call & agrees to box Brittany Shae who is stretching in her sports bra & bike shorts. Brittany's surprised as Jasmin pushes her against the wall, promising fun. Brittany's in a tiny yellow bikini as Jasmin explains the belly punching with boxing gloves. Brittany sighs & gasps with each impact, but can't defend herself with her hands tied behind her back. She pleads for release, but Jasmin taunts & wants to see her cry. Jasmin lays into Brittany's tender tummy making her fall to the ground. It's a great workout & Jasmin confirms that it's done with the caller.

Long Day Stretch - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr leans back in a chair & stretches her neck away from her chest. Her ribs arch 7 her stomach flattens as she lifts her arms high over her head. The  micro-bikini barely contains her large tits as she stretches her hourglass figure. Pushing her arms away & behind her torso, she readjusts her position while spreading her legs. The tiny thong covers a landing strip of flesh. Long, flowing hair is pushed side to side as she elongates her delicate neck in different directions. Her arms go behind her head & her body's long & lean before going side to side. When you're body's curvy & sexy as Lucy, it feels good to sensually move your muscles!

Ransom Plot - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr chats with her boyfriend in a skimpy bikini. The highly arched heels make her legs longer & arches her back, emphasizing her huge tits & making her helpless when the intruder handcuffs her. In a chair, he binds her elbows with rope, warning that her boyfriend better pay ransom. The long hair is pulled & he caresses her body, moving the bikini top to the side. Her sensitive nipples are pinched & groped. He slaps her face causing her head to fall back. She lays limp with blood dripping down her chin. He sends pictures to her boyfriend who doesn't pay, causing her to beg & cry in frustration. He repositions her & wraps a belt around her neck until she passes out. She awakens with arms overhead, her full weight dangling from her wrists & writhes to get away from him. Her feet struggle to balance in the ankle strap pumps & she dances to avoid the single tail lashes on her back. Arching, her belly sucks in, emphasizing her hourglass figure. She leans forward in her binds with ass extended. Lucy's exhausted but sure that her boyfriend will pay now. Her boyfriend paid him to choke her out with a belt. Gasping for air, she stops moving & doesn't fight. Hanging limp, her body weighs heavily on her delicate wrists in ropes. Scott calls the boyfriend & he pays the money for taking care of his girlfriend.

Belly Bound - Dakota Charms & Lucy Purr

Dakota Charms is bound arms overhead & scared of Lucy Purr. She pleads for release but Lucy wants to play with her perfect belly. Her tank top exposes tender flesh & her jeans are pulled low on  hips. Lucy caresses the curvy tummy & fingers the tender belly button.Lucy pokes her stomach & Dakota squirms. She cringes as Lucy kisses her belly & sucks in to get away from her touches. Dakota cries for help, & Lucy's offended that she wouldn't want her belly groped because it feels so good!

Allergy Yawns - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr stayed home for seasonal allergies & ponders how to redecorate. Her symptoms make her yawn & she rubs her nose to keep the sniffles in. Lifting her arms high in the air, her shirt lifts to reveal her belly button above her sexy jeans. Her fingers rub her navel while standing & lying on the bed. She's tired & stands to stay awake. She slouches on the couch & her fit stomach stays flat while playing with her tiny navel. Lifting her shirt, she wipes her nose & exposes her underboob. Being sick is not so bad after all!

Jasmin Jai Sits On Angel Lee

Angel Lee needs money & Jasmin Jai will give it if she can sit on Angel's stomach with her full weight. They weigh themselves to see the range & what Angel will be withstanding. The scale says a 50 pound difference between them! Jasmin tests Angel's belly by sitting on her with her legs spread & her ass digging in. She taunts Angel & wants to hear her talk about the strain. Angel denies the pressure but her eyes give it away. Jasmin suggests that Angel take her shirt off so that they can see the red marks on her skin as she presses down. Angel just ate adding to the discomfort, but trudges through. Her voice is labored, but determined. They admire her reddened abs, but Angel refuses to admit a struggle. Perhaps they do this every month!  

Monster Pregnancy - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Jacquelyn Velvets is asleep in her room when Lucy Purr, the Witch, sneaks in. She makes sure that her victim is conked out before unbuttoning her shirt & caressing Jacquelyn's bare belly. This is the perfect specimen she has been looking for & places the magical eggs in her belly button. She rubs her hands over the abs & chants. Jacquelyn awakens & confronts her, prompting Lucy to freeze her arms in place so she is stuck & helpless. Lucy orders Jacquelyn's belly to grow & it magically starts the impregnation process of painful expansions & contractions. Lucy explains that she put monsters in her tummy. This seems implausible but seeing her belly plop up & down against her will convinces her. Crying, Jacquelyn is terrified that they are going to explode out her.
The longer the contractions, the longer her abs are distended until the witch decides it is time and places her hands above the pregnancy belly causing it to swell right before the birth.